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what do u want PJ to write about n dont say LTM. lets expand our minds to something beyond callian but still related to LTM, like... the tension between Gill n Zoe. or Issobel n Cal, if u know who Issobel is -if u were paying attention to S3's double feature u will- or maybe u want some annoying character to be killed off or some other types of shippers to be explored by our special writer here... request away guys, she will filter the prompts n oblige when the time comes. it might take a while though, since she is also working on her 1st real novel, cos shes gonna b a published writer, uk... n we all gonna have to order her 1st book on ebay or go get it eventually... but she wont forsake her roots, she will always write for us, so lets use this forum fest to inspire her.

shall we?

bring it groupies! lets do this!

1/27/2011 . Edited by pjstillnoon, 1/27/2011 #1

So, gonna try this out for the first time. It's a really nice idea. :)

You're looking for ideas, yeah?

Okay, I will just write down stuff that comes to my mind [Sorry if it isn't logical]

- Some action (blood and all that), like we saw in the new promo for 'Killer-App', Season 3. Maybe Gillian will be confronted with her past.

- On tumblr we found out that Cals, Gillians and Rias father seemingly have all been 'drinkers'. Maybe there is a connection that you could desribe, or something? Maybe an evening where the characters sit to together and talk about this. (I know that sounds weird, somehow)

-Maybe something about Lokers past or family. I think we don't know anything about him. Maybe Gillian could be a part of it. I think the two of them get along well together.

Or a new Gerne like Humor.

I know, or at least I think it is difficult to write because everybody has a different sense of humor. So maybe this is going to be a 'challange' for you (-for you- I mean for PJ)

So, I know these are not mature ideas but maybe, if you want to, you can do something out of them!

(And I am totally going to buy that book ;-D)

1/27/2011 . Edited 1/27/2011 #2

yay! between you and doc, plus my family, that's like eight books all ready sold! i'm stoked. thanks endless. i will keep you posted on the book front... (that reads quite sarcastically but that was certainly not my intention, i am actually stoked you would want to read my book... no really...)

i liked your ideas. the only thing i know about loker's past is that he went to MIT. cos gillian teased him about it once. you wouldn't want to keep those ideas for your own work? im not complaining... just saying...

hmmm my mind is working all ready opens new word file... possibly a few short one shots... (doc, dont laugh... i can write 'short' stories too :P)

wait, humour? are my stories not funny? doc, help me out here... ;)

1/27/2011 #3

Ha ha :) NO! Your stories are funny too! But they are also angst and other kinds. Well, I explained it maybe wrong! I don't know, now I am confused! Ah!

So, if your book will happen and published I hope I get it because I live in the back of beyond. ;) If you don't keep me posted I will make sure you do ! Ha ha!

Oh, he went to the MIT! I think I forget about that or I haven't payed attention- well, for sure I was distracted by Gillian then.

And: I haven't planed to write down those ideas :) You can take what you want to !

1/27/2011 . Edited 1/27/2011 #4

the back of beyond? isn't that what amazon's for? or kindle!? (and yeah, ask me about it if i don't mention the book thing in a while. it will be beacuse i dont want to jinx it)

i know what you mean, my stories are mostly angst with funnies in the middle. what doc calls 'pulling a PJ'. getting it all nice and angsty and then throwing a funny quip in the middle. i can't help but write angst. it just naturally occurs. the canary one shot 'unless you like it' was meant to have no angst (as per request from the doc) but it crept in there a little anyway... but yes, my next challenge is to write something with no angst. something 'happy'. (im freaking out :) )

p.s we are all distracted by gillian ;)

1/27/2011 #5

I've never ordered something outside from Germany, so I hope it'll work. I am kinda shy about those things. Ha ha ;)

I like it that Doc is creating things like "pulling a PJ", that makes the two of you special. I think Doc is very supportive and important to you,-can't say it for sure, just from what I am reading- I think that's a very good thing.

Okay, somehow I feel like I am talking 'psychoblubble'.

Weeell, I am looking forward to all of your stories. And mostly to the "happy"- one! Ha, I guess after reading it I will feel like I am rolled in happiness.

