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Ever wish you could be a character in Second Life? That you could meet other players, destroy monsters, maybe even meet love along the way? Well, now is your chance! RP as a Second Life player, or be a real character from the manga! Or just chat about it!
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Blazing Fox

RL= Real Life

SL= Second Life

Here is the form for your OC:

RL Name: (it can really be anything, but please try to make it realistic)

Gender: (Be aware, I'll only accept a few trannies... That means if a girl turns into a boy in Second Life and such.)

Age: (This will mostly be the same for your SL character)

RL Appearance: (Hair color, eye color, height, ect...)

RL Personality: (I'm pretty sure this would be the same for SL, but you can make your OC have a totally different personality from RL)

SL Username/Name: (You can use symbols, but don't make the name too long...)

SL Age: (terms such as 'newbie', 'regular', 'pro', ect...)

SL Continent: (This is where you put what continent your character will be playing in, either Central, Eastern, Western, Northern, or Southern. They can travel between continents, but remember, it's pretty expensive, unless you have a pet who can fly or a magic carpet.)

SL Appearance: (Anything goes here, you can make them look completely different from real life. They can have scars and tattoos also.)

SL Personality: (You can just put 'same as RL Personality', if you want. Unless they have a different personality from RL.)

SL Race: (Elf, Human, Beast, ect...)

SL Class: (Bard, Warrior, Priest, ect... If you don't have a class yet, put 'Starter'.)

SL Level: (When you begin with an OC, they can be level 1-12. Unless you want an experienced player to help you or something...)

SL Pet(s): (beginner players probably won't have these... 2 is the limit, don't make them ultra powerful... No meatbuns either...)

SL Weapon(s): (You don't have to be specific here, you can just put 'staff' or 'sword'.)

SL Armor: (Like the weapon, you don't have to be specific, you can describe their clothes in the RP.)

Background: (Not mandatory.)

Anything Extra:

2/3/2011 . Edited 2/3/2011 #1

RL Name: Zhang Qing (张清; where Zhang is the family name and Qing is the first name; and by the way, the q in Chinese names seems to be pronounced as 'sh' so that name sounds like 'shing'…just so ya know ;P)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

RL Appearance:

Hair: Black with a purple sheen in the light. It extends to midback, has a smooth texture, and is usually worn either framing her face or covering it; whichever is most handy at the time.

Eyes: A little small, a bit plain, with dark brown irises.

Body Type: A bit on the small side, with a height of only 5' 3", and very slight and willowy – almost unhealthily so – around the middle, while not as much so for her limbs.

Clothes: Plain and conservative – her mother, the control freak that she is, doesn't allow Qing much of an allowance, so she can't buy her own clothes without her mother there.

RL Personality: Zhang Qing is, at first glance, a very shy girl. She doesn't talk much, she doesn't defend herself from the people that bully her; hell, she doesn't even have anyone to sit with at lunch. In actuality…well, she is shy, but not the blushing schoolgirl kind. No, Zhang Qing is just bullied. She would tell or maybe beat them up, but she isn't a snitch and she can't afford to get into trouble – and murdering the people that bully her every day and then getting suspended for it would kind of count as 'trouble.' If she were to get suspension, or worse, then she would have no chances at getting into the university her mother wants her to get into – XXX University, the same university that her cousins, Zhang Cuifen and Zhang Jiao, go to.

Anyway, all history lessons aside…Qing can't defend herself. She spends her days narrowly avoiding Liu Zian and his buddies (who happen to be the people who bully her…well, that and a quarter of the female population of her school) and finishing homework. She would probably watch television or play video games…but Mother doesn't approve of either of those, so she spends most of her time at home studying in her room. She doesn't have friends – Liu Zian and his gang have made sure of that. Zhang Qing is lonely, restricted, inwardly angry, and quiet. Only after she discovers Second Life does Zhang Qing feel freer, less angry, and more able to express herself…except for when she is being bullied.

SL Username/Name: Aoi_Sora (preferring to just be called Sora, because it's quicker)

SL Age: Newbie

SL Continent: Central

SL Appearance:

Hair: Light blonde with an orange streak in the front. It's slightly spiked in the back, and a bit feathered on the top, with straight bangs that frame her face.

Eyes: The same shape, of course, but her eyes are blue now.

Body: Same except a little taller, and pointed ears.

