OC Rolepay!
Do you have an epic FMA OC you're just itchin' to share? To scared to go join one of those giant forums with twelve thousand posts. Well then click on the pretty link and you're dreams will come true. No canon characters, just OC.
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Welcome to the land of FMA OC role play, a place where all of you're OC fantasies can run free.

But before the fun may begin, there are a couple of things you need to know.

1. The way this will work, is that you submit the OC's and then they interact in the land of Amestris. There will be a topic where participants can discuss different plot ideas and adventures they want to go on. Please check it daily for updates. If you feel like you need to change something that's already been posted, make plans for a big new plot twist, or just send an alert if you're taking a break, that's the place to post it.

2. Please, try to keep the profanity down to a bear minimum. Everyone should feel comfortable while posting on the forum, and if I feel a person is being too inappropriate, you will be asked to leave.

3. While having fun and going crazy is encouraged, please be considerate of the other role players. That means no taking control of someone else's character, no bullying or flaming, and absolutely no calling someone's OC a Mary Sue.

4. Canon characters will not be present in this Role Play. The Oc's will be having their own adventures in Amestris with their own different plots. Unfortunately that means there cannot be any CanonxOc pairings. However, you may have unlimited OC's, and OCxOC pairings are A-Okay!

5. Have fun, and don't feel obligated to post in every week. This is just an easygoing place for a person's creativity to shine through, so enjoy it!

If you have any questions just hit that cute little reply button.

-Li Li

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