1/27/2011 #6

Very nice ideas Endless, I'm sure PJ will write some great stories out of them. ;-)

Unfortunatly I'm not any good at pitching ideas and I may confess that I'm not very interested in other characters as much as in Cal and Gillian, I think I've almost always read C/G stories. It's obvious that for PJ I'll happily make an exception because I trust her to be great at writing Loker or Torres, too. I'm afraid I'm not a big fun of Zoe, either so... Emily? I would have chosen a fic dealing with her relationship with her father but it looks like more than half the episodes of season 3 dealed with that so... Maybe Emily and Gillian? Yes, I'll go with it. :-) But, like I said before, I'll read everything written by PJ. Twice! And then I'll review it thoroughly since, as you may have noticed, I enjoy doing that so much! LOL

You can write short stories, PJ? Well, I'm sure you can but I have to say that my opinion on the matter is: the more the merrier! Feel free to write thousands and thousands of words, I'll be more than happy to read them! And keep up with the angst too! Even if I'm extremely curious to read the happy story you're planning to write. Oh, and make it nine copies, all right? ;-)

1/27/2011 #7

"blood and all that"

hey endless, thats a killer fic title. i love it.

n now that u brought it up, im thinking that maybe TR or LTM production team is winking at me, by having chosen "killer app" as the title of the season's finale episode. cool! -yeah... the more i think about it actually, the more i think Tim did it on purpose, just for me. i will thank him via twt later ;) lol!

by the way, thanks for joining us on this forum fest for PJ n for sharing ur cool ideas, its much appreciated :)

1/27/2011 #8

Thank you both, Cloe and Doc, for the nice words :)

And it's pretty nice that PJ opened this forum to connect/contact with "fans"!

I think the idea with Em and Gillian could be very interesting. Personally I am not so sure about the level of friendship they have. In most FFs they express the love of Gillian towards Emily like she is her own child. Well, it is, kind of, but I think it's not that extreme. The idea about Zoe and Gillian could be intersting - in my opinion- I haven't been a friend of that pairing till I read a FF about them stuck in the elevator. That was pretty nice. I can't remember who wrote it.

Doc, that's sounds very nice! Tell me when TR responded to you if you are going to tell him "Thank you" - ha ha!

I had a few (okay, actually only two) Scenes in my mind of the last episodes which, maybe, could be changed.

-The "in the Fishtank"-Scene. What would happen if Cal wouldn't have left with Eli?

-The "You can do what you set your mind to"-Scene (Funhouse). What if she wouldn't have stepped back?

I know it is Callian- centric. Well, but yeah.. You know. Just trying to give potential authors a nice idea :)

1/28/2011 #9

yeah doc, let us know when tim responds to you. we all wanna know about it. and then could you send him a copy of my stories and ask if he knows anyone in publishing. then after that could you wash my car, vacuum, make me a sandwich and tie my shoe? thanks

i personally think the fics where gillian is falling down with love and gratitude for emily are a bit extreme and unrealistic. i'm sure there is some serious fondness but relationships are more complicated than that. emily has a good relationship with her mother; she's not looking for a surrogate. i think sometimes in this fandom we buy into each other's re-written histories as if they are canon...

callian centric is great! i'll state here and now my main interest is in writing callian. but you never know what will inspire me... just let me know what ideas you want to use endless, or anyone else, i dont want to double up. i have a busy writing schedule as it is!

have a great one, one and all. and thank you so much for coming over here to say hi and hang out...

1/28/2011 #10

Here are a few things I'd like to say:

* I don't mind PJ (or any of you) using my ideas for a fic even if I were planning to write a fic of my own. Because I believe that the same idea (or scene) can be explored in many, many different ways. So, I'm totally ok with that.

* I love angst. I enjoy reading humor once in a while, but I definitely love angst. :)

* Endless.Summar, I read that fic about Gillian and Zoe in the elevator and I really liked it (although I can't remember who wrote it). I agree with you: I'm not so fond of Zoe, but there have been times when someone came up with a good Gillian/Zoe fic. And I think PJ could write something worth reading!

* Something that I always find interesting are the Gillian/Loker fics. Unfortunately there aren't many of those (please, please write one, hehehe). And yeah, I admit it: I ship them. There you have it. :P

* I want a copy of your book!!!!!!! XD Can you tell us anything about that? What is it about? What literary genre?

