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Do you have an epic FMA OC you're just itchin' to share? To scared to go join one of those giant forums with twelve thousand posts. Well then click on the pretty link and you're dreams will come true. No canon characters, just OC.
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Alright Folks! This is the Role Play right here! A couple of notes before you go in.

1. Make sure to right the name of the character at the top of the post, so we know who's perspective we're in.

2. Please write in third person

3. No killing or injuring of other OC's without first having discussed it in the plot box.

2/1/2011 #1


"Hehe..." Mari laughed, sounding almost evil. She was walking down a street in Central City, and she had just pickpocketed a shiny and ornate bracelet. She examined it, smiling.

There was a sudden call of, "My bracelet!"

"Uh oh.." She said, heaving a long sigh, "Its rather troublesome when they chase." She began running.

2/3/2011 . Edited 2/3/2011 #2


Casimir sighed deeply and made his way up the street. It was his day off and he had no idea what he should be doing. He looked up at the sky and noticed how dark and gloomy it appeared to be.

"It looks like it's going to rain," he said to himself softly. In response to his statement the sky let out a distant rumble. He looked up and realized he'd taken a wrong term.

"Ughh," he groaned. "That's what I get for spacing out." As he turned around to go back the way he came, he heard a shout.

"My bracelet!"

"Huh?" Casimir turned and was knocked clean off his feet by a young girl with black hair.

"Oof!" He landed flat on the concrete.

2/4/2011 . Edited 2/4/2011 #3

"Oh shoot!" Mari said, before saying to the boy, "I'd help you up, but I'm in a hurry so you're going to have to get over it."

She continued running, and she could hear someone yelling, "Come back here with my bracelet, thief!"

2/4/2011 #4


Casimir blinked, trying to register just what had happened. Suddenly the source of the noise he'd heard earlier was barreling down the alley way. It was a young woman who appeared to be in her early thirties.

"Excuse me what's wrong?" Casimir asked.

The woman looked at him like he was stupid. "That girl just stole my bracelet," she exclaimed.

Casimir turned to look at the girl and found she was now only a speck in the crowd.

"Oh dear," he muttered. "and on my day off too."

He turned to look at the woman. "Don't worry, I'll go get it back." he said. "Just wait here okay?"

Without waiting for a reply Casimir dashed down the street.

2/4/2011 . Edited 2/4/2011 #5


"Oh great, now he's chasing me too." Mari huffed indignantly. She stuck her tongue out at him rather childishly, and turned down an alley way. She kept running, surprisingly fast

She turned several more corners, eventually hitting a dead end, with no obvious ways out. She frowned, breathing heavily, it seemed her sense of direction was horrible as ever.

2/4/2011 #6


"Stop!" Casimir yelled rounding the corner. "Hey! Wait up."

The girl was surprisingly quick, and Casimir could feel himself wearing down pretty quickly.

He followed her through a number of bends in the road, before she hit a dead end.

She turned around to face him, giving him a nasty glare.

"Just stop-" He gasped as he approached her, trying to fill his lungs with much needed air. "I don't want to chase you," he said. "Just return the bracelet."

2/4/2011 #7

Mari shook her finger jokingly, "Now, now, that would be no fun, would it?"

She took out the bracelet, admiring it. "Its nice and shiny... I think I'll keep it."

2/4/2011 #8


Casimir, heaved another tremendous breath. "Why can't anyone just surrender peacefully?" he groaned. "It'd be a lot easier."

He straightened himself up to face the girl. "Look I'm in the military," He said. "Just give it up and I won't have to report you."

2/4/2011 #9


"Oh, really? That's super interesting." She said, clearly patronizing him.

Mari looked around, examining her options. She'd like to do this without transforming, besides it was looking as if it was going to rain soon. It'd make it hard for her to fly. So, she decided on the direct approach.

She aimed a jab at his side, before slipping past him.

2/4/2011 #10

"Eeep!" Casimiir said as he fell down once again. "Stop! He shouted again, racing after her.

2/4/2011 #11

"Why should I?" Mari asked, jogging backwards, facing him.

2/4/2011 #12

Casimir didn't waste time to answer, but instead lurched forward and made a grab for her.

2/5/2011 #13

Mari leaned backwards, avoiding him. "You're gonna have to do better than that."

2/5/2011 #14

Casimir launched forward again, aiming another grab at the girl, only to fail once more.

He couldn't believe how unlucky he was. His day off and he had to spend it chasing a thief. What was he supposed to do? It wasn't like he could pull out a gun and threaten her into submission, although he disliked resorting to that regardless.

Instead he aimed a kick at her feet, hoping to knock her off balance.

2/5/2011 #15

Mari tripped backwards, but easily regained her balance. She stuck her tongue out at him.

2/5/2011 #16

Casimir could feel himself becoming more annoyed now. This girl was so childish.

"We really don't have to do this," he said. "I don't want to have to hurt you."

2/5/2011 #17

Mari looked him over. "I don't think you could hurt me."

2/5/2011 #18

Casimir furrowed his brow, hating the fact that she had called his bluff. What kind of sad excuse for a soldier was he?

He aimed another kick, and delivered a jab to her left side.

2/5/2011 #19

Mari was busy avoiding the jab, and she didn't see the kick. She reeled backwards. "Not bad."

2/5/2011 #20
Before she had time to react Casimir managed to deliver a blow to her side. Now he was getting somewhere.
2/5/2011 #21

Mari staggered to the side, but managed to get her footing. She swung a high kick at him.

2/5/2011 #22
The kick hit it's mark, nailing Casimir right under his chin. The poor boy found himself seeing stars. He staggered back a bit, trying to regain his balance.
2/5/2011 #23

Mari cackled evilly. While he was trying to regain his balance, she pushed him down. "You're making this too easy, really."

2/5/2011 #24
Casimir fell over once again, landing on his back. He quickly pulled himself up to face the girl. "Look, are you toying with me or what?" he asked, trying to stall. "You don't even want that bracelet do you?"
2/5/2011 #25

"Yes, I am toying with you," She said, "And, yes, I do want the bracelet."

2/5/2011 #26
"Who are you?" Casimir asked.
2/6/2011 #27

Mari yawned and replied, "No one of consequence."

2/6/2011 #28
"For whatever reason I doubt that." Casimir said, beginning to edge forward. "Afterall, nooffense or anything, but you are the thief here."
2/6/2011 #29

"Think what you want then." Mari said, edging backwards.

2/6/2011 #30
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