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Ever wish you could be a character in Second Life? That you could meet other players, destroy monsters, maybe even meet love along the way? Well, now is your chance! RP as a Second Life player, or be a real character from the manga! Or just chat about it!
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"Okay! And Thank you!" Kitten tackled her new friend. "Let's go" She started to skip ahead, her tail twitching with happiness.

(What's it gonna be?)

5/23/2012 #31


5/23/2012 #32

(I dunno, I'll go look up some World of Warcraft items and stuff... and we can brainstorm while I do that.)

The traveling went smoothly as the two traversed the Eastern Rainforest, soon leaving the confines of the forest and entering the Bronze City.

Spinkick grinned as her nose caught the tantalizing scents of freshly made food and cold, hard cash. ("It makes the world go round, baby," she would occasionally say.) She rubbed her palms together and glanced inconspicuously at a food stall that sold stinky tofu, her stomach giving an anticipatory growl. She gravitated toward the stall.

5/23/2012 #33

Kitten heard the growl and grinned, She followed her companion to the stall, she jumped on top of a near by roof, lazing around in the sun. "Can you ask if they have in fish?" she asked her friend.

5/24/2012 #34

(So sorry for the long wait, I got caught up in school life and such; graduation week... bleh -.- Anyway! I got an idea for the stone. It could be an item that starts a quest of some sort. Ooh! It should be an epic quest! Maybe it could be our plot or something?)

Spinkick dug in her pocket for some copper (She swore she would get a coin purse...eventually) as she approached the stall, nodding at Kitten with a smile. She's so cat-like... is she like that in real life? the Savage wondered absently. After the dark elf bought their snacks (And they had indeed had fish) and began hungrily eating her chou dofu, she began to think about which store would be the best place for her to sell her golden flan goo.

It was then that she spotted the jewelers' shop and remembered the blue stone; chomping on her tofu, Spinkick pointed at the place.

5/31/2012 #35

(Yeah that sounds great, but what would our Epic quest be about?)

Kitten jumped to the roof of the stall Spinkick was pointing at, "Hey!" she said startling the seller, as she was hanging up-side down. "Can you help us?"

6/1/2012 #36

(I'm not sure yet... something epic? :3 We'll have to think on it.)

Spinkick scowled for a moment at Kitten, who had just possibly made the vendor wet himself - well, she might have if he weren't an NPC. Shaking her head in exasperation toward her catty friend, she explained, "We found this stone out in a cave somewhere and were wondering if you could tell us what it was."

Now the vendor scowled, shaking off the shock of Kitten's abrupt appearance.

"Will you sell it to me if I tell you what it is?" he asked shrewdly.

"...We'll see," Spinkick allowed, narrowing her eyes at the NPC. It all depended on whether it was a jewel of some sort, or something useful like a pet egg or something (Not that she knew what to do with those, or what they looked like...)

"Alright, I'll appraise it."

6/1/2012 #37

Kitten laughed a flipped down, "Yay!" she squealed, jumpng up and down. She slipped it out of her pocket and gave it to the clerk, almost reluctant to let it go.

6/1/2012 #38

The NPC took the stone and placed it on his counter as he pulled a jewelers' kit seemingly out of nowhere (This surprised no one, as that was how most players took things out of their inventory, after all.) Pulling out a small magnifying glass and a folded-up chart of all the different kinds of stones and jewels in Second Life, the vendor began examining the stone with care.


Spinkick waited, a bit antsy. To be fair, she did not trust this vendor. He seemed so greedy! But then again, most NPC vendors were focused on cash...


The dark elf scowled as the NPC hmmed again and again, turning this way and that as he gazed at the blue stone beneath the magnifying glass. He frequently glanced at the chart on his counter, seeming troubled.


"Will you stop hmming and get on with it?!" Spinkick very nearly screeched as the tension became too much to bear. The vendor glared at her and seemed about to yell back when he sighed all of a sudden.

"I can't identify it."

6/1/2012 #39

Kittens ears perked up, and her tail started to twitch, Spinkick could easily recognized her confusion. "What do you mean? You don't now what it is?" she said. "How could you not know?' she demanded.

