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Standard BS. Name, rank, serial... Wait, no, this is an RP. K, here's how to do it.

Name: Michael Fox

Place of Birth: Virginia, United States

Rank/Nickname: Gunnery Sergeant/Gunny

Branch of Military (if applicable): USMC SpecFor

Weapons: M4, dual 9mm suppressed pistols

Fighting style: Hold the line!

Background: Special Forces Non-Commisioned Officer, trained in coordinating a vast variety of skill sets and abilities. Was aware of possible ramifications of certain experiments, but couldn't prove anything till now. Not that there's anybody left in a position to do jackshit about it.

Important notes: Weapons must be accurate. If your character wields the Combat Rifle, otherwise known as a SCAR-H, it will be fully automatic. Likewise, an M16 will be three-shot burst. A fully-automatic M16 is called an M4. This is how these weapons are in real life. If you post a weapon I do not know of, give me a link to a webpage explaining its details.

In addition, the ranks within publicly-known military organizations will also be closely scrutinized. If you don't wanna deal with the issues surrounding rank, make up a military organization or describe yourself as a mercenary or civilian.

1/24/2011 #1
Cheapy Mc. Cheaps


2/1/2011 . Edited 7/9/2016 #2

Approved. For future members, assume your character is approved until I state otherwise.

2/1/2011 #3
Cheapy Mc. Cheaps

so we gonna wait for more ppl or when do we start?

2/1/2011 #4

Depends. You wanna start out with our characters meeting, just them, or you want them to meet in the middle of a firefight with others helping out?

2/3/2011 #5
Cheapy Mc. Cheaps

i dont know,id like to start because ussually if i wait to long i forget about the rp

2/3/2011 #6
Can I join? The other forum died. T-T
2/5/2011 #7
@Mouse: Sure. I don't believe in private RPs. Whip up a profile and get stuck in.↓@Wesker: K, I'll go ahead and get started.
2/8/2011 #8

Name: Kevin James

Place Of Birth: New Mexico, United States

Nickname: Spade

Weapons: Colt 1911's, butterfly knife

Fighting Style: Run N' Gun.

Backround: A drifter for the most part, Kevin ran from most of his problem's in his life. He values fitness and run's daily, well with exception of zombie's.

He Excels at running and shooting, Never holding the line.

2/9/2011 #9
@kzxkx: Welcome aboard. Pre-approval confirmed.
2/11/2011 #10

Is it still good to join or has this died?

3/3/2011 #11
It's slow. Or on the brink of dying. Please jump in, though.
3/3/2011 #12
small punk

Can I make an infected character?

7/19/2011 #13
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