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Ever wish you could be a character in Second Life? That you could meet other players, destroy monsters, maybe even meet love along the way? Well, now is your chance! RP as a Second Life player, or be a real character from the manga! Or just chat about it!
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Yess, welcome to the awesomeness that is Second Life....Hey, can I call you Ak? Or do you have a prefered name?

3/28/2011 #31
All Knowing 1

I go by AKO on Fanfiction, but AK is fine also.

3/28/2011 #32

Awesome :)

3/28/2011 #33
Lightning Blade

Hi, AK! Nice to meet you here! Sorry, I forgot to check this thread... xD Welcome to the party! :D

It's great to have Sora, Spice and Rumor back in action again!

5/18/2011 #34
Lightning Blade

Opps, I also forgot about Toro... ^^''

5/18/2011 #35

Takes deep breath to prepare for a long winded thing.

RL Name: Zhu Wei Song

Gender: Female(I wanted to have a male character but I wasn't how many male or female characters are in use and then I got started writing for a female character so I'll stick with that)

Age: 18(I think she is the oldest character here not sure though have to look again…heh)

RL Appearance: Height five foot three. Weight one thirty-five. Hair naturally black and it's a lot like a ravens wing, it has those purple and blue tints to it. Or so it seems. It comes about three to four inches past her shoulders. Hair is usually kept in a low ponytail with her bangs hanging off to the sides. Eyes are brown but she has been told that they seem to sparkle with flecks of gold. She wears long white button up sleeve shirts. Black baggy pants, yes she does wear belts if they are loose on her. She doesn't want her pants sagging past her rear thank you. Black boots. She also wears a black waterproof trench coat at times (Not all the time; it works great as a rain coat actually plus it keeps her warm in the winter) And a bust size of 38D almost 40D. (Pfft no I'm not going to make her one of those perfect shaped girls with big breasts…she basically has my size p'=) Her waist could be trimmed down a few sizes but she wasn't too worried, she was still in the normal weight range. She also has enough of a rear to be able to call it a butt but it's not enough to attract a lot of attention in her current clothes.

RL Personality: Sticks close to what little friends she has. A good portion of her comments tend to make her seem like a smartass or rude. She lives away from her parents but with a roommate who wants nothing to do with Second Life. She is usually bored with whatever she is doing, except whenever she reads or plays games. (Basically I suck at describing my characters personalities xD) Loves to cook mostly because she'd rather be safe than get food poisoning from her roommate. But whenever there are leftovers she gets lazy when making food.

SL Username/Name: Asuka_Li,

SL Age: newbie…

SL Continent: Well I would love to be in Eastern continent buuuuut nobody seems to be role-playing there so I guess I'll plop her into central…

SL Appearance: female with six wings each a different color. On the left the feathers went from top to bottom pure white to a pale gold and then gold. On the right the feathers went from a light grey, charcoal grey to black. Her eyes are pitch black; no iris or pupil, no white, just completely black. Black hair with blue purple highlights. The female's skin was changed from a tan to a pale color with a light golden hue. While her breasts were shrunk a few sizes.

SL Personality: same as her real life personality just possibly a tad more violent since she can't vent his anger out on real humans.

SL Race: Half Celestial and half Fallen Celestial. The game developers gave the gm a pair of two, one hundred sided dice to roll and whatever number Zhu had gotten they looked at their list to see what they would reward her…The number she got turned out to be a small character modifying wish. So she chose to be half and half.

SL Class: Starter then maybe a summoner? or a preist...

SL Level: Current level 9(I figured I'd start out around the same levels as everyone else…if I had found this thread earlier I would start as 1(But then again I kinda did make something that did use her level 1 time))

SL Pet(s): She doesn't have one…yet

SL Weapon(s): A Beginner knife from a flesh eating slime. But she'll eventually get a Silver and Black staff(That is in my profile) but with an orb in the crook that is purple.

SL Armor: (Look at my profile for what I chose as her outfit please for a better view. I don't feel like describing it again(Cause I just typed it up in a word document for my posts... -_-;; eh hehe...)

