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Lord of Chaos 28

(Horrible name, I know. I suggested it to Oath as a joke and he immediately made me use it as the name. Alright, we all start in the human world, get our Digimon in the first Zone we go to, so on, so forth. Just have your OC walking around in the real world, (Needs to be in Kentucky because if we include the others later, we had them all in Kentucky then, so yeah.) I'll have them all get there how I had planned before.)

Ali grinned, walking out of the school building, "I wonder if Aniki's home? He hasn't been home in a while."

12/1/2011 #1

Luke sighed as he wandered down the street bored "The tournament ended way too soon... so now what am I going to do for the rest of the day..."

12/1/2011 #2
Lord of Chaos 28

(I summon everyone!!)

Omnimon X snarled, as the Digimon in front of him laughed, "50 thousand years, FIFTY THOUSAND YEARS!!! All that time I've been under you thumb, slowly regaining my strength. Well, now it's my time to rise again! Those Digidestined will regret the day they let me live!!"

Omnimon X fell to his knee, as Lucemon Chaos Mode turned to the two Dorumon, Candlemon, *Insert other Rookie/Champions of the older Digidestined here* each of them bound painfully by chains that continually drained their power.

He chuckled, "Once I get your Tamers here, I'll kill you all slowly in front of them. Then I'll kill those blasted humans as well! Zane, Shane, Brosia, all of them will rue the day they messed with me!!"

12/1/2011 #3

Candlemon snarled at the demon lord digimon "Not a chance, if they show up they'll kick your butt just like last time! And when they do we'll get out of these chains and I'll show you just what happens when you mess with a Royal Knight!"

12/1/2011 #4

Chloe waltzed out of Hot Topic, humming to herself as she carried a bag with new shoes in it. "Skipping school was definately a good way to spend today." She muttered.

12/1/2011 #5

"They've defeated you once, what makes this time so different?" BlackGatomon hissed. "When I'm free, I'll use you as my personal scratching post!"

12/1/2011 #6

Lupinemon shakes his head at the demon lord. "Haven't you realized that the Digidestined always win in the end?"

12/1/2011 #7
Lord of Chaos 28

Lucemon laughed deeply, "Foolish Digimon, idly hoping against hope that their Tamers will return. Yet, even if they were to, they cannot do anything without you all. True, the Human modification they can do for things such as Susano'o and the legendary warriors is troublesome, but they cannot hope to defeat me without you all."

Omnimon X snarled, as he fell flat on his face, the last of his energy dissipating with the portals he had created, as he mumbled, "Zane, Shane, Chris, all of you. Please, stop this monster." with that, the mega lost consciousness.

12/1/2011 #8
Lord of Chaos 28

With that, a portal opened in front of Luke, Chloe, Ali, Skyler, AJ, Shorty, Selena, and Damien.

Ali blinked, as she slowly reach forward, "This reminds me of, but, that was ten years ago." before she could say anything else her finger touched the portal, and she was gone.

Skyler had done much the same, as he was out in the park as it happened.

12/1/2011 #9

"What on earth?" Chloe reached over and she was gone, all that was left was her Hot Topic bag.

12/1/2011 #10

(Throw a Jason in there please? I'm almost done posting his info.)

Luke tilted his head confused "Okay... Shane if this is some prank bro I don't believe you." he reached forward touching the portal as he spoke before vanishing as well.


Another young man wandered through the park "Alright, now to head home and work on this new deck of mine." he fingered the 'Virus Wielders' pack in his pocket as he spoke.

12/1/2011 #11
Lord of Chaos 28

Lucemon chuckled, as he turned, "Say what you wish, I have work to do, 108 Code Crowns to collect. Now then, let's see here, Tactimon! Astamon! Duskmon! Come Forth!" THe three Digimon appeared, already on their knees before the Digimon, "Yes, Lord Lucemon?"

Lucemon chuckled, "Go forth! Collect the Code Crowns! Once I have them all I'll reshape this world into one of my own Image! And then, I shall bring my Brothers and Sister back! GO!"

With that, the three Digimon vanished again.


And then another portal opened in front of Jason.

12/1/2011 #12

"Cool!" AJ stated, jumping towards the portal, leaving his parents behind at a GameStop store entrance.

12/1/2011 #13

Jason blinked "Alright... what's this thing?" he muttered before brushing one gloved hand agaisnt the portal vanishing in a flash of light.


Candlemon snarled "You will be stopped, the demon lords were defeated once, they will be defeated again!"

