Echoes of the Earth, A Modern Day Kuroshitsuji RP
This is a world so like our own today, and yet so utterly alien. So very much goes on behind our backs. And when you find out about it all, you will realise that only echoes remain of the world you knew...
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The Moonlight Sonata

With a mere grunt a reply, the one-hundred-fifteen old woman-- now could be classified as fifteen-- took the pleasure in changing out of her suit in within the halls. Yes, there was nothing at all wrong with it, she thought-- at least until she swore several times in her attempts to rid herself of the stinky thing.

"I'm finished."

8/12/2011 . Edited 8/12/2011 #121
Nurse Candilocks

[...How is she 115 if she was 90 only 5 years ago? ._.]

Evening found herself downing large amounts of Fiji water from one of the fridge, hoping to drown her immenent sorrows and wake up happier.

When she heard the "I'm finished" She let out a sigh and drank some more water,

" I'm in here... You don't listen."

8/12/2011 #122
The Moonlight Sonata

(. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . )

"Listen to what?"

With an extremely large bodysuit that she could not move-- or, in fact-- not make an effort to move, Priscillia sat down and waited for a reply. Oh, yes, she was too lazy to even try.

8/12/2011 #123
Nurse Candilocks

[ Oh yeah. WHUT NOW.]

" Listen to people, or me for that matter." Eve stated sullenly, turning around to notice that Cillia wasn't in the room. A low grunt escaped her as she walked over and noticed the human...

sitting down on the nicely waxed floors. " PRISCILLIA L'ENFANT." The screech came out unintended but the shock was too much to hold in.

Eve stared at her with a huge emerald eye before biting her light pink lips and ordering, " Someone please get her off the floor and into a chair for all that is holy!"

Two large male nurses grabbed ahold of the former demon and heaved her up and into the room and into a chair. Evening walked into the room and tapped her heavenly white mary jane's.

" Cillia, Cillia Cillia Cillia!" She scolded, before making a notion for the males to leave the room.

"..." She didn't say anything and just picked up another large fiji water and drank.

8/12/2011 #124
The Moonlight Sonata


Priscillia did not reply, instead caked crimson lipstick on her lips in boredom. "Hmph."

Also following the nurse's lead in silence, the woman scratched her head.

8/12/2011 #125
Nurse Candilocks

Evening grunted when her water was depleted and sighed slowly. " I feel unwell. Cillia please. Please." She repeated please again to emphasize her pleadings,

" Don't make things difficult, or I will be forced to be ruthless. It will be a last resort for those not wanting to be cleansed." She pouted her baby pink lips and sighed another sigh.

" This is what you owe me atleast."

8/12/2011 #126
The Moonlight Sonata

"Fine. . . . . ."

The girl was barely paying attention-- her autumn eyes rechecking the color the lip stain. Bloodiest Rose. What a fine, sick name for such a small item. She admired the thought secretly before continuing to smear the Goddess across her soft, exfoliated lips.

8/12/2011 #127
Nurse Candilocks

Evening blinked softly and pressed her lips to a thin line before turning and finding a spot on a stool. The angel sat there and played aimlessly with the strand of her pink hair.

" I'm going to go check on the WIA. The medications should be kicking in right now...their gauze probably has been bled through." She told the first part outloud, then the rest mumbled as she walked on over to the door and opened it,

" Feel free to pleasure yourself with the items in here. I'll be back shortly."

8/12/2011 #128
The Moonlight Sonata

"Evening, take your time."

The girl could only sigh-- and pound more lipstick on. Cillia would have havoc, but that was behind her. All of her heart was ow bent on the tiny mirror she held in her hand. "Take all the time you need."

8/12/2011 #129

Shadow was waiting outside the door, leaning against the wall.

How did it go?