1/28/2011 #11

well, welcome and thank you vainillina!

i started a new thread for discussion on my book if anyone else is interested... i'm happy to answer questions. and i'll put you on the list for a copy! thanks gushes :D

1/28/2011 . Edited 1/28/2011 #12

Um...I don't really have any ideas...I think it's because I've been trying to work on my own stories. :)

1/28/2011 #13

So, Killer App got me thinking... I think Cal and Gillian are at a point where they're both sure about their own feeling for the other but not so sure about whether or not the other reciprocates. By the end of the episode, Cal started to think that maybe Gill needs and wants him as much as he does since she called him and wanted him to comfort her and stay close to her and not to get distracted by Wallowski. It looks to me like he's ready to act on his feelings, like he wants to let her know that he's in love with her and that he's willing to try. I'm sure that the fact that he said out loud that he loves her is a big step.

And then I was thinking... what will happen if right now Burns would show up? Cal is ready to make his move and Burns returns determinated to resume his relationship with Gillian. What would she do? She was in love with him and now she's in love with Cal but these things are never easy and a change in her relationship with Cal is a big risk to take. So, I'd really like a story which ties with Killer App and what we now know but with our dear Burnsy who decides to show up and ruin Cal's plans. I think it would be really interesting to see Gillian's reaction and point of view on the whole situation.

2/6/2011 #14

Very insightful idea, Cloe! I wonder if something like this could happen in S4, maybe not with Burnsy but with a 'new boy', I guess it would break Cals heart. Well, mine too. ;)

Would love if someone works this out!

2/7/2011 #15

Some new guy would indeed be interesting to see but I think with Burns there so much more at stake.

Gillian was in love with him (or so she thought) and their breakup was not a choice, there was no fight or issue, it was just something that had to be done in order for him to be safe again. That means that it's possible that Burnsy still have feelings for Gillian and she for him, at least to some extend. Him showing up (as a free man) now that Cal has gone from "I'm happy if she's happy even if she's with someone else" to "I want her to want me and no one else" has a great potential, not only Callian related but mainly to develop and understand more Gillian. It's not just about jealousy, it's about what Gill is looking for, what she thinks she needs, what she wants from a man and who's willing to fight for her. Because, I agree with PJ, she wants Cal but maybe not consciously. Not yet. And Burns is not a random good looking guy who doesn't know anything about her. He even undersood and respected the depth of her relationship with Cal even if he was clearly bothered by their intimacy level.

I hope someone will find this scenario interesting enough to write me a story. :-)

2/7/2011 #16

Now we are talking about it, I just sneak in and drop this link in here : http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6489954/1/Sundays_Gone

It's not like she worked it out well, but I guess she wanted to work with the topic.

2/7/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #17

First time I see this story. :-)

Yes, the topic is the same but I honestly don't care for Burns that much. I'd like for the story to focus enterely on Cal and Gillian. And I definetely don't want her to end up having Burns' baby . :-)

2/7/2011 #18

Yes, well, seems like she changed the direction after the first 2-3? Chapters. It's a little bit confusing, but it just popped into my head as we were talking about the topic.

2/7/2011 #19

Yes, I can see why our talk above lead you to this fic. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Still hope one of you writers will turn the idea into a story. :-)

2/7/2011 #20

I think i purposefully avoided 'sunday's gone' because of the premise. it is a very compliated state of affairs if burns came back. he's supposed to be undercover and going back to someone like gillian, from an old case and with whom he was invovled... i think it would be a big career 'no no'. starbuck just recently posted a one shot in similar veins, where an old high school boyfriend shows up and asks gillian out again...

where would you want it set cloe? after killer app? cos i could possibly work with that...

2/7/2011 #21

Yes, I was thinking after Killer App because I'd like for it to follow Cal's out loud confession of his feelings for Gillian. I can tell that fitting a believable solution to Burns showing up as a free man is not easy, but it's not necessary to have many details and explanations. For all we know he could have an agreement of sort or just be tired of hiding, I don't know and honestly I don't really care. I just think that if Dave would come back to her, ready to fight for Gillian, she would definitely consider the possibility to try and be with him again.

Maybe another boyfriend from the past would also be interesting for the same reasons, I was insisting on Burns because we all know that Gill loved him and because Cal knows him too and was there when they got together and broke up and looked quite bothered by his presence.

