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RP here if you are in the land of reality, which means no monsters roaming around the streets!

2/3/2011 #1

[Inhales: Hiya first post first part for the win. ;'D...And please excuse how long it is...I had a bunch of jibberish pop into my mind while I was writing this down. And the second part is in Central Continent]

Zhu Wei Song lounged in her marshmallow chair; the chair was like a beanbag chair, but with a back and armrests. Plus it was firmer that a beanbag chair but it was soft and squishy just like a marshmallow. Her eyes looked at the pages of the older manhua's she was addicted to. She did love her regular books but right now she wanted something that was easy to read and with a lot of pictures. She looked up from her book only when her roommate smacked her in the head.

"Soooooonnnnnnggggggggggyyyyyyyyyyyy…" Her roommate cooed into her ear. Zhu's neck hairs stood in fright, craning her neck back she looked up at the other female.

"Yeesssss?" Song answered slowly and a little afraid of what her roommate might ask.

"Make breakfast oorrrrr I will make it for us." The female stated knowing Zhu would not want her to make breakfast, anything she made Zhu never ate. Zhu scared dart off the chair and into the kitchen and grabbed leftovers out of the fridge and popped them in the nuker(Well in case anyone asks it's what I call the microwave. o.O;)

"Zhou Chang Jian! Breakfast is already out and ready to be picked and chosen from whatever you want. Today's breakfast come from leftovers from the last two days in the fridge. We need to eat the good food while it's still edible!" Zhu called while her small hands cleaned out and sorted what could not be eaten anymore and the edible food was put onto the counters. The spoiled food went to the compost maker. The microwave had made its usual noise that it makes when it alerts you of the fact that the time ran out. Dumping the last of the spoiled food into the compost maker she tossed the dishes into the sink to wash later. Yeah she was going to do the dishes, maybe. She hated them; oh yes it was a mutual hate between her and the slimy icky feeling of the crap in the water. She eyed the dishes as they stared at her innocently.

'At least the dishes cannot talk nor have eyes I would be ready to submit myself to the funny farm.'

Zhou pricked her fork into Zhu's side making the latter yelp out in surprise. Rubbing her side Zhu mumbled. "What was that for?"

"For the leftovers…You know I hate eating leftovers." Zhou simply left it at that. Rolling her eyes Zhu just shook her head and muttered in her head where there was not much room for anything else but fluff floating in there at the moment. In was the morning what could she say, plus her mind was still going over the manhua she was reading earlier.

'Hey I'm not making breakfast everyday plus you do need to help clean the leftovers out the fridge.' She thought towards the other female.

Zhu grabbing her food out of the heater she bolted it down and fled towards the door. Swiftly grabbing her brush she ran it through her hair, the mirror hanging nearby showed that in the current light her hair looked purple. Briefly she wondered what it would be like to have another hair color beside a natural black. Her brown eyes speckled with a tint of gold stared at the mirror for a while until her brain told her to get out of the house.

However outside of the door she stopped, looking down she remembered; she had no bra on. Zhu shook her head and skipped to her room for the fun of it. Slipping the shirt off; she stood there glancing at her chest. Giggling she poked her chest with her fingers then slipped on her bra. Thirty six D cup all the way. Eyes darting to the shirt on her bed she sighed, at home she'd wear her smaller shirts but outside she preferred her bigger shirts. Her thoughts were to be out there comfortable not look for attention, or look glamorous. Panties tossed out into the laundry bin; fingers found a pair of black boxers and baggy pants. Slipping on a button up shirt she stretched. Today felt like it was going to be great.

Happy with what she was wearing she slipped her sandals on and fled through the front door before her roommate could call her back in to do the dishes. Sighing with a dreamy look on her face she looked into her wallet, there was enough for a lunch if needed and possibly a game or three. The Sunday morning kept many people indoors or with umbrella in their hands. The cumulus clouds were darkening and starting to look more like cumulonimbus clouds as the wind pushed them towards T-city.

