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Ever wish you could be a character in Second Life? That you could meet other players, destroy monsters, maybe even meet love along the way? Well, now is your chance! RP as a Second Life player, or be a real character from the manga! Or just chat about it!
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Blazing Fox

Post here is you are RPing in Southern Continent!

2/3/2011 #1

Mika had arrived in the newbie village in the southern continent, "Whoa, what a rush." She said holding her head. She shook her head, trying to rid herself of the dizzyness. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her tail, she jumped and turned around, only to see a red slime with teeth and eyes. "THat hurt, you little shit." Kitten hissed. She clawed it, it was dead, less then a second later. She made a face at the gunk covering her hand, she wiled it on a cloth she had. She started walking when she heard a noise...

2/15/2012 #2

Spinkick grimaced as her knife pierced the slime's gooey exterior, letting its gelatinous contents leak onto the ground with disgusting quickness. Resisting the urge to kick at the dying thing, the dark elf shuffled backwards to keep the slime from soiling the nice new boots she'd found on the corpse of a poor sap who'd gotten ganked by some nameless, higher-level player. Luckily, she'd managed to wriggle the boots off of his feet before he turned into a beam of light, which was quite a feat, mind you. (You don't want to know how the Savage-hopeful managed to avoid being detected by the player-killer. Ergh.)

Gazing around her immediate surroundings, Spinkick noticed with a twinge of satisfaction that the woods were now empty, piles of red goo lying splattered on the forest floor. However, in the distance, she noticed a fellow newbie walking around the area. Her mind slid back to the PKer she'd seen recently, and frowned concernedly. Would it be a good idea to warn the other player?

Probably, Spinkick decided, and since she'd have to head that way anyway to find more slimes, the fifteen-year-old figured it couldn't be too troublesome.

"Hey!" she called out, though her voice must have been too quite to reach her. This was no matter; Spinkick started towards the other player - a cat-eared girl in ninja gear, it seemed - at a half-run. "Hey, you!"

2/15/2012 #3

Kitten turned at the noise, and saw a dark elf running towards her. She leaped in a tree trying to get out of range, if the playerwanted to attack her.Her ears were forwardlistening for every sound, sensing every movement.

"Yes? What do you want?" She asked, the person, curious.Curiosity killed the cat... she thought.

2/15/2012 #4

Spinkick couldn't help but quirk an eyebrow as the other player leapt into a tree at her call. So like a cat... the dark elf thought as she slid to a stop before the tree. The girl's cat ears swiveled forward, which was really very interesting to watch.

"Yes? What do you want?" the player inquired, showing no traces of suspicion; a little surprising for Spinkick, who assumed by her behaviour that she was scared or something. Though, it wasn't like she was that scary...was she? I guess it was just a reflex? Oh well, I guess I can't complain about weirdness...

"Hi, um... I should warn you. There's this high-level player around the area," Spinkick began, a little uncertainly. She straightened her back, realizing she was acting shy, and continued. "I'm not sure why, but they're going around killing newbies. You should be careful."

2/15/2012 #5

"Oh.." Kitten said, disappearing and reappearing in another tree "That isn't very nice," she said her tail twitching behind her. " I wonder why they would do that...It's not like we can beat them in a duel or anything." Kitten tilted her head in a cat like gesture. "Oh yah, name's Killer Kitten by the way."

2/15/2012 #6

"Oh..." the catlike player replied to Spinkick, vanishing only to reappear in a tree near the one she'd left. Spinkick watched her warily, not only a bit intimidated by what seemed to be some sort of power play, but a little miffed that this other newbie - she couldn't be over level 10, she could tell! - already had a head start on being a Savage, technically. Stealth was pretty important for the Savage class. "That isn't very nice."

No, no it wasn't - oh, wait. She was talking about the PKer, right.

"Oh yeah, name's Killer Kitten, by the way."

"It fits," Spinkick replied with a wry grin, banishing any dark thoughts from her mind. She was a happy person in general. Yes. Happy thoughts. Jealousy is not nice. "I'm Spinkick, level 6."

2/15/2012 #7

"Thanks!" Kitten purred."Level 5 and I want to be an assasin, or a dancer, I am not really sure yet... I've got pretty stealth and agility, although I need to work on my strength.."

2/15/2012 #8

"Thanks!" the player - Kitten - purred, stating her level and telling the dark elf her possible choices. Spinkick smiled, hoping it didn't look fake. She was not jealous. She would not give in to envy. No, she would not!

