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just to keep it tidy, i thought'd i'd move this thread over here...

my book is... well its in its third draft and in the process of an over haul so its not like it'll be on the shelves tomorrow or anything... its about people, as my stories always are., as opposed to events. i dont know how to describe the genre but to say that its just like my epics all ready on this site. its about love and the psychology of being with someone, about truth and openess and trust. good relationships and communication...

i can say its not horror, thriller, mystery, crime, travel, sci-fi, history, alternate history or humour. but i wouldn't describe it as chic lit either. maybe you should ask doc. she's read it. i'm probably too close to it to be overly objective. my dad just said it's a romance... but then he hasn't read all of it... i don't know. how would you describe my epics?

1/28/2011 #1

I'd definitely like to read this book!! Pj, I think your stories/epics are a mix of genres. There's no way to lable it with just one. If we called them angst, we'd be wrong because, as Doc puts, you "pull a PJ" throughout the middle. Can we just describe it as the PJ genre and leave it at that??

1/28/2011 #2

now that sounds good to me. its like a psychological romance drama. that's to put it in three words... a cross between marian keys and jodi picoult... its about making conscious decisions to be with someone you love... shrugs

i'll attempt a blurb someday...

1/28/2011 #3

well today appears to be that day... here's my attempt at a blurb...

Shannon has always felt out of place in his life. Born in America, he was raised in London by Irish parents. Finally giving up on a no-where existence in London kitchens, Shannon takes a chance and hops a plan to Los Angeles, where dreams are supposedly made, where he hopes he can shake off the black clouds looming on the horizon. With what he considers luck, Shannon finds himself working on the set of a television show. But even with a fresh start, he continues to run doggedly from a past determined to catch up with him.

Allie has always been sure of what she wants. So sure, she sometimes wonders if she over looked the signs that not all her decisions were the right ones. Recently divorced she struggles to balance career and her children and a chance at true love.

Five years after they are first acquainted, Shannon and Allie reconnect on a chance meeting. But where they go from there comes down not to circumstance or timing but the conscious decisions they make about their relationship. Will Shannon let his past continue to haunt him or will he finally confront it? And can Allie put hers to rest and accept what she has in front of her, flaws and all.

Happiness is a choice...

1/28/2011 #4

I'm in love already. It sounds awesome!! Now I'm itching to read it, PJ!!

1/28/2011 #5

I'd definetely read it. Keep us updated! ;-)

1/31/2011 #6
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