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Q: what do u think the review button at the bottom of every fic/chapt is for?

i wanna read ur thoughts, all u can tell me pls. im gathering info so i can determine where to draw the line between freedom n bad blood, taking into account other people's perspectives, cos im THAT open-minded. would u help me guys?

thanks in advance :)

2/4/2011 #1

personally, when I see writers begging for reviews then I refuse to review, plus to see them begging using text speak is just wrong. It makes the person look illiterate.

2/5/2011 #2

interesting idea, kinda harsh, but interesting.

thank u batso :)

2/5/2011 #3

I think I don't get the question. Does that mean you can decide if you allow to review or not? I thought that FF.net put the 'review-button' on every chapter. :D Sorry for my dumbness.

2/5/2011 #4

the review button, in my opinion, is there for when you feel a piece of writing by any author has moved you enough to want to say something about it; whether that is good, or bad or even just to say: keep going im reading.

i agree, i dont like it when authors beg or even threaten for reviews. as an author i am grateful for every message somebody has taken the time to write. not all of them have been sunshine and light, although 99.9% have! i consider myself lucky for that and i am grateful. as a reader, i will not succumb to bullying, or demands, or reviewing for the sake of it.

the review button is free will and we should respect those who press it and even those who don't. sometimes i read something that i liked but doesn't compell me to say anything about. that's life...

2/5/2011 #5

No dumbness. There's no such a thing 'round here Endless. (i wouldn't b allowed in if there was;)

Let me elaborate on my Q, so u can understand:

Im asking what do u think the reviews r for? what do u consider a good review? how do u tell apart a good, yet negative review from a mean-spirited one? do u think that negative reviews r bad? would you think that someone saying they dont like ur writing or ur story is a mean-spirited person whose is just putting u and ur work down by expressing their opinion on ur fic?

n what if such person, later on, finds that another of ur fics is actually worth praising n wants to review saying they liked it? would u think the same about them? i mean, it would b still the same person who had said: no, i dont like it, before. only that later on, they found something they did like n reviewed accordingly, right? so would their opinion, when its good, be more appreciated or more valid, just because now they actually liked or didn't hate what u wrote? or u think that, its the same, that it shouldn't make a difference if some1 gives u good or a bad review, cos they r all valid n should therefore b appreciated, since they all mean that the reader has actually taken the time to read ur fic n reviewed it, instead of ignoring it completely or just creep on it?

summing up, what do U think, Endless? Maybe ur thoughts r completely different on the subject and cant b categorized in any of the above options, so in any case i'd absolutely love to know ur opinion. please feel free to share, elaborate n ask for clarification again, if u want to.

thanks for responding to my post in the first place :)

2/6/2011 . Edited by pjstillnoon, 2/8/2011 #6

Thanks for the clarification, doc!!!

So, well, to work out your indirect- questions:

I would love to read bad or good reviews, it doesn't matter for me. I think I am posting stories here not just for entertainment, but also for asking you (readers) if you like what I write, or not. I know that my writing is not good, but I want to work it out. So I welcome bad and good reviews. And I wouldn't be "p!ssed", if it is a bad review, because you can learn out of it. Well, if it's constructive criticism. And I think that's what the review-button stand for- for expression your free opinion to the story. I think, as nicely as everyone wants to play it down, that every writer needs, at least one comment, on their story to go on. It's motivative to see that someone is actually reading your things. And I think it isn't selfish, or something, to ask if someone is going to write a comment. Well, it certainly has to be the right way to ask for it.

Of course positive criticism is always more welcome than negative and sometimes you are disappointed when you read such, but not every writing fits to every person. If you know what I mean. And if the same person writes a nice comment to another story of you, well, I think then you maybe have worked out for good, haven't you?

Like PJ said (I think) I often read something good, but I don't review, because, well, you don't know what to say. Sometimes I personally write not really qualitative- reviews, because of such a bad feeling, that I read a story since the first chapter, but I haven't reviewed it. But I mean with my short reviews- or something- not that the story is bad.

If you have such reviews like the ones Doc or Cloe are writing, I think you really can be lucky. I think that's what I would call an active reader. Someone who really reads your story and wants to understand it completely. Who is guessing, confronting you with questions and trying to understand your point of view.

So, I hope I didn't miss the topic too much. And thank you very much for asking for my opinion.