Background: She attends XXX University too. (Really doesn't know what to put here mainly the backgrounds and personalities of my characters come out while I'm writing the role-play responses n' stuff)

Anything Extra: Uhhh…x'D Hi? And beware I've been working on my starting posts. O.o…The first part of what I wrote will be in the real life section maybe…hehe…

Edited: Mmmm yeah I finished my starting posts in a word document...They're a tad long...Almost story length...I apologize ahead of time..x'D I just go a bit overboard when I try to think of good FIRST posts. And I will not post them till Blaze says okay. MWUAHAHHAHAHA -hack cough cough- Suspence is mine! :') And feel free to tell me what grammar and spelling mistakes I might have made. I'll try to take the critics. 8'D

6/7/2011 . Edited 6/7/2011 #36
Blazing Fox

Approved, Zhu Wei Song sounds awesome. :D

Welcome to the roleplay!

6/7/2011 #37

I was still editing that character thing while I was making my two posts. ='/ I'm so indecisive.

Thank ya Blaze. o uo

6/8/2011 #38
Do you guys still RP? lol I love second life, I've been reading it for a loooooong time (=_=) I wish they would upload more
7/5/2011 #39
Lightning Blade

Hi there, Mango! Unfortunately, I won't be able to PR for a long time, but I'm not sure about the other role-players... I'm sorry for not being able to RP... T_T Hmm... Maybe you can RP? :)

7/6/2011 #40

I still rp! :'D And it's ok Lightning! ; ---; I just hope I didn't scare people away.

7/7/2011 #41
Lightning Blade

H, BitterMagic! :D Glad to hear that you are still rp-ing! Eh, don't worry, you won't scare people away... xD

7/7/2011 #42

I'm not sure I've met BitterMagic yet, since I haven't been around lately, but you didn't scare me away! I've just been extremely lazy... ^^' Kind of in a 1/2-Prince-writing slump lately, so I haven't been wanting to RP or work on the fic I'm making for 1/2 Prince. Maybe if I write shorter RP-entries...

(Hi, Lightning!)

Anyway, Lightning's right, if you want to RP, feel free, MangoTango450. We probably just won't reply for a while or something, we busy-bodies, or lazy-asses in my case... ^^;

And I agree, 1/2 Prince does need to be updated more! :V

7/7/2011 #43


You sure Lightning? I can be pretty scary! OogaBooga! :'V... x'D

Pfft you'll be okay Mido!

7/8/2011 #44

RL Name: Xane

Gender: Male

Age: 12

RL Appearance: Black hair tied back into a wolf tail; blue eyes; 5ft 4in

RL Personality: Smart; a simple way of putting things; very blunt person; friendly

SL Name: Sin

SL Age: newbie

SL Continent: Central

SL Appearance: Orange hair with the tips dyed white; black pants, white shirt, red overcoat.

SL Personality: Same a RL personality

SL Race: Human

SL Class: Thief

SL Level: 11

SL Pet: None

SL weapon: Two dirks

SL Armor: read SL appearance

Background: Estranged parents

7/8/2011 #45

Hello Kai.

Blaze hasn't been on for a while I think. -doesn't really know- So I don't now when you might be accepted. Kay?

7/11/2011 #46

(This forum looks kinda dead, but I'll make a character here anyways and see what happens)

RL Name: Zhu Mei-Xing (Mei-Xing means beautiful star)

Gender: Female

Age: 25

RL Appearance: Black hair that reaches past the shoulders, pale skin, brown eyes, 5'7", frail and thin body.

RL Personality: Mei-Xing has a gentle demeanor and is often mistaken for someone who is timid and soft-spoken, but in truth she is very opinionated and dislikes people who talk of big game.

SL Username: Blackfire

SL Age: Pro

SL Continent: Origionally started in the Northern Continent but traveled to Central.

SL Appearance: 5'7", lithe, fair skinned, long snow white hair that reaches below the butt, icy blue eyes. Wears a black leather cat suit with a silver breast plate and thick belt around her hips where her sword hangs from. Black boots with armor shin-guards, fingerless gloves, and a leather trench coat that she wears over her cat suit. (Just think Matrix, only less armed)

SL Personality: Unlike her RL, Blackfire is actually more of the silent loner type. She's strong and very dependable but has yet to join a team because she's more interested in gaining experience by going on difficult leveled quests. She has no interest in conquering any of the continents.

