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endless, i don't mind your happiness at all. i'm completely buzzing out right now too! you know how long it took me write that? about three hours. after you posted the prompts on the forum i pretty much typed it straight out. the end was a little tack on that was in my mind but it didn't fit. i even toyed with dumping it all together, but then i tweaked it a few times and linked it back in to the story line, and with 'gone' recently aired, it all just ties in together nicely now doesn't it? i'm seriously stoked you liked it. i usually just write for the doc...

killer line from a killer review: i feel like i just ate a rainbow!

thanks endless, it was my pleasure to write...

1/30/2011 #1

its was awesome n surprising n sweet n all that, not cliche at the end, with love n violins and all that, it was just questions n silent answers... perfect. will killer review later, but consider this just a teaser. u already know what my favest line is ;)

1/30/2011 #2

WOW! That sounds, for me, like a lot of work! I hope you took your breaks in those hours! I feel very flattered that you wrote it straight after reading my comment. Never thought that I could be an "inspiration"!

I loved the end, you did it very well. It's like the thing about "You want it to happen, but then you don't want it." - So it's something like a solution, isn't it? Something what Alex Cary said "He has to earn this."

I really am in love with your Cal. That's the Cal under his surface, which we can't see that often in the Series- I think. The Cal Gillian can be proud about.

Thank you very very much!! It was a real surprise for me. I thought I have to live today without reading something from you, which is quiet impossible for me, because I am really hooked up. Hi hi!

1/30/2011 #3

Gotta agree with everyone... AMAZING job!!

[I really am in love with your Cal. That's the Cal under his surface, which we can't see that often in the Series- I think. The Cal Gillian can be proud about. ]

It's so nice to see this side of Cal. You do a wonderful portayal of him, PJ.

1/30/2011 . Edited 1/30/2011 #4

you know, it really wasn't that much work cos it came out quite easily! breaks? what are breaks? i tend to blob... you were quite the inspiration. if it's plausible i can 'see' it, if i can see it i can write it, and once my mind gets churning its very hard to ignore. and seeing as it took just a few hours to write that was allowed as a break from working on my book...

can someone please, please, point to where i can find alex cary talking about killer app? cos someone else made a reference to his comments too and i was all ! where is it? i wanna read!

sadly, i have nothing new to post so it will be a wait until the next story goes up... sorry kids, but promised myself i would spend this week finishing my book and after that i can write all the LTM to mine and your heart's content.

1/30/2011 #5

Awww... No more stories for a while, but if it means we are closer to reading your book, *grins cheekily* then by all means, take a break!!

1/30/2011 #6

see what happens when u post ur ideas on the PJ forum??? :D all good! now spread the word endless, n keep on having fun around here with us groupies, this is just the beginning, theres a lot more to come...

1/30/2011 #7

you know what i worry about though, that the sensitive side of cal is too ooc compared to the show... the cal in my epics is fine cos i changed him with therapy and gillian ;) but i sometimes wonder if the cal on the show would ever really... i dont know... what... hmmm...

do you think cal is self aware as a person? do you think he knows he hurts gillian when he goes to get himself killed or do you think he just does what he wants and doesnt think about the consequences?

1/30/2011 #8

so, u mean that... after ur book business is taken care of, u n ur lil muse r gonna have some fun around fanfictiondotnet??? cos if u r ... im all for it. just saying...

ps: gosh! im sooo bad at subtlety!!! jaaja!

1/30/2011 #9

doc you're terrible! yes, once i have the book done i will be typing my little a** of for ltm. we're ALL gonna need it once s3 is over...

just for the record, i only have five pages left to write of the book, then a massive proof read and a second opinion and... then... yeah... away it will go (and god im so nervous about it!)

1/30/2011 #10

The reference is not from Killer- App, it's from the interview with Kelli Williams.. (I think, hope I'm not mistaken.) Wait, I will look for the link!

Ah, here. I hope it works for you !


But there's also an interview from David G. & Alex C. about the Finale out there. But it contains Spoilers!

That's the link for it.

Awww, okay. But I see that you're hard working. So, don't stress yourself!!I wish you the best with your work!

From Monday night/Tuesday morning on my thoughts will all surround the Finale. There I'll be distracted. So it quiet fits in with my timeline. Ha ha!

I spread the link to your One-Shot on Tumblr, hope people will find it :)

PS: I think you quiet worked "your" Cal fine out. (Is this even an English-sentence?)

And, well, I think maaybe your questions about Cal are going to be answered soon. (On the show)

1/30/2011 . Edited 1/30/2011 #11

thank you endless! i had seen the you tube clip but not the interview. man i am so excited i dont know how i'm going to sleep tonight! and i have to wait until TUESDAY to see lie to me. that's even more torturous.

we are definitly going to need a moment's silence to reflect on killer epp when it airs (and we all see it)... i'll prepare myself for a one shot!

And i think you mean 'you worked out your cal quite fine'...

1/30/2011 . Edited 1/30/2011 #12

Thank you for your correction! I am sorry if my english is sometimes.. ***!

Yes, I know how you feel. I am going to watch it on a livestream, so I have to wake up at 3am in the night, also Tuesday then!

It's a good torturous. I want to watch it badly, but don't want to it to be the end. And I think the end of the episodes won't be nice. I guess they had fun again with the "black screen".

1/30/2011 #13

'Blood and all that'?? God, I need to catch up with that story! :/ What I'm reading here about it makes me want to read it straight away!! Thanks for sharing PJ. Hopefully everything goes great with your book and you can come back to ltm soon. Enjoy this 'book moment' because it must be something huge! A short story of mine was published a few years ago and I was delighted... I can't imagine how happy and excited you must be feeling right now!!! :D

Regarding the finale, I'm also going to watch it on a livestream (and then again and again and again when subtitles are available!). I'm so excited about tomorrow but I'm afraid I agree with Endless.Summar... I also see a black screen coming!!!!! Ugh!!

PS: I'll come back after reading 'Blood and all that'.

1/30/2011 #14

Wow, your book is almost over, you must be excited and anxious as hell, PJ! But also very, very proud of yourself for having accomplished such a huge thing. Fingers crossed! :-)

Such a beautiful, touching story... I felt so sad for the three of them and their difficult childhood. :-(

I'm so nervous about the finale! All those spoilers, Tim's words and interviews give me some hope but I share your fears, guys. Tomorrow at this time the show will be over, maybe forever, and that pains me. So, Pj, we're in you hands. It's up to you to keep us happy with your stories. No pressure. ;-)

1/31/2011 #15
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