Not consciously, anyway.

"I'm gonna be a Savage," Spinkick replied, grinning at the cat-girl. "Same here, mostly. I kind of need to work on stealth and strength, but my agility's good."

She paused for a moment, wondering if it would be a good idea. She wasn't jealous or anything, right? You know? Right? But she really wanted to be a Savage...

"Hey, do you think you could help me with my stealth?"

2/15/2012 #9

"Only if you help me with my strength.." She gave her new found ally a fanged smile. "First things first, don't try so hard, nothing sticks out more that a person who's trying not to be seen." she giggled.

(I have to go, bye.)

2/15/2012 #10

"Only if you help me out with my strength," the cat-girl stated with a grin that was made macabre by her fangs. Spinkick could deal with that. Well, sure, she'd have to look up some ways for strength training when she logged off, but that was okay. "First things fist, don't try so hard, nothing sticks out more than a person who's trying not to be seen," Kitten giggled.

Spinkick nodded, glad for any help with her training.

"Sure, I can do that. Thank you, very much!" the dark elf exclaimed sincerely. And thus, the deal was struck.

[Alright; bye! Talk to you later :) ]

2/15/2012 #11

Kitten logged on to Second Life, 'Spinkick are you online?' she asked. Kitten had been studying traning techniques online in the real world, and she really wanted to sjow her new team mate.

2/16/2012 #12

It was a dull morning on Southern Continent when Spinkick logged on, worn down by the day's events. Truthfully, if it were legal, she'd toss all of her homework and textbooks into the sea, but sadly that was considered littering. Perhaps a bonfire, then? Hmm.

The dark elf newbie stretched in her position beneath a particularly comfortable tree and stood, gazing with disdain at the red flans that had respawned around her. She knew she shouldn't have logged off until she'd reached Newbie Village, but she hadn't had the time; it was almost time to wake up for school. Her mood only barely soured, though; it was nice enough to be back in Second Life and working towards her goal that she ignored the minor annoyance and got to work dispatching the fiends.

"Spinkick, are you online?"

Words suddenly reached the dark elf as she smashed one of the slimes with a kick (only remembering her nice new boots once it was too late), and before she could lower her leg, Spinkick floudered in her surprise. She ended up sprawled on the ground, slimy guts leaking into her hair, before she realized it must have been Kitten PMing her.

"Yeah. What's up?" Grumbling silently, Spinkick stood up as she answered, trying to get the slime out of her hair before it dried.

2/17/2012 . Edited 2/17/2012 #13

(Hey I am sorry but I wont be able to get on this forum for a while, again really sorry...)

2/18/2012 #14

(Hey guess what I'm back! Hey I was wondering if we could do a time skip, so out charries her all leveled up and on thier own adventure, to create thier own legend? What do you think?)

5/14/2012 #15

(Hi, welcome back! It's been a while, huh? :)

Um, I don't really know about a time skip. I think most of the 'legend-making' would happen as they level, not when they're like level 80 ish ; A smaller time skip would be fine, like ten or twenty levels so that they've gotten more settled, but going too far would just be missing out on all kinds of stuff.)

5/18/2012 #16

(Yeah I was thinking only about ten levels, so they don't really have to train and all, cause honestly, I don't really know much about training in agility or that kind of

5/18/2012 #17

(Yeah, that'd be fine. To be honest, neither do I :9 So where should we start off? Level 15, 20 ish?)

5/20/2012 . Edited 5/20/2012 #18

(That's perfect, I'd say around 20-ish, does that sound okay?)

5/20/2012 #19

(That's perfect :] Would you like to start, or shall I?)

5/21/2012 #20

(Can you, I have no idea where to start....)

5/22/2012 #21

(Sure! I'm just glad to be RPing here again; it really seemed like this forum was gonna die ;-; I guess it still might, but... hopefully not?)

A Week Or So Later...


Spinkick launched the flan into the air with a kick resembling her namesake, grimacing as the gooey golden backsplash flew into her exposed face and spattered her sunglasses (I'm so glad I found these now... she noted pleasantly, having finally ended her three-day-long search for glasses of some sort). Three, two, one...

As planned, Kitten shot out from the branches of the tree she'd hidden in, slicing the flan to pieces and landing on the leaf-strewn ground with a grace that mimicked her own namesake. As the yellow-orange flan-bits rained down from the slashed creature, Spinkick groaned.