SL Race: Human

SL Class: Warrior

SL Level: 80 (I figured because I put down her SL age as Pro, a super high level could be ok)

SL Pet(s): 1) Pipe Fox named Felix, he is small and looks like a furry snake at first glance who likes to hide inside Blackfire's trench coat. His ability is to bring the owner luck and protection. 2) Plum Fairy named Ting Ting, she is a small pocket-sized fairy with a feisty attitude and simply adores Blackfire. Her ability is to heal any injury or damage caused to the owner's HP.

SL Weapon(s): A saber that was obtained after defeating a celestial mob.

SL Armor: female breastplate, shin-guards, and gauntlets. They are light and do not give much protection but it does not hinder the agility in any way. She also wears a bangle around her left wrist that absorbs only 30% of any elemental attack like fire, lightning, water, earth, and wind.

Background: RL Mei-Xing is actually a famous pianist but is often hospitalized due to her frail health. Her younger sister (who will not be named yet), is a popular pop singer, but Mei-Xing never really worries about people finding out about who she is and who she is related to thanks to not being very social in SL.

Anything Extra: Because Blackfire has Ting Ting and Felix, she has no need to buy potions or protective accessories so she has a lot of gold and crystal coins saved up.

8/25/2011 #47

Sadly it is basically dead since no one seems to have the time to come on or something. ; ~;

8/29/2011 #48

I dunno...I hope they come back soon, this forum's pretty much dead without them, despite our efforts. Soon it'll be too late... *watches solumnly the forum's heart monitor beating with slowly decreasing speed* Ahh, woe... ;-;

8/31/2011 #49

I know I hope so too! -insert heartbroken emoticon here- Ack -gives the threadthe medicine of life- LIIIIVVVEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Woe is me... ; A;

9/1/2011 #50

Arrrgh. I should've made a back-up OC or something that wasn't part of our main plot so I could still RP in another continent and it wouldn't mess with the Princeslayers. I'm undergoing an extreme NEED to RP 1/2 Prince Dx

10/10/2011 #51

"I know Kaga. I should have done that too" ; -;

"Psst...We can always rp in pm's Star Ocean or 1/2 Prince" Hint Hint. x'D Killed.

10/12/2011 #52

Well...mebbe P: (Not so much of a 'hint hint' as a 'yes yes.' Meh. Midori is painfully blunt.)

Did we ever come up with an idea for Star Ocean? ...All I remember is some small talk about Vanguard and plots xD

10/12/2011 #53

Actually I don't think we finished figuring out what we wanted to do. -snuggles Albel plush-

10/20/2011 #54

( Can I join? I am absolutely in love with 1/2 prince)

1/28/2012 #55

No. Beat it. Leave, now.

Just kidding! Anyway... I'm, um, not really sure if Fox will be on to approve your character if you do join (our moderator, Blazing Fox; she hasn't been on for a while) and I can't really say whether the other regulars will be on either, though I do hope so... But hey, you're still free to join. Unless Fox hates your guts for some reason unknown to us. But that's unlikely.

Though, I think we might be dead. No one posts much anymore. *shrug*

1/28/2012 #56

lol, ok, maybe later though if people acctually start to get back on.

1/29/2012 #57


"Go ahead...Or maybe me you and Kaga can probably make our own since Blaze and everyone else is caught up in real life. (I am too just a bit)"

1/29/2012 #58

(can I join now, and who knows we might just get it up and going again...)

RL Name: Mika Nezzer

Gender: female

Age: 19

RL Appearance: She has dirty blond hair, aqua blue eyes and a she is around 5'11" she has a heart shaped face and full lips, sha also looks distinctly american

RL Personality: She is kind and has a wild imagination, she is quiet and acts like the obediant little girl

SL Username/Name: Deamon Child

SL Age: regular

SL Continent: central

SL Appearance:She still has the same hiegth, but now she has slightly pale skin, red eyes with yellow and orange flecks in them, so it seems like she has flames for eyes, she has long, long ebony black hair, other than that she looks like she does in RL

SL Personality: she is still kind and still has a wild imagination, but she is no longer an obediant little girl, she is a dark and deadly, pretty much the complete oposite of her RL self

SL Race: dark elf

SL Class: warrior

SL Level: 12

SL Pet(s): a red dragon

SL Weapon(s): (Im going to be specific cause I want to...) She has two short swords that connect together to form a two bladed staff

SL Armor: almost like ninja armor

2/14/2012 #59

(Wanna try a different continent maybe Fanta? :'D -asked Kaga in pm to see whether we should try-)

2/15/2012 #60
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