12/1/2011 #14
Lord of Chaos 28

The Dorumon's snarled at Lucemon, "Matchstick's right on this one!" Kain's Dorumon said, before Zane's spoke up, "As soon as Master gets here he'll show you hell with the Tsukyomi, if you're lucky he'd be that merciful with the likes of you!"

Lucemon laughed, "Fools! The lock is still in place! Why do you think I didn't finish off Omnimon X?! So long as he lives then no one from the human world can get past his lock! So, until I have all the Code Crowns, and the ultimate power, your tamers can't do a thing! Then I'll kill him, and go to the human world to deal with those brats!"


Ali looked around at where she had landed, it was a lush grass plain, with a few rivers, and a strange looking town not far away, "No way, is this the Digital World Aniki and Kain always talked about?"

12/1/2011 #15

"Where am I? HELLO! IS ANYONE HERE!?" Chloe shouted.

12/1/2011 #16
Lord of Chaos 28

Skyler looked around, unlike Ali he was at a different Zone, it was a rocky canyon area, with a small river and houses carved out of the sides of the canyon, "Strange, where am I?"

12/1/2011 #17

AJ glanced around, noticing that he landed in a lake that connected to a river. "This has to be the Digital World that Dad told me about."

12/1/2011 #18

Jason sat up rubbing his head "Ow... what the heck hit me?" he muttered getting up.

Luke meanwhile got up as well brushing his jacket and pants off of the dust. "Okay Shane, seriously the jokes getting old. come out and lets head home already."


(For now I'll use Lunamon as well)

"They never gave before we won't now!" Lunamon growled as Candlemon nodded.

"That's right, you're plans doomed to fail so why not just give up now before you get hurt."

12/1/2011 #19

"Where am I?" Damienshoutedattheblackness,even though he was in pure daylight. Gonewere the city sounds but now it was silence inthe meadow.

"Mama! Where are you Mama?" the italian asked in the place the portal took him,tryingto find sticks and flag material

12/1/2011 #20
Lord of Chaos 28

Lucemon chuckled, "Foolish Digimon, even in the bleakest situation they cling to their bonds, that hold them to their Masters. Will they never understand? There is only one person in the world worth trusting, that is yourself. Until you fools realize this, you will never be free." then he vanished from the bright room.

12/1/2011 #21

"We'll get out of this BG" Patamon weakly smiled at his favourite nightmare soldier, "we have to"

12/1/2011 #22

"That losers lucky I can't digivolve to Dynasmon. I'd love to see him handle a Breath of Wyvern shoved down his smug throat." Candlemon growled his flame tip flaring weakly.


Luke wandered forward confused, "Okay I'll admit this is pretty elaborate Shane, but really this is far to much trouble just to mess with me."


Jason sighed as he looked around "This is crazy, one minute I'm in a park and another second I'm somewhere else."

12/1/2011 #23

Chloe looked around frantically. "Anyone? Hello? What the hell? Urgh!"

12/1/2011 #24
Lord of Chaos 28

(Okay, here's how it goes, you can have your charry either in the Zone Skyler's in, the one Ali's in, or a different Zone. Whichever you guys want.)

Skyler walked around, glancing about, "Let's see, when in an unfamiliar place always find the nearest law enforcer. But I doubt that'll work here, considering I just saw a strange white thing with a burger on it's head run by."

12/1/2011 #25

"Hey!" Chloe noticed a brown haired boy and ran towards him. (Skyler)

12/1/2011 #26

Lupinemon just shook his head. "Lucemon will never get it. Our bonds to our Tamers are stronger than he realizes, despite us not being with them right now."



I swim out of the lake, glad that the water had been at a decent temperature. 'Wonder if there's anyone else around here...' I thought to myself, deciding to follow the river.

(Hey, Chaos, is it okay if AJ and Ali meet up in a few posts?)

12/1/2011 #27
As he heard a girl's voice Damien staggered to his feet and grabbed his guiding rod. "Miss?" he asked, "please help me, I think someone's playing tricks on me"
12/1/2011 #28

Luke sighed "this is getting ridiculous." he muttered before wandering aroudn the meadow more "Hello? Is anyone out here?" he called.

(He's in the zone Ali's in.)


Jason kept looking "Okay so... this is creepy... am I the only one here?" he wondered outloud as he continued walking along the edge of the lake.

12/1/2011 #29
Lord of Chaos 28

Skyler turned to Chloe, taking his hands out of his pockets, "Well, another human. Nice to see someone my own species around here."


Ali turned to Damien, "I don't think it's a trick, this is serious. Sorry, should've introduced myself first, I'm Ali, you?"

12/1/2011 #30
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