SL Personality: In Second Life, without her mother there to shoot her down or the bullies to beat her up, Aoi_Sora can do whatever she pleases. Now able to make her own decisions, Sora is much more confident. She's more like she wants to be – violent, acting on whims sometimes (though she usually does try to strategise before a fight), cussing, cracking jokes…Sora isn't as uptight as Qing usually is.

SL Race: Demon

SL Class: Warrior

SL Level: 5

SL Pet(s): None

SL Weapon(s): A one-hand sword from killing a slime.

SL Armor: Long-sleeved newbie dress with a wide, circular neckline that's fringed in a dark orange color. The top of the dress is white, while the middle has a bronze color and there's a layer of bronze cloth over the top of the dress, open in the front to show the white skirt beneath. Below the dress is a pair of slim black pants, and then some brown, knee-high lace-up cloth boots.

Background: Zhang Qing attends T High School as a 3rd year, where she is bullied and has no friends. Her mother, a control freak who is trying to plan every hour of Zhang Qing's life, doesn't allow her to play video games. When Qing's cousin, a tomboy by the name of Zhang Jiao who attends XXX University, gives her Second Life as a gift, she jumped at the chance to become a new person. Let's hope she can hide it from her mother and keep her username away from those who bully her….

Anything Extra: By the way…why I chose demon for her race…I did that because nothing else seemed to fit. Elves are more agile, so that would have made a bad warrior. Beasts; no matter how awesome animals are, and no matter how academically inclined (rather than socially) Qing is, a beast would have scared her crapless. Dark elf is the same as elf, but with dark skin. Human is what Qing already is in RL, and she wants to change. I know nothing about dwarves. Demon was just flexible enough to use…plus they pwn :D

Also, if possible, do you think anyone could create a bio and RP the guy who bullies Qing? I think it would be funny.

Good luck with this. I'll tell anyone I come across on who likes ½ Prince about this and maybe soon we'll be able to RP :)

2/9/2011 #2
Blazing Fox

Accepted, welcome to the forum! :D

I think it's possible. When more people join, we'll ask them. :3

Thanks! :D

2/10/2011 #3
Blazing Fox

Name: Yue Ying

Gender: Female

Age: 16

RL Appearance: Ying has shoulder-length, pale red hair that is slightly wavy, it slightly frames her face like a halo. Her eyes are slightly large and a chocolate brown with lighter flecks. She wears glasses, that are slightly large, but they suit her. She has a small, pixie-like build, making her look weak. She is short for her age and has average weight. Her skin tone is slightly tan. She usually wears hoodies or jackets with blue jeans, and plain sneakers.

RL Personality: Ying is usually nice and slightly timid and shy. She is usually calm, but if you get her angry, run away. She is playful when near friends, happy and bubbly. She hates bullies and people who don't tell the truth, it annoys her to no end. She is very loyal to her friends and can actually be too protective of them sometimes.

SL Username/Name: Sweet_Spice (likes to be called Spice)

SL Age: Newbie

SL Continent: Central

SL Appearance: Ying's hair is now longer and slightly shaggier, the style is the same, but the color is a blood red now. Her eyes are still large, but her eyes are a deeper and darker brown, gold circling the iris. Since she doesn't needglasses anymore, Second Life fixes your eye site when in the game, she doesn't wear them. She still has the same build, pixie-like and small, though now it makes her look graceful and agile. Her skin is paler now, since she is an elf. Her ears are slightly too big, even for an elf, and finely pointed. She is still short and has average weight.

SL Personality: Mostly the same as RL, but she is now more outgoing and braver, less shy too.

SL Race: Elf

SL Class: Starter, but will be a Bard.

SL Level: 5

SL Pet(s): None, but may have one later...

SL Weapon(s): A long and thin, but sturdy, oaken flute. It's dark brown, and as you guessed, wooden.

SL Armor: Usually wears light, comfy clothing that help her agility and speed. Right now, her clothing is Chinese styled, such as a kimono-shirt, a shirt that is kimono styled, light pants, and wooden sandals. She prefers wearing Chinese stuff, since she has an interest in Ancient China.

Anything Extra: Likes sweet stuff, such as candy or honey. Also loves music, the reason she became a Bard. She is a good singer with a pretty voice.

