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*so, this is where u guys, post stuff. ok?*

stuff of the day:

i just died of boredom, somebody who i considered an unhealthy fun source for my sick delight, just killed me :( isnt that ironic?

Where TF? is Alanis when u need her? HUH!?!? i may write this lil episode of my life into 1 of my future fics... or not. just saying.

im sure u have weird stuff u wanna throw out there for no particular reason too. if so... use this topic thread. it doesnt have to make any sense, dont worry.

1/31/2011 . Edited by pjstillnoon, 2/8/2011 #1

Yay!!! *dances* Randomness for the win!!! *looks sad* I don't have nuffin to post... my day just started...

1/31/2011 . Edited 1/31/2011 #2

ok great! here's what i did yesterday: finished my book. today, im reading it and working on LTM fics at the same time! while also waching the cricket. NZ VS Pakistan. ODI. we lost the last one... could be interesting...

im counting down to killer app and im just about ready to leap out of my seat with excitement. this is me :D+++

1/31/2011 #3

omg! Today must be the best day ever!! :D

Lie To Me was amazing. I just finished watching it. :D

and then I had my LAST math exam ever at school!!!! SOOOO great! I am going to celabrate now...

well PJ ice cream is a really good idea! Although i miss the good american ice cream my fave is Ben & Jerry┬┤s. Ours is just not the same :/ But still good though.

so off to eating ice cream YUMMMMM....

bye bye

2/1/2011 #4

all silent on the forum front.

stuff for today: the doc pointed out the best fan vid for killer epp to me last night. definitly worth checking out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crz2YHhPjas

no only was the editing awesome and alllll the best scenes in there, but the song is freaking aweseome!

2/3/2011 #5

today's stuff

finished a story

took a shower

did some reading

skipped lunch

about to meet with an old friend-hope she brings some pastries-

work, later

read some more


sleep if possible

-all the while listening to some good music- except at work, cos they r boring n dont allow me to :(

thats it.

2/4/2011 . Edited 2/14/2011 #6

Woke up later then usual, went to work, come back home much earlier then usual, had lunch, read 'Nostalgia and Glasses', spent some time on the forum. Life's good.

2/7/2011 #7

i dont think i actually need to say which 1 was my favest part of ur day, do i?

thanks so much for r&r-ing :)

2/7/2011 . Edited 2/9/2011 #8

Only I can slip on the one piece of ice left going to my car this morning. *sigh* I'm all right, but the skin below my left knee didn't look to pretty...

2/7/2011 #9

DAY OFFING in bed, on a rainy day, surrounded by my lil babies. Life is beautiful :)

2/7/2011 #10

ooops. sorry batso :(

normally, i'd say: "put some ice on it" but it just doesn't seem right on this occasion.

anywho...im glad u r ok in spite of the icy dive u took :)

2/7/2011 #11

Writing application for employment; Cleaning up my room; Taking photos; Niece was here, so I played with her.

Hope it's all good, batso!

2/7/2011 #12

oh, now, that sucks. you did get snow in your neck of the woods batso!

i'd have to say, its so nice to see so much traffic rolling around the forum today! made my morning!

i got woken up early by siblings getting ready for school, went back to sleep. awake now at my usual time. its a beautiful day, slight breeze. today i shall send away my first query letter and after that write.

i watched the superbowl yesterday. dad and i picked random teams, i got the packers! so i win! i didn't understand half the game but still... that's one giant screen in that stadium.

PS i have new music so im extra happy!

2/7/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #13

yeah, I was okay after I took some aspirin. Need to take some more since it's been aching a bit. In my neck of the woods we're gonna get more white stuff on Wednesday... oh well ;)

2/7/2011 #14

Hope you're feel better soon, Bat.

Hmmm, snow. I wish I could see it but all I'm seeing is the black sky from all the massive bush fires nearby.

One thing I hate - waking up early. Especially when I have to be on taking-siblings-to-school duty. I'm not a morning person, 'les I haven't been to bed yet...

2/7/2011 #15

same. even when i used to start work at 4am i wasn't really awake until 10am. that's just how i roll.

turns out i spoke too soon about the weather. it's clouded over, muggy as!

put your leg up batso and enjoy your evening. omg! i just realised! no ltm tonight/today... (looks lost and lonely for a moment)

2/7/2011 #16

I know others are looking forward to it, but I'm sick of seeing an advertisement for Chicago Code every time a commercial break happens. So instead of watching TV tonight, I'll be ficcing :)

2/7/2011 #17

i'm quite determined to hate the chicago code out of sheer principal. but i don't have to worry about that in my neck of the woods. the new season of house has just started airing here. same for bones. and hopefully (fingers crossed) lie to me season 3!

2/7/2011 #18

PJ, the only prob with everything starting to air again, is that all my fave shows are air-ing at the same time.... *pouts* Guess that's what the recorder is for, I suppose.

What is this Chicago Code I keep hearing people talk 'bout?

2/7/2011 #19

I was the same way with the BSG2003. I remember watching the original and decided on principle to not watch it. I was snuckered into it when they were showing it and I didn't realize it. I watched a scene that had all new characters and I was like "wow...this is good" and then they started dropping names. Only then did I realize what it was, but it didn't matter anymore. I enjoy both versions.

It'll probably take a while, but I'll most likely end up watching it just out of curiosity.

2/7/2011 #20

ok, i'll confess, i just had to google what BSG was!

i doubt we'll get the chicago code here for a long time. other new shows like no ordinary family haven't even started here yet. if chicago goes down in flames i will probably never see it...

2/7/2011 #21

i didnt wake up thinking it was another day today.

im perfectly aware that it's wednesday over here.


ps: im also aware that i have to go to work this afternoon, not at 7am, but PM!PM!PM!!!!! PM!

2/9/2011 . Edited 2/9/2011 #22

looks like we're getting more stuff round two (three). I'm staying home because my knee is still skinned up (and hurts when I have to kneel down...)

Time for some serious ficcing :)

2/9/2011 #23

i just wanted to say, this forum has cracked 200 posts, and i'm really stoked and glad everyone is here hanging out. means a lot to me. happy to be part of our little community

hugs to all


2/10/2011 #24


u r welcome pj :D

n thank u for doing ur lovely part around here.

its our pleasure. the reason why we r all here hanging out with u is not THAT altruistic... we r having lots of fun n sometimes u r just our lil excuse, really... ;)

ps: congrats n i told u so n more pls :)

2/10/2011 #25

Hope I am not disturbing :-)

Just wanted to ask if some of you are also registered on other Internet-pages (like Twitter, etc.)

Wish you all a nice Weekend!

Edit / PS: So sorry! I confused you! I am not on Twitter, it's just a page which popped into my mind.

That's the other page I am in : :-)

2/11/2011 . Edited 2/11/2011 #26

Ice cream tiems

corazon de bon o bon :p


2/11/2011 #27

I am :) Tim Roth gets as random as all get up and is quite amusing at times...

2/11/2011 #28

all quiet on the ffnet front.

are we having a quiet weekend?

or are we reeling in the shock of our first week with no new ltm?

2/12/2011 #29

Wow... Long time, so type/talk... Guess that's what happens when life gets the best of you... *glares at life, not so subtly hiding in the corner*

My point of the day: You don't realize just how much you use your stomach muscles until you pull one... It canes like you won't believe whilst you're trying to do things...

Oooh, speaking of LTM... S3's starting on TV on tues... Whooo!! (Yes, I know I'm a whole season behind, but that's what happens when you can't download anything, then go out of internet connection for a month...)

2/12/2011 #30
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