8/12/2011 #130
Nurse Candilocks

Evening felt her lips try to formulate a sentence, any sentence at all but it stayed as a firm thin line. She bowed to Shadow, and just shook her head solemnly,

" To be honest... I just want her to finish whatever she has to do here and be off on her way. She makes me unwell and images that have been buried for years are starting to appear... It's.... It's quite frightening really." She mumbled, rubbing her sore jaw since she had her teeth clenched too tight.

8/12/2011 #131
The Moonlight Sonata

Evening was now gone. Thus, everything was gone.

Priscillia felt like a monster-- an inhumanly cruel, wicked creature that belonged in the imagination of none, and for this-- no where. A scribble drawn on a page-- not only a masterpiece, but the emotion of one and sanity of one's state of mind.

"I'm really sorry, Kayla."

She now tossed her meaningless cosmetics across the room as discomfort of being alone was achieved. The being could only await for one to open the door and her back the ability to be human.

8/12/2011 #132
Shadow shook his head at her. "You need to relax, Evening. She is but a human. The things that appear in your mind are images from another life. Remember you are no longer what you were. Remember your responsibilties now, and do not live in the past."
8/12/2011 #133
The Moonlight Sonata

These hands still murdered.

They never changed.

She was as demonic as ever.

"Why would she trust me? Or believe me?" She snorted, letting her hues wander around the room. "I don't care for her, do I? I just lie to myself. You know you'd pull the trigger just for fun because you're a low life. Perhaps I was already dragged to Hell. After all, they are waiting for me to lose all of my sanity."

Priscillia paused. "I've only loved and trusted one person, have you not L' Enfant? You've only trusted your brother and despised everyone else. You're not human anymore. You never were. You were always sick. Walter even said you'd hate yourself one day."

8/12/2011 #134
"Here, I will take care of the human. Go and have a meal, or work out in the rec room." He ushered her down the corridor and ignoring her protests, before returning to the room and knocking on the door.
8/12/2011 #135
The Moonlight Sonata

"What is it?"

Her petite hand, slight with a frosty peach, opened the door without hesitation-- only to see Shadow. The autumn-eyed girl wiggled her matured tail-- let her forked, blacks as an imp tongue let itself unfold. It was almost a shame she was not as strong as she used to be. "It's you," She mumbled, her thoughts now on Kayl-- Evening. "The girl-- Angel could not bear me, yes? Well I suppose I should pack my things and go. I feel out of place anyways. My life is worth a dollar at that. I'm getting in the way and I know it."

Priscillia could give a polite smile for a goodbye. "Who can forgive a person that doesn't to be forgiven? It's not her fault. I left her in the cold to wander and die. But the worst thing about it is, I'm not really sorry. In fact, I want to laugh-- it's so sick."

8/13/2011 #136
Shadow closed the door behind him, walking forward. He leaned against the wall and slumped to the ground, his wings sliding out and providing him with a natural backrest. "Come." he said, petting the floor next to him with one hand. "Sit and talk with me."
8/13/2011 #137
The Moonlight Sonata


Cillia wondered of the luxury to have wings, but she did have a tail. With this, she sat down, scratching her head. "What do you want to talk about? I don't think their is much. Plus, I keep tracking dirt."

8/13/2011 #138
Shadow leaned back, closing his eyes. "Why do you torment yourself so, Cillia? A person is defined by more then their composite emotions and desires." He opened his eyes, looking at her. "You are no different, little one."
8/13/2011 #139
March Unto Torment

Mikhael was surprised by the revelation. "Really?" He asked. "I'm surprised. I didn't think that you still cared about me, not after..." He trailed off, before shaking his head as if to clear it of thoughts.

He threw the car unexpectedly around a corner at high speed, sliding it a little.

8/13/2011 #140
Nurse Candilocks

Callista groaned in pain and in anger when her forehead smacked against her windshield. " ... Surprised? Yeah. Me too." She mumbled, touching her forehead and letting out a swear when her pale fingers were tainted with a light red.

" When I said speed up, I didn't mean speed up my second death..." She deadpanned, holding her forehead a bit before sputtering and starting a giggle fit.

