Lost In The Darkness A Jekyll & Hyde RPG
There is a fine line between good and evil...and this is what we will expose! Dare to cross the thresholds with us in the footsteps of Dr. Henry Jekyll, Edward Hyde, Emma Carew, or Lucy Harris. It is your decision, but be careful what lies behind the faca
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Usually, in all my RPG's, I like everyone to fill out a neat little character profile, just to let everyone know who you are and who your character is. Fun, fun, right? Okay, here is how it should be done.

Character Name:

Your UserName:

Age of Character (Guess):

Background of Character:

Description of Character:

Anything Else We Should Know About Character?:

Relation To Main Character (Jekyll/Hyde, ect...):


It does not have to match tee for tee to the musical, but it would be nice if it did a little so we can recognize them.

2/1/2011 #1

Character Name: Lucy Harris

Your UserName: AngeDeMusique1870

Age of Character (Guess): 21

Background of Character: Lucy Harris is the newest member/dancer of the Red Rat. She is a bright young woman that sees herself elsewhere other than the Red Rat.

Description of Character: Lucy has long, curly brown hair, and green eyes. She is flirty, but a dreamer at heart. She is a hopeless romantic that wants to find her true love out there in the world.

Anything Else We Should Know About Character?: Lucy is madly in love with Dr. Henry Jekyll, even though he is engaged.

Relation To Main Character (Jekyll/Hyde, ect...): Dr. Henry Jekyll's friend

2/1/2011 #2

Character Name: Emma Carew

Your UserName: Hedwig466 (Call me Hedwig!)

Age of Character (Guess): 21? 20?

Background of Character: Emma is engaged to Henry Jekyll. She is very close to her father, as her mother died when she was very young.

Description of Character: Emma has curly reddish blonde hair, which she usually keeps pinned up. She is sweet, and always understanding. She looks for the best in people, no matter what.

Anything Else We Should Know About Character?: Nothing I can think of, at the moment..

Relation To Main Character (Jekyll/Hyde, ect...): She is (happily) engaged to him.

2/1/2011 #3

Character Name: John Gabriel Utterson

Your UserName: CLim79

Age of Character (Guess): 29

Background of Character: John Utterson was born to a family of esteemed weath on the uptown side of London. He grew up, typically, attended school, and went on to study law. He earnestly seeks the truth in each scenario presented to him, and therefore, objectively views the events which are about to transpire. He is a very somber gentleman, the and the ideal male figure in Victorian England. He guards reputations of friends as if they were his own, and keeps mainly to himself, clinging to reason, rationale, and common sense. His sincerety is endearing, and occasionally, this lawerly facade slips away into the boyish man that Utterson truly is.

Description of Character: Utterson is tall, and well, but simply dressed as a man of fashion and esteem. He takes pride in his appearance, but is not vain or arrogant. He has deep grey eyes from which he observes the world with a cynical scrutiny. His dark hair is neatly trimmed, and he is never seen outside without a top hat and cape.

Anything Else We Should Know About Character?: He no longer narrates the story, but observes.

Relation To Main Character (Jekyll/Hyde, ect...): Utterson is the dear, longtime friend of Dr. Henry Jekyll.

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #4

Character Name: Abigail Proulx Your UserName: CLim79 Age of Character (Guess): 19 Background of Character: Abigail was a stowaway on a merchant ship that returned to England from the Orient. The captain, not sure what to do once he found her aboard, instructed the old cook to keep her until they reached land. The captain then presented her to his sister and her husband in York. The captain's older sister was very taken with the young infant, and treated her like her own child, sending her to schoolThe girl then became Abigail Claire and took the family name. After moving to London, her ailing mother passed away, and Marielle and her banker father stayed in a cozy apartment in the city. She debuted as quite the catch, a foreign jewel in pale England. Since, she has lived a quiet, refined life taking care of her father, and handling his affairs. Description of Character: Abigail is petite in stature, and fittingly quiet and polite. She has long, thick dark hair, that is usually hidden by a hat or the hood of a cloak. She dresses fashionably, as her father's banking position gives her family considerable weath. She, unlike her father, who has pale features--blonde hair and blue eyes, has dark almond eyes and skin the color of creamed coffee. In every other respect, though, she is a highly sought-after woman of Victorian England.