Grinning from ear to ear Zhu Wei just stared at the clouds with a face that clearly said, 'Bring it on!'

Zhu had challenged the clouds, so they met the challenge. In the course of twenty minutes the clouds started with a light drizzle to a torrential downpour. Frowning her hopes were waning. She loved the rain but she hated having to deal with soaked clothes inside the stores.

'I hope the stores won't kick me out again just for dripping a whole lot of water on their floors and some merchandise.'

Backing away from the window she peered around the store her hopes brightening just as quickly as there were crushed. She was in the gaming store; she was hoping to eventually wonder into this store. Second Life had been out for a while but she continued to play The World and Life. Well she did continue to play them until she figured out she was one of the few who still played; it was lonely in the games waiting for her old gaming buddies but they never came back or sent a message besides one stating that they went toSecond Life. In fact she resented Second Life for stealing her gaming friends; she had ignored her university friends at first when they asked her to play it with them. Now however she was curious as to why everyone wanted to play it.

"How may I help you? Or would you like to buy Second Life?" The clerk behind the counter beamed at Zhu, whom just stared at the clerk for a moment before giving her a bored look and stated.

"I would like to read the manual and anything about Second Life." Zhu muttered in a dark tone.

The clerk mentally frowned for the fact that Zhu didn't ask politely in fact she even sounded rude but she didn't bother to say something to the girl for the fear of her boss kicking her away. "As you wish." She bowed her head and retrieved the paper manual. "You can read the paper manual or just read everything on Second Life's website, she waved her hand to the computer nearby. "You may use the computer for free if you buy the game!" The clerk beamed at Zhu, while laughing inside her head when Zhu just grumbled something about coercion. "Plus you may only read the first two pages of the manual, you read anymore than that and I will take it away!" At this the clerk grinned while Zhu just pouted.

"Fine I'll buy the stupid game!" Grumbling Zhu forked over her precious money and stalked out of the shop bag in hand filled with the game and gaming helmet.

Slamming the door for the apartment she received a glare from Zhou. "Zhu what the hell is wrong with you? Why did you slam the door?"

Zhu just sighed and ignored the female and stalked off to her bedroom. She had spent the rest of the day outside and wasn't hungry from eating at a fast food chain.

'I'll regret eating all of those burgers later.' Her stomach made noises of protest while she felt queasy from eating too much. Bed creaking she leaned back against her headrest and stared at the manual.

'I know I wanted to read the manual, but I guess it's better to learn by trial and error first'

However before she slipped on the helmet Zhou decided to barge in. "Make dinner we're out of leftovers!" She exclaimed, and then noticed the helmet. "You're going to play Second Life?" Zhou scoffed and laughed. "I thought you said you didn't want to ever play it?"

At this Zhu stuck her tongue out. "I'm going to try it out I needed a new game anyways everyone I used to know don't play The World or Life anymore!" Zhou just scoffed and grabbed the helmet. "You play too many games" Walking away with it Zhou just glanced at the helmet and decided to try it out.

Book in hand Zhu continued to read while she waiting for her roommate to come back from her trial run of the game. Startled she dropped the book when an angry Zhou chucked the helmet at Zhu's head. It hit her forehead with unintentional accuracy. "That is the worst thing I have ever done!" Zhou fumed and fled to her room, Zhu just stared with a dumbfounded expression at the spot she last saw the female.

'What was wrong with her?'

In the game Zhu stared around, she couldn't see anything there was nothing but darkness. She started to panic, in the midst of her panic attack her vision did not see the world around her brighter and the game manager sitting in the chair floating above her head.



"HEY!" The manager screamed at Zhu who jumped at the voice. She stared innocently at the manager and smiled. "Y-yes?" She placed her hand above her heart as if to try to keep it quiet.