6/1/2012 #40

The vendor gave Kitten a irritable stare, apparently having decided not to like her.

What a grumpy old man, now that he's not making money off of our stuff... Spinkick thought to herself, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Because it's not on the chart! Look! Do you see a blue stone here?" he snapped, shoving the chart in their faces. "Obviously, it's not a gem or a precious stone or even a stupid non-precious one, because it's not on the chart!"

"So... it's not a stone or a gem? Then what is it?"

"How should I know?" the NPC grumbled, pulling a broom out of nowhere. "Go ask a player! And get out of my shop if you don't have anything to sell!" He shooed them away with his broom, sweeping them out of the shop as if they were spiders.

6/1/2012 #41

"Fine!" Kitten hissed, annoyed at the man, as soon as he turned his back, Kitten stuck her tongue out in a childish manner. She turned and stalked off, her precious stone in her hands.

6/1/2012 #42

"Come on, we'll try to find a high level player to bug," Spinkick decided, finishing off her stick of chou dofu which had lain, uneaten, in her hand as they spoke with the NPC. It was cold now, she noted with displeasure. "There has to be someone who would know about this kind of thing, right?"

She scanned the crowd of players congregating in the square for a moment, pursing her lips as she absentmindedly shoved the chou dofu's now-empty stick in her inventory for later disposal. Her eyes caught a sufficiently powerful-looking player and she pointed at the tall beastman, shooting a grin at Kitten, before suddenly a scream rent the air and the crowd began to stir with unease.

"Huh?"Spinkick mumbled intelligently as a player in the crowd suddenly dropped dead. She felt a growing sense of panic form in the pit of her stomach.

"PKer on the loose! Everybody run!!" a newbie shrieked, forgetting her similarly low-level friends and making a dash for it. A demon warrior appeared behind the elfin newb, and suddenly she had become a pillar of golden light. Spinkick grimaced at the gruesome sight.

"I think we'll have to postpone that, actually," she stated casually, but her expression was one of horror.

(Ah, plot twist. Couldn't resist... x3 I had to find some way to bring that PKer back from the first posts... it just seemed like such a waste to leave him unexplained.)

6/1/2012 #43

"Yep, I think you're right." Kitten said with a laugh, for some odd reason, when Kitten's life was in real danger, she became like a young girl who had just recieved a new toy. In a way, it was terrifying, because she would laugh when she would kill someone, or something, she would stand there with a smile on her face and her claws covered in gore. Kitten jumped up on a nearby building, pulling a dagger out of her inventory and throwing at the murderous demon.

(Sorry I thought Kitten had to have a creepy side as well...)

6/1/2012 #44

(Don't apologize :] It's the way she is, right? And I kind of already knew she was a bit creepy, haha)

(Chaotic Storm's POV)

School and chores had been particularly stressful today. Jing had dealt with all kinds of idiocy this morning at his university, not to mention at home. There had been a sort of party for good attendance records and good grades this afternoon, and awards and such had been given to celebrate the end of the first semester. Of course, he had won several and at some point he'd had to attempt an impromptu speech; needless to say, he managed, but it was such an irritating event. Then at home, he'd had to help his older sister with her shopping; and that was by far the worst point of his day.

When Jing logged on to Second Life as Chaotic Storm, he wanted nothing more than to slaughter some new players, to feel their blood bathe the soles of his shoes and their screams echo in his ears. However, somehow that just seemed too tame tonight. Too easy. He wanted a challenge this time.

The bloodthirsty demon warrior had decided, tonight, to target the variety of interesting players milling about Bronze City.

Ah, the first kill of the night was always the best, especially when it occurred in a crowded place - the screams Chaotic Storm inspired just after that first noob slid to the ground clutching at his wounds never failed to cheer him up and get his blood pumping in a way that academic finals would just never be able to accomplish. He especially loved when they tried to fight back; it was pathetic, really.