"I thought we'd gotten past slimy things after we left the Newbie Village," the dark elf complained, wiping her shoes on the grass. She irritably picked a glob of slime out of her hair and went to dig through the sticky corpse for their loot.

(So sorry I took a while to reply. I only saw your post late last night and I didn't really have time to write up an RP post :P But I'm here now! :D)

5/23/2012 . Edited 5/23/2012 #22

(That's okay! XP)

Kitten giggled, her ears forward to catch every sound. "I don't know, I kind of like the sound they make." She wiped the gunk off of her body, she shook her body like a dog would and in a funny twist of fate, she puffed up like a giant cotton ball.

5/23/2012 #23

Spinkick stared at Kitten in disbelief. She pondered saying something, but decided not to; after all, she often got incredulous looks herself in daily life, and she supposed the cat-girl did have very different ears from her. The Savage did, however, shudder.

Picking a few coins and a small container of glimmering golden goo from the splattered remains of the flan ("It sells for 12 silver! That's a lot for such an easy mob!" she exclaimed fervently when they first started fighting the things), Spinkick adjusted her tunic, wiped some goo off her shoulder, and straightened her belt. "So, are we ready to head back to Bronze City and sell these treasures?"

(By the way, which class did Kitten decide on? Spinkick, as she claimed, finally became a Savage xD)

5/23/2012 #24

"Yepper's!" Kitten cheered, her eyes sparkling with the thought of real food. "I can't wait to get a fresh Tuna salad!" she purred. "Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, a while back, I saw a cave, and I grew kind of curious, and I found this!" she pulled out a small moss covered stone, "I thought the shape was unique, so I picked it up, but those bears really, REALLY didn't want me to have it." her ears flattened against her head in confusion. (I was thinking that what she found a somewhat rare gem, and it was worth quite a bit or maybe a level up gem....)

5/23/2012 #25

(I looked up some weird Chinese foods for an idea. Apparently chou dofu is this really stinky tofu that supposedly tastes okay despite the smell... so I thought it fit Spinkick. She's always been a bit weird... x3)

"Yeah, I'm starving. I could go for some chou dofu right now," Spinkick replied, grinning at the thought. When Kitten pulled out the moss covered stone, the dark elf shrugged unconcernedly. "Well, yeah. Most bear mobs are like that. You probably just got too close to their babies." She doubted the stone would be worth much, but resolved to have it appraised. She said as much, and then added as an afterthought, "Maybe we should pick the moss off first, so we can see what kind of rock it is."

5/23/2012 #26

(I wuv Chinese food! X3)

"Okay!" Kitten said happily, she used her claws to scrape off the moss. What it revealed was a teal blus stone with white crystal viens running through it. "Woah." was all she could say once she saw the true beauty of the stone.

(Sorry mixed up more than one forum...)

5/23/2012 . Edited 5/23/2012 #27

(I like the American version... I've never had real Chinese food, sadly :c I need to find some! *determined face*)

As the blue stone was revealed, Spinkick gave a shocked expression. "Wow. I guess I was wrong.... That looks... expensive..." She was practically drooling at the thought of how much money it might make if they were to sell it; over the last week, she had become rather obsessed with the in-game cash of Second Life - it very nearly obscured her current love of martial arts. She approached Kitten, who held the stone, and felt the surface with the tip of one finger. It was smooth and glossy. "What do you think it is?"

(Huh? What do you mean? *is clueless*)

(Oh! You never answered; what was Kitten's class?)

5/23/2012 #28

(I haven't either, but that's okay! I made a mistake with Kitten's name earlier but I fixted it!)

Kitten cradled the stone in her hands, "It's so pretty, Can I keep it?" she asked, her cat-like eyes focused on the stone.

5/23/2012 #29

(I don't know if I saw it or not... I probably didn't, cuz I never notice that kind of thing unless I'm really into a long story or something...)

Spinkick hesitated, pouting. She'd really wanted to see how much it would sell for... But she sighed.

Don't be greedy, Ming Li, she told herself, not bothering to use her in-game name in her thoughts. Greed is bad.... Besides, I get lots of good loot to sell... like this goop. And there was a sword a while back when we were fighting those centaurs...

"Alright, I guess," she relented, already beginning to head southeast toward Bronze City. "Let's find out what it is while we're in the city, okay?"

5/23/2012 #30
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