The manager just smiled and grinned. His voice echoed into the surrounding area. "Hello, and welcome to Second Life. This is obviously your first time playing so please give us and the game a moment to scan your body and record your voice. That way when you put the helmet on you may immediately enter the game and enjoy all that is Second Life!"

At that Zhu just huffed. "You make it sound like it is the best thing since pumpkin pie…"

"Because it is better than pumpkin pie…" He answer with a blank expression slowly etching its way onto his face; which Zhu noticed was gorgeous, he had hair that looked like it went past his shoulder about three or four inches. It was black with brown highlights, while his eyes, Zhu just wanted to continue looking. (She liked bishies to drool at, ohh yes she did but she never felt like stalking them). They were a midnight blue. However the game manager coughed and snapped her out of reality.

Shaking her head she snapped back with a faint blush on her face. "Nothing is better than pie…"

At this the male just sighed. "Can we please just get started?"

"Alright" Zhu shrugged then gaped as the races of second life appeared before her eyes. "So many…" She spoke in a breathless way.

The male smirked. "See this is better than pie, unless you count that kind of pie then that's a different story." At this Zhu turned red and whispered. "Pervert…" She went off into thought and continued staring at the races even when the manager suddenly stiffened and stopped chuckling.

"I like the celestial races; it would be nice to fly…" She whispered, and then glanced at the male. He was stiff. "Hellllloooooo?" She continued trying to get him to respond for a while until she got bored and sat down.

Finally for what seemed like an hour he moved. "I'm sorry about that" He apologized but in an annoyed tone. "I was brought back to the world of the living." A pair of one hundred sided dice appeared next to him, kicking them he made them move. Numbers appeared in the air and showed the number one hundred and fifty two. "Ahh…Well……" He froze again for a moment while Zhu sighed.

'I wonder if it takes this long for the other people to make their characters…' She perked up when the male twitched back to life. "So can I create my character?"

"Yes and I have been informed that if you wish it you may merge two races into one."

"Sooooo…If I wanted to be a fallen celestial and a celestial they would let me have my wish?"

"Yes if you would like that" He stared at the female his head tilted to the right.

"May I preview my choice?" She stood up eager as the two choices floated next to her and both glowed until all she saw was a female with six wings each a different color. On the left the feathers went from top to bottom pure white to a pale gold and then gold. On the right the feathers went from a light grey, charcoal grey to black. Her skin was a pale with a golden light while her eyes. Zhu shuddered not with fear but with excitement. They were pitch black; no iris or pupil, no white, just completely black. Zhu walked close to her character and stared. Poking the girl's chests she frowned yet giggled. "She's basically my size…And she's chunky like me, not too fat or skinny." Zhu ran her hands across her own body and the character's body to try and measure the both of them up in a sense. Not that she was doing it for perverted ideas.

At this the male up in his seat blush, well more like he gushed a nosebleed and blushed mostly due to the fact that the winged one was naked and being touched by Zhu in a seemingly naughty way. Though Zhu didn't have those intentions still after all it was going to be her virtual body. "Would you like to beautify her thirty percent?" He said in a daze.

"No, she does not need any change…But if you wish to have some beautification on her... Add five percent." She stated plain and blunt.

After a while it was decided that the winged character was to have; black hair with blue purple highlights, while her breasts were shrunk a size. Satisfied Zhu clapped her hands. "I think I am done!"

"Good now choose a name!" The male urged hoping to get this process done; he was getting bored of staring at the naked virtual character.

Zhu sat down and pondered for a while; eventually the male fed up threw his arms in the air. "Here I have a suggestion!" He exclaimed. "How about Asuka!"

Zhu shook her head. "I can use that but how about Asuka_Li?"

"Fine! Fine whatever! Name: Asuka_Li!" Exasperated he didn't give Zhu a chance to say that was only one of her naming options.

Feeling like she was loosing the ground beneath her feet she gasped and almost screamed.

"Bye bye!" The male exclaimed. "I'm plopping you into central!" He grinned at her shocked yet furious expression.

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