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Got something you need to say about the plot? Got something you need to say in general? This is where it goes.

2/1/2011 #1

Hm... I wonder, is there anyway that Mari will have to stick around the military and people, but not actually join the military?

2/4/2011 #2

Yeah I like that idea. She could stick around with Casimir if that works for you, but she wouldn't have to join the military.

2/5/2011 #3

Yeah. Well she IS a criminal so I wonder if that could somehow affect it.

2/5/2011 #4

House arrest? In jail? IDK she doesn't have to be in any real cahoots with them. Maybe she's like scar, who people sort of work with even though he's a bad guy.

2/5/2011 #5

Eh, no jail.... Is there a way she could HAVE to be around?

2/5/2011 #6


we have a new roleplayer on our forum. XD Make sure to say hello to Allie

2/5/2011 #7

Hmm...IDK you could start a friendship thing with Casimir, like Paninya or something. It wouldn't be too hard to orchestrate.

2/5/2011 #8

I already know Allie, xD...

I wish she could get in trouble with the military somehow, but not go to jail... Like she has to be watched or something.

2/5/2011 #9

Since she is a chimera, I can see that happening. Like the military doesn't want people "aware" of her condition, but at the same time needs to have her under watch.

2/5/2011 #10

Sounds good to me! Now poor Casimir has to figure out a way to get the bracelet back, :P

2/5/2011 . Edited 2/5/2011 #11

We totally need a bad guy! XD

2/9/2011 #12

Dude.... We do!!!!! Hrmmmmm........ And we need a plot. xD

2/9/2011 #13

Any ideas?

2/9/2011 #14

Hm... Something that they would never expect, something that seems overwhelming, like it seems all odds are against the good guys, and something that makes it tempting for some of the good guys to go over to the dark side. That's all I got. Fail.

2/9/2011 #15

Lets see...

I had a bad guy I used for one of my other stories, I'm not sure how well he'd work in the fma world.

The idea behind him was he was sort of like a robot human. Like a person with a computer brain, except it wasn't actually a computer. (It's kinda hard to explain)

He was like a failure experiment right? But he freaked out because he couldn't feel emotions or react to things like normal humans did. He got really angry at the people who made him, so he decided to destroy them. That eventually evolved into destroying the whole human race so the couldn't make anything like him again. Very sad and angsty story.

He's a killing machine, but he's not actually really vicious or mean or anything, he's just really upset that he can't understand the world. Plus all of his reasoning make people actually hesitate, so there's the difficulty in hurting him.

IDK he's really more sci-fi, What do you think?

2/9/2011 #16

Scary Q~Q...

That's really interesting, but its hard to see a robot in fma... Maybe we could use the same idea but make him something else?

2/10/2011 #17
Well he isn't really a robot. Let's see how do I explain this? Have you ever seen the cybermen from Dr. Who? They're like people who have had their brains altered and then put into mechanical bodies. He's sort of like that, but he doesn't have a mechanical body. He's essentially a human who doesn't have any humanity in him, though he's stronger and deadlier than a human.
2/10/2011 #18

Ohhhh. That makes sense. That's totally scary, but makes for a great plot!!!

2/10/2011 #19
So does that mean you want me to go ahead and use him?
2/10/2011 #20

Sure, sounds good. I still have to get Mari with the others though. xD...

2/10/2011 #21
:) Okie Dokie
2/10/2011 #22

Which I do have a plan for, by the way. It just involves Andrew overhearing Maura and Alexander.

2/10/2011 #23
Well if you want to get Mari out of the house, you could have her give Cas the slip. I could have Maura find a military file on Mari.
2/10/2011 #24

It'd probably be better to have her find a file on the Alchemist that made her into chimera and Mari be mentioned in that file. The guy's name was Grant Caleb.

2/10/2011 #25

Got it, sounds good to me.

2/10/2011 #26

For the sake of keeping her in the area, can Mari get hurt in this last part of the fight?

I mean, nothing huge, just enough for her to need to stay to rest/heal.

2/28/2011 . Edited 2/28/2011 #27

And if threes not too much can I make an oc that joins forces with Ghost?

3/1/2011 #28
Sure, that sounds good.
3/2/2011 #29

Alright! I'm going to have to think this one over for a little bit... My creativity is rather low at the moment.

3/2/2011 #30
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