2/10/2011 . Edited 2/11/2011 #4
Lightning Blade

[I created this character based on my fanfiction. I hope that you guys won't mind. :)]

RL Name: Yang Da Feng

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

RL Appearance: He has black hair which almost falls past his ears. The front part of his hair is rather similar to a bowl, but he has some short black sideburns. His eyes are of dark hazel in colour, and they either look bored or indifferent. He is very tall, about 179 m in height. There are evident panda rings around his eyes, due to his routine of sleeping late to watch love dramas on TV or reading game magazines. When he smiles, his face would look cute and chubby, but he rarely smiles.

RL Personality: Da Feng is very quiet and direct person. He only talks when he feels that he has to, so he would keep his thoughts to himself if it feels that the matter is of zero importance. He would feel annoyed if anyone is trying to make him talk, as though talking is a burden to him. He has a few close friends in school, but most of the time, his friends would create the topics of conversation, and he would only reply if the topics are related to his interests. Because of his silent and 'cool' personality, he has attracted one girl or two in his school, but he doesn't give any much attention to them. He seems to know much, but he hates talking about what he knows.

SL Username/Name: Toroshinki

SL Age: Newbie

SL Continent: Central Continent

SL Appearance: Unlike his short jet-black hair in his RL, Da Feng has silver white hair that falls to his midriff. He has a few strands of his hair that covers his right eye, and his eyes were silvery grey in colour. His sparkling eyes brighten his face, which would have been very dull due to his emotionless expression and a apathetic frown. His face is thinner than the real person he is, and he looks slimmer and fairer in the Second Life. He still maintains the same height that he has when he is in RL. However, he looks taller with the help of the small bun of hair on his head.

SL Personality: Same personality as RL.

SL Race: Celestial being

SL Class: Archer

SL Level: Level 5

SL Pet(s): No pet for now.

SL Weapon(s): A long bow.

SL Armor: He still wears his newbie clothes, which consists of a long maroon robe and a pair of black trousers. A golden-plated belt was tied around his waist.

Background: He has an elder sister named Mei Ling and a mother. He doesn't hear anything about his father, though he has never made any effort to ask his mother about it.

Anything Extra: He is a good cook.

2/18/2011 #5
Blazing Fox

Accepted~ Welcome to the forum! :D

2/18/2011 #6
Lightning Blade

Thanks, Blazing Fox! =D Let's have fun RP-ing!

2/19/2011 #7
Blazing Fox

Welcome. Oh, and you can just call me Fox. xD

2/19/2011 #8
Blazing Fox

RL Name: Kaida Minamoto

Gender: Male

Age: 13

RL Appearance: Kaida has shoulder-length, dark brown hair that is usually always unruly or messy, tufts of it stick up. His eyes are dark green and look slightly cat-like, the pupil always seemto be dilated. He has slightly tanned skin and average weight. He is slightly short, but nothing major. Usually wears a t-shirt and jeans with sneakers.

RL Personality: In real life, Kaida is known to be elegant, quiet, and mysterious. He barely talks, and if he does, it's usually something refined and mature. He is brave and willing to help anyone. That's not his real personality, though. He's forced to act like that because he comes from a rich, and slightly famous, Japanese tai-kwondo family. Inside, he wishes nothing more to be unnoticed, even disliked if it makes people stop following him. On the outside he is brave and calm, but on the inside he is fidgety, nervous, and fearful, usully scared of anything that comes his way. He get's scared easily, and is pretty jumpy.

SL Username/Name: xXKaidaXx

SL Age: Slightly new, has been playing for a couple of days.

SL Continent: Central

SL Appearance: Kaida now has pale, and slightly shorter, brown hair. It's in it's usual style, messy and unruly, but now has a more stylish flair to it. His eyes are now like a cat's, the pupil is like a slit, they're a pale blue. Because of a virus that attacked the game while he was making his character, he was just starting to merge with his character which was a Cat Beast, he is half-cat half-human. He has two fluffy, jet black cat ears on his head and a long black cat tail. His teeth are slightly sharp, especially his canines. He has three, dark whisker-like marks on both his cheeks. He has average weight and height, and slightly tanned skin.

SL Personality: Kaida is now exactly like the 'inside him', jumpy, nervous, and easily scared. He isn't brave at all, but if he has to, he will protect his friends with his life. He is nice to people, doesn't judge or tease. Once in a while, though, he will show his mysterious and elegant side. He uses his manners and is quite a strategist when it comes to Second Life. He doesn't get mad easily, but when he does, it takes a while to calm him down, though he usually has a good reason for being angry in the first place.