2/6/2011 . Edited 2/6/2011 #7

great response endless.

in my case, i love to get all the little 'i read it' or 'loved it' reviews because i like to connect with my audience. that's why i post. i want to share my stories with you, the reader, so by all means, just say 'hello im reading'.

there are some good stories out there, but they're not great... and there are some great authors out there, who occassionally write an average story. its all really hit and miss and personal preference isnt it?

in saying that, its becoming clear to me that some authors post for the glory of reviews, others post for the hell of it, reviews or not; and yet others post beacuse they really do want help with their work (in which case an established clearly knows what they're on about beta might be a good idea). perhaps we need a button, when filling out the criteria for a new story, that says what kind of reviews we're after: any, just good ones, not bothered...

2/6/2011 #8

coolest idea i ever read:

"we need a button, when filling out the criteria for a new story, that says what kind of reviews we're after: any, just good ones, not bothered..." by PJ. -jajaja!-

so i thought that maybe, since we r at it, we can add 2 more: "every time u bad review or say u dont like my fic a puppy dies!" n of course, last but not least. "creep if u want to, but just know that u r ruining my life so im gonna hunt u down n ruin urs, just saying"

yep, i think that with those 5 buttons there, we will be all covered. also i think that those buttons could b personalized from each writers profile, for instance there will b some writers that will choose to only add the 'good review' button, others will prefer the 'anti-creeper 1', n so on, so every1 is happy.


i just had another idea, those really popular writers that get lots a revs can earn the possibility to create their own rev button n add it to the other 5 standard ones, like "honest review here, killer review if u feel like it". i would definitely add that 1 at the end the end of my fics if i could... to me that 1, would b the very bestest! ;)

the fact that i went for: "acid-sarcastic-dark-humor" doesn't necessarily mean that i was kidding. yeah, im THAT complicated.

2/7/2011 . Edited 2/9/2011 #9

how do u edit ur posts on the forum once posted?

i dont wanna keep bothering PJ with my typos.

2/7/2011 #10

Dr. C - I just had to say that this was a funny question for me coming from you, because I've received all kinds from you! (That sounds mean, and it's not meant to be.) There have been chapters you've loved, and some you've hated. : p I've never taken that personally. I think it's all about the taste and preferences of the reader, and also how the present their review. I think people that are mean just to be mean should not review; but if it's constructive criticism, which you are excellent at giving by the way, then I think it should be welcome. You always push for the "killer" in me - and that is what reviews should be about.

In one word - encouragement. (I could have made this post a lot shorter simply by saying that.)

2/7/2011 #11

that was the point of this entire thread HSS. thanks for weighing in... nice to see you around in these parts

2/7/2011 . Edited 2/8/2011 #12

well, its so great that u, who have received all kinds of reviews from me thinks so, because thats exactly the point, u r totally ON MARK as far as im concerned, maybe thats why u take my revs as wisely as u do, or maybe it's cos u r smart n mature enough not to feel offended by a negative review, but motivated, curious even sometimes, which is cool by me.

i dont necessarily think that is the reviewer's function to provide the writers with "constructive criticism", though.

dont get me wrong, i would be more than glad to provide u with it, but there are certain writers out there that make the reviewer feel as if they r talking to a concrete wall, so, what would b the point of wasting constructive criticism on that kinda ppl who is just not open to it or cant handle it, or maybe dont even want to. but then again, i wonder what r they doing on a site like this 1, public n open? it makes no sense whatsoever, right? if u r not open to critics then why do u post, keep ur work to urself n live happily ever after, thats fine.

lets get it straight: the right of the writer/poster is to post whatever they want, as long as its along the lines n terms of what this website is all about, wich they were informed about when they signed up.

the rights of readers r:

*to read n creep.

*to read n love n creep.

*to read n hate n creep.

*to read, love n rev n say why.

*to read, love n rev n not say why.

*to read, hate n rev n say why.

*to read, hate n rev n say why n also provide ideas, suggestions, advice, etc.

*to read n hate n rev n not say why, nor provide ideas, suggestions, advice, etc.

