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This is a little forum I started that tells well, I hope that Fax should happen, and why it should happen. This is actually a test forum...I've never made a forum before and I'm just seeing what it's like making one. Lol.
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The Wolf Who Walks Alone

For those of you who haven't read the first 23 chapters, go read them or plug your ears. (technically, close your eyes, but whatever) I think that Max and Fang will totally see each other again, probably unexpectedly. Knowing Max, she'll be mad for a while, but she'll go back to Fang! As for Dylan, he'll go with Max 2. Or die. Either one suits me. But he'd technically stil be ffilling his 'purpose' by being with Max. Well, Max's clone is exactly like her, but she'd have more in common with Dylan than the original Max would. Two clones together... now that souds like something JP would do. Also, I suspect that there will be Eggy.

Anyone with any disagreements, agreements, comments, questions, ect, please comment!

1/26/2011 #1

YAYY! First post!(: Hehe. Well. Anyways. Yes, I think there will absolutely definitely positively unequivocally obviously totally be Eggy. Like remember how she was talking about how she [Ella] liked Iggy? How adorable(: ♥

1/26/2011 #2
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

Yeah, Eggy is a total given, though I'm more of a Niggy fan myself! :) It's still cute! I just wonder how the wing/non-wing aspect of the relationship is going to be worked out.

1/27/2011 #3

I love me some Eggy (but niggy is cool too!) I really either hope dylan just...dies. The fax killer. But if he went off with Max II i'd be happy too.

2/3/2011 #4

OMG SAME. Dylan needs to go die in a hole(:! But yeah, same...unless Max II becomes okay. then I wouldn't want him with Dylan. Dylan should go off with like...Brigid Dwyer's ex or something. Or many exes.

2/12/2011 #5
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

hehehe, you said "then I wouldn't want him with Dylan." Sorry, my nerves are fried, so I laugh at stupid stuff like typos, but you called Max 2 a he!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA DYLAN IS GAY!!!!!!! My friend already has Angel and just told me the ending so i'm crying now!!!!! SHE IZ EVIL!!!!!!

2/13/2011 #6

HAHAHAHAHA OH YES. DYLAN IS GAY. bahahah sometimes stupid typos can be amazing, lmfao. XD LOL now I will ALWAYS think of Dylan as gay. Ay, me.

2/18/2011 #7
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

Dylan is gay, and Max 2 is a slut. Now THAT would be an interesting idea, JP... oh wait, TOO LATE!!!!

2/19/2011 #8


Did you read the book? It sucked major donkey's ass.

2/26/2011 #9
The Wolf Who Walks Alone


2/27/2011 #10

I'm all for Eggy....hmm in Angel it looks like she WILL get wings in Dylan...or atleast that is what I think the next book will be called...I don't want Fax to happen anymore

3/4/2011 #11

It did not suck that bad!! I liked it....I want Dax/Mylan to happen, but I'm not sure which team im on....or if im even a fangirl

3/4/2011 #12
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

Oh. My. Gosh. It sucked really bad, like hard, even if you hate fax. It was still poorly written in my opinion. It was really short and way less detailed than the other books. Almost ALL of the Characters were OOC and I was really, really dissapointed with the lack of Nudge, Iggy, and Gazzy. They were barely there!!!

And Mylan sux. It's weird, it's gross, and it's just a suckish pairing. The End.

3/5/2011 #13

Haha no. Mylan is OK!!! I thought it was good...better than some of his other books. I agree with you however about the other characters not being included and about them being OOC.

But life happened and people never stay the same...dont you learn anything from mockingjay??

Iggy had his share when he went zombie and Gazzy was in a state for nearly killing Jeb whom I believe is the One Light.

Mylan is better than Fax.

He could have totally endeed the series in that book because it was too short. I bet the next book will be even smaller. I don't get how he is still a writer.

3/5/2011 #14
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

but still, there wasn't uch of them that's like, one chapter (which is like two pages) for Gazzy and maybe six pages for Iggy, the rest is all abou Max whining about her feelings, which was SOOO OOC that it made me sick!

mylan is NOT ok, I don't even know how you can say that! If you've read ANYTHING at ALL, then you should know how much of a crappy character Dylan is. It takes six books to build Fax up, and JP will NOT destroy that because of one lousy book. He just made Angel all mylan-filled to piss of his fans.

He knows good and well that pretty much all of the people who read Maximum Ride are Fax fans, and he just wants to annoy them with this mylan-teaser stuff. The REAL ending will be in the next book, which is absolutely necessary, because Max STILL NEEDS TO SAVE THE WORLD!!! Or did you forget about that? It's kind of a big deal...

oh, and about the 'mylan is better than Fax' thing... it didn't make any sense... I don't speak bullcrap.

3/5/2011 #15

Haha. Fang became a jerk, and Dylan is her perfect other half. It is life. Ppl change, you never stay the same forever.

It is his book, so how can it be OOC?? Just stop being stubborn, accept the truth, and MOVE ON.