SL Race: Half- Cat Beast, Half-Human. When he finished making his character in Second Life, which was a Cat Beast, a sudden and powerful virus attacked his game, making him turn Half-Cat Beast, Half-Human. He doesn't mind, though.

SL Class: Barrier Master

SL Level: 10

SL Pet(s): None

SL Weapon(s): A long, cherry wood staff that is topped with a bright red ruby in the shape of a diamond. It is a growing type, which means it levels up with the player.

SL Armor: A Barrier Master robe, it's dark brown and has a black sash that circles his waist in the middle. Under that is a pair of comfortable, loose black pants. Wears wooden sandals.

Background: Comes from a rich, and slightly famous, tai-kwondo family. Their family has taught many ta-kwondo students, who usually ended up as experts and masters of tai-kwondo. Many tai-kwondo apprentices and learners come to their dojo everyday to practice or beg to be taught by them. His father, Sai Minamoto, wishes for him to be the best tai-kwondo expert ever, though he doesn't want to.

Anything Extra: He hates the cold. He is very good at tai-kwondo, due to his father always making him practice.

(Yup, I didn't make the Priest our team so desperately needed. I made the next best thing, a Barrier Master. xD)

2/22/2011 #9
Lightning Blade

That's an awesome character with a nice background! :D Barrier Master is cool! Is he like a priest?

2/23/2011 #10
Blazing Fox

Thanks! :DD

A Barrier Master is someone who casts barriers, force-fields, and shields to protect their teammates from enemies and monsters. Not only that, but he/she can summon a large force-field over the enemy with special effects, like one that can weaken a player's, or a whole mob of player's, strength. There's also one where they create a barrier over their teammates that rebound enemy attacks off of it, and right back at the enemy. They are considered weak by others, but they can be an essential part of a team.

That's mostly it... But it wold be interesting if a team didn't have a single Priest, huh? :3

2/23/2011 . Edited 2/23/2011 #11

I see! :D By the way, this reminds me... Prince has two best friends, and one of them is a Barrier Master, right? He is the boy, if I am not mistaken...

Thanks for the helpful information, Fox! :) Yes, it would be interesting if the party doesn't have a single priest, haha... There should be some funny consequences later! xD

[Opps, sorry. Lightning Blade is here. This is my other account, haha. I didn't realize that I signed into another account. xD ]

2/24/2011 . Edited 2/24/2011 #12
Blazing Fox

Yup, I think his name is Yun. :)

There would be! It would be pretty awesome, too. xD

Hahaha, I accidentally log onto my other account sometimes, too. One time it got prety messy, had to explain to some very confused RPers... XD

2/24/2011 #13
Lightning Blade

Oh, you are right; his name is Yun. I have forgotten about his name, haha. xD Prince's female best friend is Jing, if I'm not mistaken...

Yeah, hahaha, no priest in the party! I'm wondering what would happen.. :X

I see, haha, it must be fun confusing other RPers! xD Btw, you have been RP-ing for a long time, Fox? :D What other forums that you have participated in, other than this one?

2/24/2011 #14
Blazing Fox

Haha. xD Yesh, it's Jing. I think she's a Taoist or something... :3

Now I'm wondering too... Hmm, they would probably rely on Kaida for protection a lot. xD

Yes, it is fun. XD I've been RPing for a while, maybe a year or two. Let's see... I've been in a Warriors one, which was the #1 forum of them, I was a Mod there. I've been in two Percy Jackson ones, both are dead, I think. I've been in a couple of Pokemon ones, but ended completely forgetting about them. Oh, I've also been in a Digimon one. *nods* I've been in a lot... xD

2/25/2011 #15
Lightning Blade

Wow, you can remember their jobs! You got a good memory, Fox! xD I've forgotten most of Half Prince's characters... I only remember the main ones! xD xD

I see, haha, then Kaida must be the saviour for the team!

Wow wow, that's a lot, Fox! Which one that you like the most? :D

2/26/2011 #16
Blazing Fox

Thanks! Yeah, I have sort of a good memory... I usually only remember pointless facts, though. XD

Awesome blackmail, then! Whenever he wants something, he could just say that he'll quit, unless he gets what he wants... xD

Hmm... The Warriors one. Until tons of people started joining, people started breaking rules, and pandemonium broke out. *sigh* It used to be really fun, but now it's closed down, one of my friends, the owner, couldn't handle it and closed it down. It was my first forum, too. Good memories, though. :P

2/26/2011 #17
Lightning Blade

Haha, it's normal that we tend to remember some things and forget other things... xD

Hahaha, Kaida can be demanding then! Other people would be annoyed and want to kick him out of the party, but they couldn't do it since he's a huge asset to the party, haha. xD And they couldn't get a replacement, since their team name scares other people away. xD Only weird people would join the team, haha...