" I mean..really..." She giggled under her breath.


Evening blinked when she was pushed to get a meal. " ... I'm not....hungry though..." She mumbled, turning around and noticing Shadow was gone.

" Well...Time for some clipboards!" She stated happily with a her emerald eye shut in a smile before walking off to check on patients.

8/13/2011 . Edited 8/13/2011 #141
The Moonlight Sonata

"Then what are they defined as, John? What?" Priscillia hissed with salty liquid, running down her cheek. "I am not the same as everyone else! I'm a monster-- to Kayla and to others! That's why he left me alone and died!"

8/13/2011 #142
Shadow's wings flared for a moment, before he sighed. "Little one, why do you persist in takingon the responsibilities of others? Walter's demise was confirmed to be via faulty Reaper teleportation matrix."
8/14/2011 #143
The Moonlight Sonata

"Because I have to! I need to because they're my friends!" The girl covered her face and buried her head into the wall, finding comfort in the hard, grainy object. "Then couldn't I die instead?! Wasn't there a replacement Guardian for Kayla? There was no one to take care of her."

Spark. Trigger.

"That's why I had to be there! I ran and it's my fault! I might as well have 666 on my head for doing this to her!"

8/14/2011 #144
March Unto Torment

Mikhael accelerated hard, throwing himself and Callista back against their seats violently, smirking.

"What, you mean like that?" He asked, as they came up on another corner.

8/14/2011 #145
Shadow gingerly patted Cillia's shoulder. "Little one, you should know that your inadvertently causing Kayla's death was but accidental. I killed thousands under the Legionnaure's banner, directly and without remorse. Yet here we are." He gave a wan smile. "Besides, Evening seems quite happy with her new form, no?"
8/14/2011 #146
Nurse Candilocks

" MIK-" A grunt. " HAEL." When she noticed the upcoming corner she dug one set of nails into the cushion and the other gripping onto Mikhael's arm.

" I will personally ressurrect into a demon-eating demon if you do that again!!" She warned, but there was hidden humor in her sharp tone.


A quick ear twitch.

" Momma doesn't drive that fast..." A soft voice mumbled, stopping the small toy red ferrari and the rhino from attacking each other on his carpet.

The small demon jumped onto his bed and peered through the window, soft feline ears twitching once more.

He could hear it loud and clear.

The lovely sound of the engine humming and roaring as the accelerator heightened.

Rubber rubbing against the streets and leaving tire marks.

It made his eyes glow a bright red in joy.

[ ...xD The kid is like his papa... he loves his cars.]

8/14/2011 #147
March Unto Torment

Mikhael saw a house that was in decent shape after rounding the corner. "That it?" He asked, and seeing a young boy with silver hair and red eyes in the window, he spun the car around, braking and sliding it neatly into the garage. He stepped out calmly.

8/14/2011 #148
Nurse Candilocks

Callista blinked a few times before opening the door and falling out of the car. " ...Mmf... Yes." She mumbled, getting up slowly and brushing dirt and debris off herself.

She looked up at the house and just barely noticed a tuff of silver duck down and the light in his room shut. " It's either he's going to run out and tackle or-"

She stopped short as she noticed Michelangelo run out and jumped onto Mikhael with enough brute force of an elephant.

A low feral growl escaped the boy as he held a 22 pistol revolver at Mikhael's throat. " Who are you and why are you here?" He un-clicked the safety and his eyes narrowed a bit at Mikhael.

8/14/2011 . Edited 8/14/2011 #149
The Moonlight Sonata

"Cut the little one or my magnum will be shoved up your--"

A pause.

Why threaten when she could do it? The thought of her letting the safety fall effortlessly to the floor and clicking-- while the weapon is pressed against John's-- "I guess she is happy. But, how were you able to repent?"

A devilish smirk and no more as she made the motion to grab for her gun and shoot. "Thank you anyways."

8/14/2011 #150
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