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My fellow spirits I would like to introduce this place. I have made us spirits a meeting place to chat and such because it got SO boring without Ramuthra to talk to.

Well introduce yourself here.

(Need a help? use this \/



Type: [marid,afrit,djinni etc]

Preferred form:

List of achievements:

and anything else u can think of)

Age:I don't know I started at the same time as the other place and none of those lousy magicians have even bothered to summon me.

Type: I don't know. I do know im more powerful than Ramuthra though.

Preferred form: I've been thinking a child of around 4. Though I haven't tried it.

List of Achievements: NONE I guess that makes me purer than the rest of us spirits :D

Well thats me introduced. Anyone else?

1/31/2011 . Edited 1/31/2011 #1
The Kolt

Name: Ki'nyera (also known as Grendel of Norway)

Age: Well lets just old as the Other Place

Type: Afrit

Preferred Form: I prefer to take the form of an elegant silver Siberian cat, along with haunting blue eyes. People fear me, especially due to my giant size.

List of Achievements:

Let's see, well I've done MULTIPLE wonderful things.

1. I've mingled with the ancient Native American Indians, helping them fight each other and the white-skinned folk.

2. I've helped with the construction of the Great Wall of China. Luckily the magician that summoned me and tried to trap me into the foundation was weak. I was able to escape and have a nice meal. (He tasted like plump imp with roasted chestnuts. Yum!)

3. I worked under Hernando Cortez himself. I even helped defeat the Aztecs. I barely escaped Nouda but I'm still here, aren't I?

And now that you know me well enough, let us talk, shall we?

3/19/2011 . Edited 3/19/2011 #2

Aah an Afrit has come to my humble little well. Nice list of achievements. With that sort of record I doubt you get summoned for boring tasks like some spirits I know. I have a question, what is it like eating a magician? I have heard so much but I have never been able to try it. That is a curse I have for not being named and summoned like the rest of us. Oh well

Life shall always go on for us eternal spirits.

3/23/2011 #3

Name: Archeona

Age: Somewhere aronud 4500, still pretty young.

Type: A simple djinni

Preferred Form: I'm not afraid to show my beautiful self; light blue wings, lime green T-shirt with black pants, a pair of Techno sunglasses.

Achievements: Only a few simple one I'm afraid; helped reconstruct the Pyramids, stole some valauble artifacts for some crazy old geezer. Other than that, I'm left alone XD

3/19/2012 #4

Name: Lillithiac

Age: 2900 years since I have first appeared on Earth, I believe, perhaps less. (I am not sure, really, as my name is often the one left behind in favor of more powerful beings. I am too powerful for a first summoning, yet too... inexperienced, let us say, for a mission of great importance)

Type: A mere, humble djinni

Preferred form: Oh I am very glad you asked! My preferred form ... hm ... *thinks hard* My preferred form is a girl from ancient Rome. She has light chocolate-y hair, pale skin, and bright blue eyes. Sometimes I amuse myself be adding beautiful ink-black feathery wings to this form. *deep in memories*

Oh please excuse me for my rudeness. Please, do read on!

List of Achievements: Oh well, nothing much. I have helped to build up the Roman Empire, as was the slayer of Remus. I have helped to hide the daughter of Nero and Acte - the princess who shall be forever lost to the world, whose name I will not speak due to a promise I had made. This was nothing but a promise, not inside a pentacle, but I still keep it. Why? I do not know.

Other: Well, my personality is usually bright and cheery, though I occasionally turn to sarcasm and (according to a fellow servant once) "very annoying logic."

And that's about it! I am very excited to meet all of you!

11/8/2012 #5

So then, seeing as no one is saying much, how about we all share our favorite experience on Earth?

One of my personal favorites was the time I killed a master who had enslaved me for ten years (not all at once, mind you! On and off for a decade, I ask you!). Oh his old mind caused him to mess up a few words, and that was the chance I had been waiting for. Before a syllable of my charge could have been uttered I was upon him, quicker than thought!

My other favorite was with the princess of Rome. She was quite demanding at times, but she ... she was like a friend most of the time ... She even went as far as to ... stepped out of the pentacle a few without the proper precautions ... She did this like five times ... just warming up to the idea ... before ... her untimely death arrived ...

Sooooo why don't you all share yours? *tries at a grin*

11/8/2012 #6
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