But I trust you to write a great story, no matter who the ex-boyfriend is. :-)

2/7/2011 #22

I am totally with you Cloe! The idea of someone else being interested in Gillian and putting her in a situation where she should deal with her feelings towards Lightman has always been really interesting for me.

I've recently written a story in which Burns comes back (I love him, I'm sorry, but I do love that character, hehe). My story doesn't take place after Killer App, but a few months after Exposed. It's just a one shot in which he comes back only to be gone after that one night they spend together. I tried to imply that she and Lightman could be together... or not when Burns shows up (that's up to the reader).

Anyways, although that's not exactly what you have in mind, I totally get what you mean and I'd love to read a story in which she and Lightman deal with the aftermath of his confession while someone else appears.

By the way, I read Sunday's gone because of the premise (and I'm really loving it so far). ;) Maybe you could give it a chance, as it has too different endings (the first one Gillian-Burns, the second Gillian-Lightman).

2/7/2011 #23

What popped into my head, while I cleaned up

- What is Cal loving about Gillian? I do have the feeling that he just is aware of that she is saving him. I think you know what I mean. But are there more examples what he loves about her? I know that he's proud of her when she gets Bad-a**, you can see it in his smile.

I don't know if this topic is already used. Maybe you (and I mean everyone who is interested) can handle it up Set after 'Killer App'; Maybe Emily asks him what he loves about Gillian (Maybe she asks this instead of "Do you love her?")

Maybe in a kind of way when the two of them are in a serious Relationship and Cals tells her, what he likes about her.

Just suggestin'. If anyone is interested feel free to use it :-)

2/13/2011 #24

I like this, Endless, you always have great suggestions. I often wondered myself what exactly Cal loves the most about Gillian: is it her moral sense? The fact that she's a strong woman? That she has an open heart? That she apparently is the only woman who loves, protects and forgives him despite his bad boy attitude? Probably it's all these things and some more.

I also wonder if there is something Cal doesn't like about her, something that makes him mad (besides her freezing their bank account...).

I got the feeling that Cal thinks she's just about perfect but she's not as naive and innocent as he believes she is. I'd like to see a less-perfect side of Gillian and Cal's reaction to it explored in a fic.

2/15/2011 #25

So I had an idea before, one that I am not brave enough to tackle myself... I am pretty sure it was in 3x06 "beyond belief" the scene where Gillian is talking to the girl in the cube and she talks about "pushing on" after a traumatic experience? I thought that perhaps could be an interesting springboard for a more Gillian-centric fic? I remember rewatching that scene over and over because she looked so vulnerable and even if it was just empathy for the girl or something borne of her own experiences, I definitely thought there was something to explore there... Anyway, like I said, just an idea that I am too chicken s*** to tackle myself haha!

2/18/2011 #26

Hey, do you mean the sentence "We push back, we hold on and push back. And we get help from people who really care about us." Which she said to the daughter, Daniel ?

I read somewhere that Alex Cary, or someone else of the group, said that she meant Lightman with this sentence. Hmm..

2/18/2011 #27

Yes, thats exactly what I was meaning Endless, thank you! Interesting that it is allegedly relating to Cal... I kinda had hoped there was more to it than that. Anyway, thank you for clarifying!! :)

2/18/2011 #28

You're welcome. Yeah, I hoped the same. I have to say that I am bit irritated. Because well, yeah, I don't know. Well, on the one way it is true that he helps her- but on the other way. Hm.. I thought at the first time that more the first line of the sentence is related to him, if you know what I mean.

2/18/2011 #29

Hi! Here I am again!

I read that PJ said she could be interested in these Episode-Style-FFs, so I thought about something.

I think we often see in the series one of the leaders (Cal or Gillian) in danger. And I think it is common to write about it; the other half comes to the rescue then. But what would be if the both of them would be together in trouble? If they have to hope for Ria/Loker, doing a good job? Or would they try to do it all on their own? Would they grow together or break apart while seeing the other one in such a situation.

I know this idea isn't fully ripe, but maybe it is interesting.

Also I found on LJ this post of bevfank (I hope it is okay that I post it here)

These are ideas / discoveries for Season 1. Maybe they are still usable :-)

So, have a good weekend :-)

4/8/2011 #30
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