*n of course, NOT TO READ AT ALL.

which, brings me to the point of: what gives a writer the right to attack n trash a reader who was inspired by the writer's lines to just voice their opinion on not liking -i didnt say hating- the fic, without providing any further explanation?

who said that it is the readers place to tell the writer how to write the story every time they review? or have to justify their review every time they take the time to r&r? which of course, can b completely avoided by not reading or creeping, that would b just fine too, right?

isn't that just as disrespectful, as a reader attacking n trashing the writer just because they didn't like what they just read? cos, i DO NOT condone that either.

to me the line is drawn on respect. to the writer, yes, of course N to the reader/reviewer, as well. lets not forget that they have every right to hate what we post n tell us about it n since the writer decided to post on a site like this 1, they should just have to deal with it, cos it's a risk they take the second they post n its naive to think otherwise. i say naive... but im thinking of another word...

there, that's how i feel. thanks for sharing ppl, i really appreciate it.

feel free to elaborate further if u want to. its a very rich topic to deal with on this forum, where brains abound :)

2/8/2011 . Edited by pjstillnoon, 2/8/2011 #13

preach doc! this must have been rolling around in your brain for a while huh? to be honest, you pretty much summed up what all of us were saying here. the whole ffnet relationship is a symbiotic one. we need each other. i second the call for respect because i feel some members make it harder for the rest of us...

i definitly like your review button system. its better than mine. i'll inform TPTB so they can make it part of the review process ... and signal batman while i'm at it :)

2/8/2011 . Edited 2/8/2011 #14

I do not have much to add to this conversation beyond the following:

Holy COW!!! You had a lot to say Dr. C! And I agree.

Also PJ, symbiotic is a fantastic word. : )

2/8/2011 #15

Oh PJ...hope you don't regret inviting me to this forum!!

So as a complete newbie to the whole fanfic writing thing let me say this.

I like reviews. I ask for reviews. I try not to beg for reviews!

I've never published fic before. Never. I never in my life imagined that people would actually want to read something I had written. I am really trying very hard to learn and grow and improve my writing skills so I want reviews both good and bad. It would hurt if someone just ripped me to shreds and said "oh my God, why did you even write this piece of drivel" but really I want the critique as well as the praise. I have gotten dozens of reviews from people who just say "loved this" which is nice, but I look forward more to those where the reader perhaps questions things or tells me they wished it ended differently. I don't take these in a bad way at all, in fact I think I've surprised (and perhaps pissed off) a few reviewers when I have replied to them, not looking for an argument about a reviwe, but attempting to engage in a dialogue, writer to reader. I try to leave thoughtful reviews for people and if theres something I think might help them improve their writing skills I'll perhaps drop that in (in a nice way with a big Thank You).

In short, if I ask for reviews, I'm serious! I want to make the next fic I write even better so if someone were to say "you really over use pronouns" or "I'm not sure you got the voice quite right for such and such character", I may not agree, but I definately take it into consideration. I really want to hear what readers think, especially in a multi chap as it may make me re-think the direction I am taking. I also completely respect peope's right not to leave reviews. I read fanfic for a LONG time before I ever left a review for someone.

OK...just my 2 cents


(p.s. Please review this post)-yeah, thats my sense of humor, get used to it!

2/8/2011 #16

on ur PAX *everyday life* killer review:


ps: keep going girl, thats the spirit! we r so glad to have u amongst our groupie gang! :)

2/8/2011 #17

I'm with you Diva. Totally hear what you're saying. I think the point is that well... that was the point. But hey if you're specifically requesting feedback I'll make sure to rip the s*** out of... i mean, review! review your next piece with my scrutinising eye. so far though, you're doing a pretty good job!

And YAY! you found us! welcome friend, welcome!

2/8/2011 #18


Can you see me blushing? Thank you very much!!

And, btw. I agree with everything you all say :D

2/8/2011 #19

kat, im just way behind on ur material, sorry about that. promise i will make up to u later. with all due respect n in the sweetest way possible, quit the paranoia, diva. im just too busy n lazy to r&r all of what i would have to r&r just to get caught up again with ur stuff, for now. but the time will come, dont worry, i told u before n i tell u again, i luv ur smut, i havent given up on it, promise, not even close.

just to keep it straight.

n welcome to our forum fest, its always great to add such different writers, with different styles to our gang, cos it enriches the feedback we all get from each other, since each 1 of us can bring a different, new n interesting POV to the table, so im really glad u r here.

have fun! ;)

2/9/2011 . Edited 2/9/2011 #20

ooohh! 1 more thing diva, theres just no way that any1 in their right mind would ever pick up on the fact that u r using too many pronouns, if u were, cos of all the hot smut u could easily cover them with... i mean , really... who gives a ffff about pronouns when theres lots of Callian Mness going on all over the lines...??!?!?!? i know i wouldnt... n i think those who would r just NO FUN! so forget about them! just saying... ;)

2/9/2011 #21
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