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This is a little forum I started that tells well, I hope that Fax should happen, and why it should happen. This is actually a test forum...I've never made a forum before and I'm just seeing what it's like making one. Lol.
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I still think it should be called 'IGGY'

3/7/2011 #31
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

It should be called Iggy. And Dylan IS NOT part of the Flock. Sorry, but Ella isn't either. They didn't escape from the school together, they didn't live together in the 'E' house, and they didn't save Angel from the school together. Heck, they didn't LIVE together for FOURTEEN YEARS, sorry, FIFTEEN YEARS!!!

Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, Fang, Max, and Angel will ALWAYS be the ONLY Flock members. Nothing will change that.

And yes, It is deffinately Iggy's turn to have a book.

3/7/2011 #32

Ok...Iggy gets his nook. I want it to be Iggy too, but realistically it will be called Dylan...just saying so dont yell at me about it, yell at JP.

Fang left the Flock...just pointing that out

3/7/2011 #33
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

Kids having wings isn't realistic. If you want realistic, go read some non-fiction.

No. Freaking. Dur. Even though he left the Flock, he has been, is, and always will be a member of the Flock, no matter where he is. Just like Fax is the best and Dylan will suck no matter what... "just pointing that out".

3/7/2011 #34

I didn't mean realistic in that way. That is logical. I just meant that if you thought about it, it really makes sense that it will be called Dylan NOT Iggy based on how the events r turning around. I mean, I change teams everyday, but today is another Dylan day...Dylan doesn't suck just hear him out!! Fax is gross...I have experienced Mylan and now I can't go back ;)

3/7/2011 #35
The Wolf Who Walks Alone
I am appalled. Fax and gross don't even belong in the same universe, let alone sentence!! But still, no matter what, Dylan isn't in the Flock, and therefore, the next book is more likely to be called 'Jeb' or 'Dr. Martinez' because they are just about as likely to get into the Flock as Dylan is. I did hear Dylan out!! I never tried to be against Dylan from the start! Really, I tried to accept him! But, he just... disgusted me. He is nothing compared to Fang's character. Jp could never replace a character like Fang, no matter how he tried. Dylan was a good attempt but... no.
3/7/2011 #36

Ok...but I am not into emos I like blond beach guys so that might be a part of it...and I was also too uin love with Peeta to even start considering fang...then warily i let him in and then he left so i was like watever good bye fang.

I dont wanna seem like the bad guy here! But Dylan has become a VERY main character....All I know is that itt will either be called Iggy or Dylan or Ella....Once the name is released, report here with a link to c who is right...agreed??

3/7/2011 #37
The Wolf Who Walks Alone
ne that as it may, Fang is still going to end up with Max. Just watch. You'll see. Dylan has become a main character, but he's still not a real Flock member. No one is a 'real' Flock member unless they were in the school together and grew up in with Jeb. I'll send a link, but it won't be called Dylan or Ella. They. Are. Not. Flock. Members.
3/10/2011 #38

ooh you know what, you guys?

It should be called... THE END.

3/11/2011 #39
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

Genius. Why didn't I think of that?

3/11/2011 #40

lol haha ya...i mean, it might not even be named after a character, averyone just assumes it is!! lol....hmmmmm. It might be called the End because it is the end of the world??

3/12/2011 #41
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

yeah, that just sounds like something JP would do.

3/13/2011 #42
Awkward Bananas

I think that this book should be called...

Not Dylan,

Not Iggy,

Not Nudge,

Not Gazzy,



4/5/2011 #43
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

Really? I'd rather call it Headless Chicken or Burnt Muffins. Wait, are we still trying to come up with stupid book titles?

4/5/2011 #44

'course we are! Bahahah Charlie Sheen...ooh you know Headless Chicken or Burnt Muffins is good, too. Maybe it should be called The Mystery of the Murder (James Patterson) ... *scary music plays* We'd be in it(; hehehee. Mwahahahaaaa.

4/7/2011 #45
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

I like that idea!

4/10/2011 #46


It is officially going to be called...*drumroll*...NEVERMORE. What do you guys think??

6/3/2011 #47

WHAT?! :C THAT IS SO DUMB!!! XOOO Ugh let's hope Fang OR Max gets killed in this one -.- or Jeb or Angel...then I will be happy :)

6/3/2011 #48

LOL. Seriously, I hope Angel or Dylan dies. Or Jeb. Seriously. This series is dragging on wayy too long.

6/16/2011 #49

I agree....that old man could have EASILY finished the series with Angel....but NOOOO he wanted to kill more trees/time from our lives/our money to make another book....grr....If Fang, Jeb, Max, or Angel dies...I will be satisfied :D

6/16/2011 #50


Dude. if DYLAN dies, I will be able to forgive JP. I'd probably even give him a good ol' slap on the back if he kills Dylan. It's my dream...XD HEHEHEHE.

But props to him even more if he makes Dylan like...sex a cabbage or something. THAT would be entertaining.

Or if he made Max end up with Total. Or worse, Akila.

6/29/2011 #51
Welsh Gem

Put it this way, if JP kills fang and ends the series with mylan, loads and loads of fans are going to be pissed off and the movies might bomb and his other books might not make as much (I now read every single JP book after reading MR but if he finishes with Mylan, im burning all of them) so hopefully, if he as any brain cells, JP will finish with Fax or just max on her own. No mylan. if im wrong, i think i will have a heart attack and drop dead

7/23/2011 #52

OH GOD. If MYLAN happened...*shuddered* I'd throw the book across the room. 'cause Imma read it in a bookstore (no way am I gonna waste $$$ on that book! I mean I already wasted money on Mockingjay...LOL) and I won't care if everyone stares at me. And maybe if enough people sign a petition, it will be brought to his eyes...

I've started a petition!! Go to the main page of the topic and it'll be there! Here's the link here, too:

7/24/2011 #53
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