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Ever wish you could be a character in Second Life? That you could meet other players, destroy monsters, maybe even meet love along the way? Well, now is your chance! RP as a Second Life player, or be a real character from the manga! Or just chat about it!
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Blazing Fox

Credit goes to HeneKeshi for this.

This is where you can apply for a real 1/2 Prince character, such as Lolidragon, Prince, ect... To get one though, I need to see if you RP them right. Like if you made Prince hate blood and gore and tremble at the sight of a battle, you won't get him/her. So, please write an excerpt of the character you want in any point of view. If I deem it good, you get the character!

2/3/2011 #1
Lightning Blade

This sounds interesting, but I'm worried when it comes to RP-ing the real 1/2 characters. xD Fox, why don't you RP any one of the character? :D Midori can RP too!

2/27/2011 #2
Blazing Fox

I'm kind of worried if I'll RP them right, too... xD

I'll try, though... Doll, Yulian, and Gui is kind of easy, they're personalities are kind of easy to guess... Maybe Gui?

2/28/2011 #3
Lightning Blade

Yup, Gui can be easy and fun to RP! xD Just make him hilarious and head-over-heels for Prince! xD

3/1/2011 #4
Blazing Fox

Since I'm the owner of this forum, do I have to make an application too? *is lazy* xD

3/1/2011 #5
Lightning Blade

Haha, I don't think you need to make an application, since you're the Boss here, haha. xD

May I RP as Wicked? :D How should I make an application, Fox?

3/2/2011 #6
Blazing Fox

Yes, special privileges! :DD

Well, make a paragraph about Wicked doing something, anything really. You can make it in his point of view, or third person point of view. If it's good and he's in character, you an RP him. I bet you'll do awesome, like you usually do with RPing. xD

3/2/2011 #7
Lightning Blade

[Okay, I shall do my best. :D You did awesome with PR-ing too, Fox! I like how you did RP with Spice!

Please 'lend' me your Gui for a while for this short story. xD ]

The tavern was very noisy, so full of people chatting and enjoying themselves with food and wine at the tables set on the floor. Wicked never liked that kind of peace-destroying atmosphere. He would have rather spent his time sparring with his Dark Phantom's partner, Feng Wu Qing or training with his little brother, Ming Bin in the nearby forest. Peace, silence and tranquility would be preferable than the rumours, gossip and racket in the tavern.

But Wicked knew why he was there. Prince was there.

The girl that he used to know was no more Feng Lan. She had become the Blood-Elf Prince, the overlord that everyone had seemed to be so afraid of. Girls admired him for his astonishingly good looks, and guys envied him for being who he was, the Lord of the Central Continent, the lead singer of Infinite Band, the mascot of Second Life, everything that he had become...

Wicked felt a sudden heartache in his chest, longing and pining for the girl that he had loved for 8 years. He didn't hate cold and strong Prince, but he liked his sweet and cheerful Feng Lan more. He held the cup of wine from the table and drank it, ready to get himself drunk with sorrows.

"Hey Wicked, want to sing a duet with me?" A familiar voice interrupted him from his depressing thoughts.

The dark elf warrior placed his cup on the dining table, not looking at Prince, "Sorry, I'm not in the mood right now."

"Come on, Wicked! Don't be such a wet blanket!" Prince held Wicked's arm and beamed at his face with large puppy eyes, "Zhuo gege, please..."

For once, Wicked thought that he saw Feng Lan in those bright big eyes. The dark elf smiled a little. How could he disappoint her? He was about to receive the microphone from Prince's hands, when it was rudely snatched away by somebody.

It was that Gui. Wicked glared at the tall bard, who was bowing respectfully to Prince. The black-haired demon's dazzling eyes were red and teary, his hand holding the microphone close to his heart.

"It would be an honour for me, a low demon being, to sing with you, Your Highness."

Piak! Wicked blinked when Prince gave Gui a kick on the face.

"Did I ask you, you stupid pervert? I asked Wicked, not you!"

Wicked watched how Prince punched, kicked and trampled on Gui like a punching bag. He began to have second thoughts.

Is Prince really Feng Lan?