I bet ur a GALE FAN!! (no offense Galelover94)

HE did not do it to piss off his fans, it is right that way, just ACCEPT THE TRUTH!!

Ya, she will save the World. I would not forget. The whole point was action bird kids but then he turned it inot a stupid romance. it was always the world, so let's stop arguing over this crap...IT IS NOT TWILIGHT PEOPLE SO STOP MAKING IT THAT WAY!!

Fang replaced her. Fang left her with a note after she brought him back to life. he is a jerk. they only started having fax in like the Fang...all the other times she was just jealous. SHE WAS OOC WHEN SHE WAS IN LOVE!! Crime fighting Max is much better.

Mylan is right, admit it. you liked it. reread it and try not to be stubborn, and tell me wat u thnk then

3/5/2011 #16

my god, do i want to add my opinon.

I don't like dylan sorry...love fang (tho he's an ass for leaving), JP is greedy for stringing out this series cause it should have stopped with STWAOES, Iggy is an amazing blind pyro, and tho i love peetaxkatniss, gale is my man!

3/5/2011 #17
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

FANG WAS NOT A JERK!!! Dylan is just a lying horny perv that wants to get into Max's pants!!!

It can be OOC because the characters that he made in Angel are not acting the way that they would in the Angel Experiment. I could give you hundreds of examples, but it's so obvious that it's sad.

and what truth? JP IS JUST SCREWING WITH US!!!! it is the oldest trick in the book of being an author!!! Can't you see through it, I mean, COME ON! It's obvious, mylan will loose to Fax in the end.

I'm really on the fence with the Gale/ Peeta thing. I mean, I like Gale, but I like Peeta too.

FANG FREAKING LEFT TO PROTECT HER!!! SHE WAS IN DANGER JUST BY BEING NEAR HIM!!!! Go, how many times must this be explained!!! Fang was doing the right thing!!! He left so that Max would be less in danger.

I beg to differ.

they've kissed in almost every book. and there was a buttload of Fax in MAX and FANG.

I have re- read it. I threw up then too. I've read some pretty terrible books in my lifetime, but none of which have I EVER lost my lunch over... TWICE!!!

Mylan is gross, admit it. DYLAN IS FOUR MONTHS OLD!!!!! Did you hear me??!!! Four. Months. OLD!!!! Not to mention, he's a clone... A CLONE!!! Now tell me that isn't weird. That is weird, no matter where you're from.

I will tell you now, I kind of liked Dylan in Fang. I felt bad for him, and I actually kind of liked him. But after I read Angel, I knew that he wasn't the same, sweet character. Max said so herself. He's just lying to get into Max's pants. Again, MAX SAID SO HERSELF!!!!!

You really can't argue.

3/5/2011 #18

my god, it's a book child. chill.

3/5/2011 #19
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

a poorly written book that I was really, really disappointed with.

3/5/2011 #20

very true....i threw FANG against the wall after reading it and i refuse to buy ANGEL. I just read it from the library

3/5/2011 #21
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

you are smart, I skipped school to buy it... a total waste of seventeen dollars and the hour it took me to read it!!

3/5/2011 #22

I didn't feel like buying something i was ready to burn after....and is the next book called DYLAN? Cause if it is, that's wrong! Iggy should be next!

3/5/2011 #23
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

Dylan isn't even a real Flock member!! I think every Flock member should get a book, but if there's only one left, it should be called Iggy...

OH, wouldn't be awesome if it was called 'The Flock'!!

I'm going to burn it alright. Page. By. Page.

3/5/2011 #24

It'd be cool if it was called the Flock. If ANGEL hadn't been a library book it would be ashes by now.

3/5/2011 #25
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

Youshould come and help burn my copy! There's plenty of crappy pages full of meaningless words to go around!!

3/5/2011 #26


3/5/2011 #27

unless he fixes all that crap...I'm pretty sure it won't be Iggy...I think it will be called Ella or Dylan...just saying cus it looks like Ella will get wings in the next book :D Then she and Iggy can B 2gether!! :D

Haha ya, Midnightflight is getting nukes ready...I will save u a seat and some smores.

3/5/2011 #28
The Wolf Who Walks Alone

Oh, I will be really, really mad if he doesn't name the next book after a REAL Flock member!!!!! Ella or Dylan just ain't gonna ccut it. Not for THE LAST BOOK!!!! That would SOOO ruin it!!! I'm just glad that Iggy will FINALLY get a girlfriend!! I was beginning to worry about him...

3/7/2011 #29

Ya, but at how JP is making things, its seems they become a part of the Flock, and Fang isn't even IN the Flock. It wouldn't ruin it...Ella is gonna TOTALLY get wings!! ANd Dylan is her perfect half...they r only gonna do main characters. So that is why they did Max,Fang,Angel, and soon to be Dylan. Haha ya I wonder if he might get his sight too....

3/7/2011 #30
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