Oh, I see. I never knew that it would be a chaos if there are too many people. o.O By the way, may I ask, is "The Warriors" a game or manga/ anime? xD

2/27/2011 #18
Blazing Fox

Tends to happen a lot to me... xD

I still think we should go with the 'KillPrince Squad'. You gotta' admit, it would be hilarious. Plus, I can't think of anything else... XD

Yeah, it starts getting hard to keep track of people and anything. It starts turning into a hassle... Oh, Warriors is a book series. It's pretty good, I used to be obsessed with the whole series. xD

2/28/2011 #19
Lightning Blade

Yup, maybe we should ask Midori about what she thinks! :D Me too, I couldn't think of anything else. xD xD

Oh, Warriors is a book? Is it like Harry Potter or Twilight? xD

3/1/2011 #20
Blazing Fox

I shall ask Midori then! :D

No, it's not that popular, unfortunately... But they're very good, the best books are usually the unpopular ones, I think... xD

3/1/2011 #21
Lightning Blade

Yes, mostly good books are the unheard ones. I shall go check the books out, Fox! :D The books are called 'Warriors'? How many of these books are in the series in total?

3/2/2011 #22
Blazing Fox

Well, there are four series in total. The first series have 6, the second series have 6, and the third series have 6. Right now, the fourth series has 3, with three more to come. Plus there is manga, field guides, and super editions... Yeah, there's a lot. xD

3/2/2011 #23
Lightning Blade

I see, I never thought that there would be a lot! o.O There is a manga too? Thanks for the info, Fox! :D

3/3/2011 #24
Blazing Fox

Your welcome~ Yeah, there is a lot... But they're pretty short, though. I think 200 pages each, maybe less. xD

I have an idea! What if Prince, in a spout of rage, tried attacking one of the team and Kaida steps in with a barrier spell, barely protecting them?

3/3/2011 #25
Lightning Blade

Cool idea, Fox! Kaida to the rescue! :D

3/4/2011 #26
All Knowing 1

I'd like to join if that's okay. I figured a thief was needed.

RL Name: Deng Wei

Gender: Male

Age: 16 years old

RL Appearance: Wei has short blue-black hair and dark blue eyes. He is about 5'8" and of average weight for his age. He normally wears dark blue jeans and dark colored shirts. He has skin slightly lighter than normal from spending much of his time inside.

RL Personality: Wei is quiet and doesn't really have any friends. He isn't social at all, and prefers to spend his time inside reading. He purposely tries to fade into the background and only talks when he feels he has something important to say.

SL Username/Name: Rumor

SL Age: Newbie

SL Continent: Central

SL Appearance: Being of the dark elf race, he naturally has dark skin and pointed ears. He has white hair cut to about ear level and slightly shaggy. He had dark purple eyes. He is taller, about 5'10", and a bit slimmer.

SL Personality: He is less quiet than he is in real life, and has the same ability to fade into the background. These were the main reasons he decided to become a thief. He is trying to be friendlier, but is a bit sarcastic when he speaks. Basically, he is in the process of learning how to be social.

SL Race: Dark Elf

SL Class: Thief

SL Level: 5

SL Pet(s): None

SL Weapon(s): Two knifes

SL Armor: Wears light leather armor, which provides only a little defense. It is black in color.

Background: His mother and father work long hours, and are often gone on business trips. He has an older brother who also plays Second Life. It is due to him that Wei decided to play it too.

Anything Extra: Wei moves very quietly, often surprising people who don't know him. Most get used to it after a bit though.

3/27/2011 #27
Blazing Fox

He's good, but he needs to be level 10 to be a Thief. You could start out at level 5 and level up to level 10, or just edit your level. :)

3/28/2011 #28
All Knowing 1

Okay, I'll keep him level five and at 10 he'll become a thief.

3/28/2011 #29
Blazing Fox

Okay, you are officially approved. Go ahead and RP. Oh, and welcome to the forum~ :D

3/28/2011 #30
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