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This is a little forum I started that tells well, I hope that Fax should happen, and why it should happen. This is actually a test forum...I've never made a forum before and I'm just seeing what it's like making one. Lol.
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Jelly Princess

I personally thought it totally sucked. JP is being a horrible author and should kill off Dylan, Maya (Maya was super selfish in the book), and then put together super-FAX! I can't believe Dylan kissed Max, and get this - she KISSED HIM BACK. I wanted to rip all my hair out, and then slap Max.

I was so sad when Angel... uhm... what happened to her exactly? She didn't die, but whatever, it was sad. D: I loved Angel in this one because she's not actually trying to take over the flock for once.

Enough of my ranting, what did you think?

3/21/2011 #1

YESSSS. Finally someone to rant with.

Why I hated this book?

1. Max is a crappy main character.

2. Fang talked WAY too much.

3. Dylan was a horny freak.

4. Mylan happened. Between a crappy main character and a horny freak.

5. Iggy was completely OOC, most of the time.

6. Ella was even more OOC.

7. Jeb was a butthead.

8. Gazzy and Angel were cuties. But Gazzy was barely in the book.

9. Mylan.

10. Mylan. Dx

3/30/2011 #2

Max was still in it. :|

The beginning was balls-out awesomely bad, but the rest of the book entirely failed to deliver. It read like up to the plane crash, someone like me was writing, and then the book got passed off to someone else who decided to start over in the most passive-aggressive way possible: put everyone on a plane, crash it, and do something completely different.

Also, I read the damn thing standing up in a Wal-Mart waiting for my mother to arrive so that she could give me keys to drive my dad's car home because he'd had a seizure there the day before. So that might have colored my perception.

4/2/2011 #3
Awkward Bananas

Omfg. I absolutely, completely, utterly agree with you. Max was such a bitch in this book! I mean, it started out okay because she was being all whiny about Fang I mean I understand cuz what he did was somewhat jerk-y. And then suddenly a whole bunch of crap about the DOOMSDAY group, which is completely new and completely stupid, let me add - just came in and complicated and stupidified the book even more than it already was. And then this Mylan comes in. And that was probably the worst part of the whole book. D: JP is such an idiot sometimes, it makes me sad.

Aaw...well...I hope he gets better ): And that must suck. And trust me, that just made it doubly worse because the book was already terrible.

4/5/2011 #4

Gah, I absolutely hated the series after book three... I only write about Maximum Ride, because I'm a FANGirl D: The rest of the series are totally suckish, and I actually wish I hadn't read them... My friend read them before me, and she was so aggravated by FANG and the previous ones, that she didn't even bother reading Angel; I WISH I had listened to her, and hadn' wasted my god-damned time. I hope JP gets his act together... I prefer half of these fanfics over his latest books for the MR series. They're funnier and are more in character... 'Angel' didn't make me laugh... AT ALL. Plus, whats all this saving-the-world crap? He ruined it. If he was trying to send a message out, he could've at least tried to publish it on something else, and made the MR series go down a different route. OR, end it at book three. I don't even think I'm going to read let alone BUY the next book. I'd rather keep up the suspense- joke, I couldn't care less about what happens next... I care more about the fanfics on here -_-'

5/10/2011 . Edited 5/10/2011 #5

Oy. Gale.


PMs are off for you. Por que?

[Sorry for spamming on your forum, though.]

5/16/2011 #6

AAAAHHHH, me too! That's pretty much the only reason why I read Max Ride, too...cuz I love Fang. XD

6/3/2011 #7
Welsh Gem

IT WAS A STUPID BOOK BECAUSE OF MYLAN! I SAY DYLAN SHOULD DIE A PAINFUL DEATH IN TH LAST BOOK AND FANG BEING THE KILLER AND MAX AND FANG FINALLY GETTING TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stupid dylan

7/23/2011 #8
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