Young Justice
I started watching it, now I really feel like giving it a try on RPing it, anyone feel like joining?
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*drags self in with a dead tired look* I've had... 11 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours... ~_~ Zzzzz

3/14/2011 #2,731

Wow, good timing once again!

Aww :( That sucks!

3/14/2011 #2,732

Haha! Awesome!

I know. :/ I'll post you my status from this morning. xD "Woke up to slamming doors. Listened to my dad leave for work. Stayed in bed for half an hour. Walked out, looked at clock, said 5:00. No biggie, they haven't changed the clock yet. Ate breakfast, got ready, sat down on couch.. Lisa walks out, and it's 7:00 by my standards. I asked why the boys weren't going to school, and she says, "Oh, they are! I don't get them up till six!" ... Did I seriously wake up at 4:30?!"

3/14/2011 #2,733

Dude! That's insane! I would've died if i woke up that early!

Hey brb, I gotta check on my neighbors dogs..

PS. Braxton's picture is up!

3/14/2011 #2,734

I know. I about did! XD


OOOH! *goes to look* (psst, hopefully his isn't nakey (; )

3/14/2011 #2,735

XD! I'm glad you didn;t!

Ugh. So you know how I was outside in shorts a couple days ago? Yeah, I got the karma you wanted. It's now snowy and I had wet hair. -__-

Bahaha he's not!! XD

3/14/2011 #2,736

Me too XD haha!

:O Wow, Karma is powerful! It's just cloudy here. In the 40's. :/

Hahaha! xD I'm glad!!! It's great, Mars!

3/14/2011 #2,737

Tell me about it! It's so unfair! :/ Welll it'll be in the 70s after thursday, so i just gotta wait. :D

Haha meee too! And thank you! :D

3/14/2011 #2,738

Wdnesday, it's supposed to get to 66! :D

You're such an amazing artist! *huggles*

3/14/2011 #2,739

Awesome! :D I love warm weather...

Aw, thank you! *huggles back* :D

3/14/2011 #2,740

I do too! I hate it when it's hot, but right there in between... :D That's it.

Welcome :3

3/14/2011 #2,741

Yeah, I love that too. But I'd much rather take hot weather over cold weather. O_O

:3 You're pretty great too!

3/14/2011 #2,742

I dunno, I loooove cloudy skies. *shrugs* maybe I'm weird like that XD

D`aww, thanks :D

3/14/2011 #2,743

I like cloudy skies when it's not depressing. I love blue skies with the sun and clouds. xD I'm such a nature person, that always makes me feel happier. Haha

No problem m'dear! :D

3/14/2011 #2,744

Did I say hi yet? No, ok...Um...Wotcher

3/14/2011 #2,745

Hey Drea! xD

3/14/2011 #2,746

Yeah, I mean I like just white fluffy clouds, not the dark clouds that are depressing :)

Wotcher, Elis3! :D

3/14/2011 #2,747

Same here! :)

Okay so here's my plan: I'm going to try to make a picture of all the OCs in Drea's YJ roleplay. I don't know how well it's going to work, but I'll try!

3/14/2011 #2,748


Wooooot! Excitedness!

3/14/2011 #2,749

:D I think Isabel's next actually! I was either going to do her or Ming.

3/14/2011 #2,750

Woot! Excited about either one!! :D

3/14/2011 #2,751

:D Well Isabel's going first!

Is Drea still on? O_o

3/14/2011 #2,752

Yepp, I'm here. Dunno what to say, so I'm lurking. Who's post is it in tmnt???

3/14/2011 #2,753

Oh okay! lol, i wasn't sure. Replying to Outsiders btw.

And I think yours or Heathers..

3/14/2011 . Edited 3/14/2011 #2,754

Oopppp, Mine! XD replying.


3/14/2011 #2,755


Gah,hands are hard. D:

3/14/2011 #2,756

I usually hide them behind my characters back XD

3/14/2011 #2,757

Me too!! XD But I'm trying to branch out a bit...

*huggles Heather*I love youuuu :)

3/14/2011 #2,758

Ahh, I see. :)

.......... ATLA? XD

3/14/2011 #2,759

Finished Micky. Gonna upload her

3/14/2011 #2,760
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