[How is Wicked in the story? I hope that you like it, Fox. :) ]

3/3/2011 . Edited 3/3/2011 #8
Blazing Fox

You RPed him perfectly! Very nice job~ You now get Wicked to RP with. :DD

3/3/2011 #9
Lightning Blade

Yay! Thanks, Fox! :D :D Can't wait for Gui and Wicked to appear in our story soon!

3/4/2011 #10
Blazing Fox

You're welcome~ Yeah, I can't wait either! :DD It'll be awesome, Odd Squad meeting our characters. If they don't try to kill our characters, that is. xD

3/4/2011 #11

I might be able to RP as Prince, if I ever get to writing a few paragraphs for him/her. Right now, I'm too tired to even read correctly, and that's saying something. :P

Maybe tomorrow.

3/4/2011 #12
Lightning Blade

Yes, Midori, that would be cool if you can RP as Prince! :D We are looking forward for your posts!

3/6/2011 #13
Blazing Fox

Okay, I think you'll RP him very well~ :DD

3/9/2011 #14

[Ok. Sorry it took me so long to do this; I've been having problems with viruses, schoolwork, death of dogs...Yeah, life's been busy. Doesn't help that I just haven't been feeling up to writing lately -.- BUT MIDORI IS FINALLY BACK, BABY!! :DD *whooo...awkward silence*]

As that sparkling crimson liquid rained down on the ground, torn from the rivers it traversed by his black dao, a wicked smirk danced across the Blood Elf Prince's lips. It was moments like these that made his heart race - he loved the feeling of being able to chop his target to pieces with a single ability, to let curse words fly from his lips as he cut down his enemies, to be soaked in the scarlet blood of his opponent.

The raptor gave a rough, dying squuuarrk! as its entrails dripped from the incision across its scaled underside, its legs quickly giving out and sending the reptillian mob crashing to the ground. Prince suddenly felt a surge of accomplishment - he'd cut right through its hard scales with a single stroke, and the raptor had even been a level higher than he! He was certainly getting better! However, something suddenly nagged at him - usually, when one of the raptors died, more came surging forward to avenge their fallen kin. Had Prince astonished them all with his amazing prowess in combat?

No, Prince unfortunately realized with a huff as his ruby eyes scanned the tropical jungle setting around him. It wasn't that the rest of the raptors were amazed; more like the rest of the raptors were dead. So entranced with the blood dancing around him as he cut through the raptors that he'd killed them all; and at the same time, ended up far away from the city and his friends. The elf's face twisted into one of frustration.

Worried, Prince gaped at his surroundings. Maybe that was the tree he'd passed on his way to the small grove containing the most concentrated group of raptors. No, or was it that one? Confusion seeped across the elf's features as he pointed this way and that, mentally trying to persuade himself that this was the right way to go. Of course, this didn't help - because every time he came close, another path started to look familiar!

"Um...I'm not lost," Prince told himself in what he hoped was a firm tone. Sadly, it didn't work; the words came out sounding like a half-hearted defense of his pride. Prince was most definitely, absolutely, indeed lost. Prince's fingers clawed at his scalp as he began to panic. Oh great, it was like East Continent all over again!

"Okay, Lan, don't panic! Don't panic," the elf told himself, slipping into usage of his real life name as ice gripped his heart. He really didn't need a repeat of the boat incident... "Just..." Suddenly, an Idea came to him! Prince's expression brightened dramatically, and his shoulders, once slumped in what could have been described as defeat, straightened. He snapped his fingers and exclaimed, "Just use eenie meeny minie mo!"

And so, quickly deciding on a path to take with this method, the Blood Elf Prince walked leisurely through the jungle-like terrain, whistling to himself and having absolutely no idea that he was actually walking in the direction most likely to end in the snow-haired, blood-covered elf hanging upside down from a tree while monkey-raptors (a highly dangerous foe around these parts) pointed and laughed at his misfortune.

[Haha...poor Prince. :P Was it any good? Do you think I captured his/her essence? I feel like it wasn't good enough for some reason! ^^;]

3/14/2011 #15
Blazing Fox

Excellent, very nice job~ You captured Prince's essence very well. You can now RP as him/her! :DD

3/15/2011 #16
Lightning Blade

Midori, welcome back! :D Yes, it is a great story about Prince! Can't wait for you to RP as Prince, Midori!

