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Cairdiuil Paiste

That cohort/legacy stuff is confusing. And Octavian stabbed Percy's panda!!! Nooo!

I don't actually mind Reyna that much. Piper annoys me though. :( It was soooo annoying went at the end of LH she went on and on about how she could stand up to Drew now because she has completed a quest and yada yada. Puh-lease! She was in the same place as Drew for what, a day?!?!?

But then again, I read SoN first because Percy's awesome so maybe I'm biased.......

10/21/2011 #31

GAH! No spoilers; I still haven't read it!!

10/23/2011 #32
Abstract Cupcake

@Pidge: hurrrrrryyyyyy it is sooooo goooooood

@Doireann: I like Piper, but Drew was ridiculous. It was like, really?

@Fly: I'm not sure what a cohort is, but a legacy is someone whose parents or grandparents etc. were demigods.

also, i'm going to buy a panda pillow pet and name it Percy. :3

10/24/2011 . Edited 10/24/2011 #33

@pidge: Yep, read it.

@cake: Yeah. but my friend said that RR said in an interview that demigod blood seriously dilutes with the next gen, so the kids of demigods won't have blood powerful enough and will be able to live normal lives, so a story about Percy and Annabeth's kids wasn't gonna happen. ???

Piper is a Mary Sue...but I don't have a particular problem with her.

I don't have a panda stuffed toy...What a pity

10/24/2011 #34

GAH!!! I can't!!!

I've been so ** busy, and I'm worried I might not make the Halloween deadline for the next Pento Bento installment and I have a monster History exam that I haven't started studying for and my last monster exam recieved a C grade so I really need to nail this one and then there're my OTHER classes and I barely have time to write these days much less read and ballet's been upped to four days a week plus there's gymnastics and my car-time is for studying and then there's piano and harp and archery and...

Good lord, what a rant.

10/26/2011 #35

Oh dear. You're up till your ears in work.

When's Halloween?

10/27/2011 #36

@pidge: Don't worry! Just make a schedule and try to finish everything as soon as possible...DRINL SOME TEA!!! :D And if you don't make the deadline, no one blames you :) We understand how it feels to have tons of work!

@Fly: Monday 31st

10/27/2011 #37

31st? That's the day school re-opens! Well, I guess that makes sense...I can't think of anything scarier than maths ;) I wish we celebrated Halloween here...I'd love to wear a costume and go trick or treating just once...Do you guys trick or treat?

Don't worry, pidge! Reensie's right, we don't care about the deadline :)

10/28/2011 #38
Cairdiuil Paiste
I just realised that for every little crisis that happens one of us suggests to drink tea. What kind of tea though? I like Lyons, and Barry's Tea but they're always classified as English Breakfast Tea which is kind of annoying. I third Reensie's and Fy's message, pidge. It doesn't matter about the deadline if you've stuff to do. And anyway, isn't there some fanfic in this fandom about April Fool's Day? Trick or Treating is so much fun!!!!!!! You get sweets for free! And peanuts. And bruised, moldy apples. One time I even got a box of vitamins. I've dressed up as Where's Wally and Mrs Doyle from Father Ted before, as well as the general witch/cat/gloob thingy. Do you have any equivalent to Halloween Fly?
10/28/2011 #39

I hate tea. Except iced tea, but I don't think that counts. To me, it just tastes water with a not-particularly-appetizing taste thrown in. To me. Give me cold coffee any day. Or the Blue Ice slush from Cafe Coffee Day...yum.

Nope, we don't have Halloween or anything related to it. Which is a pity, because I've always wanted to dress as Holly Short with a paintgun instead of a Neutrino 3000 which would point at people and say, very evilly, "Trick...or treat."

Actually though, I get my fun dousing people in colour every year, when it's Holi. That's when you throw colour on everyone, grab people and dunk them in buckets of coloured water, use water pistols, those ULTIMATE ones where you have a water tank you strap to you back like a backpack, throw water balloons, throw water from buckets on unsuspecting passers by from the's no wonder I love Holi :)

10/29/2011 #40

@Fly: I usually go out to trick or treat for an hour or so (the temperature drops to like -10 and I can't stand that, especially if my costume is very light). Then afterwards I havew hot chocolate with my friends or watch a horror flick. This year, I'm going over to my friends house and we are scaring little children! :D

@Doireann: I have green tea. Any brand, any strength. that's pretty much the only tea I like. I hate coffee but surprisingly I like the Iced Capps from Tim Horton's. But they don't put a lot of coffee into those.


10/29/2011 #41

You never did Holi?!? Oh man, you're missing out on a HELL lot!

10/29/2011 #42

We don't have Holi in Canada :(

10/29/2011 #43

Still...visit India some time in March. You can't not experience Holi, especially if you know what-and how wild-it is.

10/29/2011 #44

@Fly: You might be interested to know that I took a class on world music and I heard some Indian folk singer collaborating with Jay-Z (whoever the heck Jay-Z is). It was epic.

Could you recommend some good Indian music? Like contemporary pop or the like?

11/1/2011 #45
@fly: one day I will go to India JUST for Holi! :D @pidge: YOU DON'T KNOW WHO JAY-Z IS?! He's one of the most talented an accomplished american rappers ever! He's married to Beyonce ;) Really? Jay-Z is doing a callabration? I know for sure that A R rhaman did a callab with Ludacri for Speedy Singhs, I think. Now THAT was amazing! Look up that pidge! Or look up Music from Ra One! @Fly: oooooh. Did you hear about Ra One? And how Akon is doing most of the tracks? I'm so excited! I really really want to see it!
11/1/2011 #46

@pidge: Define 'contemporary pop', because you can't really classify Indian music in 'conetmporary pop' kind of genres. I say, 'melody' and 'beat'. If you want, I can send a couple of both types or something, and you can see which you like. Because some are REALLY good.