Anything Else We Should Know About Character?: She may catch the eye of John Utterson Relation To Main Character (Jekyll/Hyde, ect...): none/Original Character

2/1/2011 #5

Character Name: Dr. Henry Jekyll/ Edward Hyde

Your UserName: AngeDeMusique1870

Age of Character (Guess): 24

Background of Character: Dr. Henry Jekyll had always been the ambitious doctor: seeking to find the answers to the mystery of mental illness after his father took ill with it and passed on. He creates a formula, hence creating his persona, Edward Hyde: a more egotisical, bloodlusting figure who seeks to kill and destroy.

Description of Character: Jekyll is an orderly figure with his jet-black hair usually pulled back, and neatly dress, while his persona is ragged and is seen parading around with a jeweled cane.

Anything Else We Should Know About Character?: Happily enaged to Emma Carew, and is friends with Lucy Harris

Relation To Main Character (Jekyll/Hyde, ect...): The main character.

2/3/2011 #6

Character Name: Alice Jenna Blythe

Your UserName: LuvIsAThing (I usually go by Luv, but I've been called LIAT)

Age of Character (Guess): 10

Background of Character: Alice is part of a group of runaways and orphans. They took her in when she was three. She's probably the smartest (and strangest) child there. Sometimes, very late at night, you might find her looking for junk to make her next invention with. She doesn't know who her parents were, but sometimes dreams them up as inventors or scientists. Alice wishes to have a job in the scientific field, even if it's not common for women to do so. The local police don't like her because of her scavenging habits, they accuse her of stealing discarded things. She looks at it as, "recycling".

Description of Character: Messy shoulder-length blonde hair, wide blue eyes, and oversized clothes, including a big velvety hat she loves wearing. Her clothes, although worn and torn, might have once been a very nice child's dress. Her skin is fair, and she has delicate features including a button nose. Also very small for her age.

Anything Else We Should Know About Character?: She's a bit confusing because of her mannerisms and how she talks in riddles, but she's nice... nice enough to explain it all. Her personality traits are: Optimistic, cheerful, innocent, naive, smart, resourceful, cunning, witty, creative. She loves to salvage and recycle old things. Her favorite color is baby blue.

Relation To Main Character (Jekyll/Hyde, ect...): A friend of Lucy's.

2/11/2011 . Edited 2/11/2011 #7

Character Name: LUCY HARRIS

Your UserName:vampireprincess1768

Age of Character (Guess): 16-17

Background of Character: she a singer and dancer at the dred rat also known as the dregs but longes to be somewhere else in the world and do something better with her life.

Description of Character: mid lenght brown wavy hair, green eyes,friendly , inncoent , sweet, manitpulative(when wanted) , firery(when needed ) full of hope and love,strong willedand determinedbut often backs out of plans.

Anything Else We Should Know About Character?:she likes to wear long skirts and fitted jackets as well and balck boots black tights and long black top.she is in love with jekyll and inlove but afraid of hyde.

Relation To Main Character (Jekyll/Hyde, ect...):loves jekyll and friend of jekyll and loves but is afriad of hyde

11/1/2011 #8

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3/14/2013 #9
Character Name: Lucy Harris Your Username: Phantasma'sRose Age of Character(guess): 20 Background of Character: Lucy is a new employee at the Red Rat pub/brothel. She is a girl who is flirty, but is a great person at heart. She always sees herself as somewhere other than the Red Rat, and finding a true love who loves her for her. Description of Character: Lucy has curly wild chocolate hair and beautiful green eyes. She has a huge crush on Dr. Henry Jekyll, a man whom she met while performing one night at the Red Rat. He is the only person who has ever seen her for more than a prostitute. Relation to Main Character (Jekyll/ Hyde ect.): Friend of Dr. Henry Jekyll.
4/29/2014 #10
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