Haha, it's pretty hilarious when I think of this. xD Midori RPs as Prince, Fox as Gui and me as Wicked... This should be interesting... xD XD

3/15/2011 #17
Blazing Fox

This will be interesting... *smirks evilly* XD

3/16/2011 #18

...Should I be scared?? O.O

(And this is coming from someone who actually takes pleasure in describing blood, gore, and other awesome battle stuff. Wow. I feel like a sadist.)

Haha, but yeah...I'm scared for poor Princey! xD

3/27/2011 #19
Blazing Fox

Yes, yes you should. ^_^

Psh, Prince can handle it. xD

3/27/2011 #20

So which is your favorite pairing? GuiPrince, PrinceWicked, GuiWicked...? ...O.o I just discovered a new slash pairing, apparently...

3/27/2011 #21
Blazing Fox

It's so hard to choose! D:

But...I think I like GuiPrince a little better, because Gui is all overprotective and worries about him. It's cute, in my opinion. xD

3/27/2011 #22

Same here. I feel bad for poor Wicked, though. He's loved Lan for what, 8 years? He needs to get a girlfriend. But yeah, GuiPrince still wins more! :D

3/27/2011 #23
Blazing Fox

Wicked can get tons of girls on his own with no trouble. xD

GuiPrince is super win! It's also beast. *nods* :D

3/27/2011 #24

xD I'm surprised no one's written a Wicked x OC story yet...though, given the portion of 1/2 Prince's fanbase that is actually aware of the existence of its category on'm not that surprised.

Don't forget bomb! Which apparently my Arizonian cousin says all the time. xD Dunno how it hasn't spread to my part of the U.S. yet...but whatever. I prefer beast, wicked, win, awesomesauce, etc. Well, no one really says awesomesauce around my town, except me...ah well! xD

3/27/2011 #25
Blazing Fox

I know! 1/2 Prince should have it's own category under 'Manga', instead of being under 'Chinese Manhua'. It's important enough for that.

It's not in my part of the U.S, either. xD I remember saying awesomesauce all the time for a week. Eveybody kept getting annoyed at me and the week after that, I suddenly just stopped. xD

3/28/2011 #26

I know! I actually didn't know it had a category under Chinese Manhua until after I emailed to tell them they didn't have a 1/2 Prince category xD

I still say it sometimes, but mostly just on the Internet. Not sure why I don't use it much verbally...

3/28/2011 #27
All Knowing 1

Hi! Since we will hopefully involve more of Odd Squad in the future, I want to ask if I can RP as Yulian. Here is a paragraph I wrote about her in an everyday situation.

With a small smile on her face, Yulian nodded to Rose and Ice Phoenix, as she stepped out of the financial office door. The smile dropped off as soon as the door shut behind her. Prince had dared to disappearagain! Gui and Wicked were running about frantically trying to find him. Sunshine and Fairsky were doing what they could from the sky. As for Ice Phoenix, Yulian was keeping her busy enough so that, though she was worried, she would go anywhere. Infinite Band had a signing in an hour and only one member was here! And if they didn't show up… Yulian could feel all the money they were planning on making at the signing slipping away. That can't be allowed to happen! She thought frantically. What if no one could find Prince at all? They would have to hire searchers! Yulian let out a soft groan. Think of all the money that wouldcost. Maybe she could get some of Prince's fans to find him. Surely his fangirls would find him, with no cost asked. In fact, she thought, maybe some would pay to go find him. She began to wonder just how much money that could generate.

Truthfully, Yulian didn't understand the fascination many girls had for Prince. Sure, he wasn't ugly, but he just couldn't compare to her Wolf. With his amazing aura, silver fur…Yulian brought herself back to the present problems with a jerk. Still that fangirls could help her solve the problem. It was if they were a club. Hmm, a club, Yulian thought. Maybe one with official memberships and annual dues. They could make a lot of money that way. Of course, Prince would have to make occasional appearances, but that was no difficulty. Yulian wandered back to the office, ideas simmering in the back of her mind.

5/26/2011 #28
Blazing Fox

Awesome job, Knowing~ You can RP as Yulian, so good luck. :D

5/27/2011 #29
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