@Reensie: You wan to watch RA.ONE??? REALLY??? It has got CRAP reviews, they say it's nothing but hype. Of course I've heard about it, with SRK's face popping up in the paper every day with so-and-so promotional event. And the UNBELIEVEABLE amount he spent on it. Really, everyone I know who has watched it has only watched it because they wanted to see what it was about. And the BEST comment they gave was a 'past time watch'.

And I HATE Akon and his nasal voice. And Chammak Challo was possibly the worst example of Indian mixing with Western. There was a Diwali Carnival, and I was trying to SLEEP, but they were playing Chmmak Challo ALL NIGHT LONG IN A LOOP AND IT DROVE ME EVEN MORE NUTS THAN LISTENING TO JLO'S ON THE FLOOR ON INFINITE REPEAT. And I had SCHOOL the next day. And since that day, I hate Chammak Challo.

11/2/2011 #47

Oh my gosh! is it really THAT bad? Everyone here wants to see it though its only playing in the really big cities like Vancouver and Toronto. In any case, we'd have to drive an hour to see it.

Here in Canada, its ALL the rage! Plus Akon is a popular american rapper and since he's singing for SRK, this movie is officially the coolest thing ever. I have Chammak Challo stuck in my head!!!!!

Have you seen it Fly? I'm still unsure whether or not I want to venture into town just to see it.

11/2/2011 #48

I'm not going to see it in the hall, definitely...when it comes out on DVD, we might rent it from our DVD library.

11/2/2011 #49


Contemporary pop= nice way of saying modern crap that sometimes is less crappy than par but is usually smutty/sappy.

E.g: Gaga. Bieber. Taylor Swift. Rhianna. THAT wide-ish genre.

11/2/2011 #50
Cairdiuil Paiste

I like some songs in the whole 'contemporary pop' thingy but some of the albums are atrocious. Just the same backing track for practically every song. My dad is always listening to irish trad and that's what on in the car most of the time. So I've smuggled some of that onto my iPod and my friends give me looks when they find obscure bands like "Goat's Don't Shave" and "The Pigeon Detectives" on my iPod. And I like some bands like "My Chemical Romance", "Green Day" and "Panic at the Disco". Especially the lead singer of PATD. He has the coolest top-hat I have ever seen.

11/4/2011 #51

@Doireann: 'The Pigeon Detectives'?

@pidge: could try Chammak Challo, I guess...I mean, I don't like it that much, but I seem to be the exception. But come one, really? 'Chammak Challo'? How cheap is that? Yuck.

Chammak Challo (DON'T pay attention to the video...I wonder how long it took them to teach Akon to sing with an Indian accent ;)

Ik Junoon (Paint It Red)

Hai Junoon, from the movie New York (I an play the first few chords on the guitar!)

And one of my favourites (remixed a bit, because I couldn't find the original): Pathshala/Lose Control/Be a Rebel and Rubaroo, both from the movie Rang De Basanti. Check out the other songs of RDB, they are beautiful. Amazing. A R Rahman at his best before he became useless. Rang De Basanti is unbelieveable. Amazing. Beautiful. I could go on and on.

I don't know which ones you'd like...Like I said, I can't really divide it into genres. Tell me which ones you liked, and I'll have something to work on :)

11/4/2011 #52
Abstract Cupcake

Since we seem to be talking about music now...

I like weird indie and lots of alternative, as well as movie soundtracks and instrumental music and foreign things and Celtic.

@Doireann: I LOVE PatD! SO MUCH! Pretty. Odd. is my favourite album.

@Fly: Those songs have been on repeat for the past hour...thanks so much. (That was part sincerity and part sarcasm).

11/4/2011 #53
I've been listening to Chammak Challow for the past three hours. I really like that song. Though the part the I only love is the chorus. Akon actually sounds Hindi! I like Nach Baliye. That's a good song! Non-indian music wise, I like eletronic pop, alternative and club music. Some expamples of artists I like: Coldplay, Foster the people, Owl city, sky sailing, blackeyed peas. And so on.
11/5/2011 #54

@Cake: Really? Which was your favourite?

@Reensie: It's not that bad, I guess but...come on! 'Chammak Challo'? What kind of cheap, cheap name is that? What was SRK thinking?

I've heard exactly ONE song of Foster the People song which my best friend sent, Pumped Up Kicks, and it was my soundtrack all throughout Goa :)

11/5/2011 #55
Abstract Cupcake

@Fly: Paint it Red, definitely.

11/5/2011 #56

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. They're the music composers. This is another song of theirs you might like: Dil Dhadakne Do

11/6/2011 #57
Oh my gods, Fly, thank you so much!!! I haven't had a chance to watch them yet, but I copied the urls and I'll download them as soon as I get a chance. snipmp3 dot com is an awesome place to... well, snip mp3 files from youtube vids.
11/7/2011 #58

Really? I usually use youtube-mp3 dot com :)

11/8/2011 #59
Abstract Cupcake

Wait...what? These things exist?

So you can just, like, take music off youtube videos and convert it to iTunes?

11/8/2011 #60
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