Chaotic Storm batted aside a dagger that had been thrown his way, his eyes pinpointing the one who had thrown it mere seconds after it clattered to the paved ground. His lips split in a wicked grin at the cat-girl whose eyes glowed with the danger of a fight, and he readied his swords as the cat-girl's friend tugged at her arm, screaming obscenities. Tonight would surely be the best slaughter he'd had all week.


(Spinkick's POV)

"What the hell are you doing?!" the dark elf screeched as Kitten loosed a dagger at the PKer, a plate-covered demon warrior who wore a sadistic grin. "Who knows how high his level is?! Do you want to get us killed?!" She tugged at Kitten's arm, panic coloring her voice and draining the blood from her dark-skinned face. The PKer turned toward them, a scary smirk on his face, and the dark elf gulped. "Aw, crap..."

She reluctantly pulled out her dagger and slid into a combat stance.

6/1/2012 #45

Kitten laughed with glee, her claws lengthened, and she smiled a creepy fanged grin, she palmed three of her throwing daggers. Her pupil's became narrow slits in her eyes, over all she looked deadly. Kitten giggled again, "Looks like I'll get some good use from that training, huh?" she glanced at her obviously terrified comanion. She threw a dagger just as she dissappeared from sight, which Spinkick knew was a way for Kitten to get close enought to her target to deal a powerful blow.

(Hey, I had an idea, what if Jing and Kitten met in real life? I think that would be comical, or if Spinkick recognized him and accidentally met Kitten? P.S. I have a really dumb question, what is a PKer? and can Kitten have a sword?)

6/1/2012 #46
All Knowing 1

Spring Breeze was walking out of a restaurant, wondering what she should should do now that she was full, when she heard someone scream something about a Pker. Great, she though sarcastically as she drew her fans. I do not need this right now. She looked down as her bright robes. This may not have been the best thing to buy. Maybe if I'm quite he won't notice me. I may be able to out run him, my agility is pretty high. She quietly began to retreat, planning possible escape routes in her head.

(A PKer is a player killer)

6/1/2012 #47

(*Hits self in head* I should have known that thanks, Oh and Hi! DOn't mind me I might be a little hyper, I just had a double chocolate brownie.....Mmmmm)

6/1/2012 #48
All Knowing 1

(It's fine. just proves I play way to many video games)

6/1/2012 #49

(lol, I read waaaaay too much manga and watch the same amount of anime....*is reading manga and typing at the same time*)

6/1/2012 #50

(Ah, sorry about that! I play a lot of MMOs, and I kind of just assume everyone knows my gamer lingo... D: Oopsies? Also, I think Kitten can have a sword, it really depends on what kind it is and what her class is. I think you said she might want to be an assassin or a dancer earlier? Dancers probably wouldn't have swords, but an assassin might use one that has a light weight. Kinda like a ninja.)

((Chaotic Storm))

Chaotic Storm had silently tuned out the other players as he focused on the one that had dared try to attack him, readying himself for a quick and decisive fight. He twirled one of his scimitar casually as he prepared for a charge, one that was augmented by his demonic agility and which often kept his enemies frozen in place - via the usual fear factor, of course. However, one step toward his target later and said target, the gleeful cat-girl, had vanished.

It wasn't a new tactic, but CS hadn't seen a newbie use it in a long time. More often they were too afraid to think enough for strategy. He tensed his shoulders in preparation, eyes scanning the darkened surroundings - evening had fallen in Bronze City, a perfect setting for murder. He grinned at this thought.


The Savage's grimace deepened as Kitten disappeared into the shadows, her own Stealth training coming to mind. She hadn't really thought she'd be using it to combat a waaaay high level PKer, but it seemed it may come in handy. The demon warrior was focused on Kitten, wherever she was; if Spinkick came around and hit him with a surprise attack... they might have a chance, if she could find his weak point. Just like with regular mobs, he had to have a weak point... He just had to.

Steeling herself, Spinkick vanished into the shadows just as Kitten had, moving with quiet grace toward the perfect spot for an ambush...

(Haha, I love manga! And video games... and double chocolate brownies *drools*)

6/1/2012 #51

(Ha, we made it to the second page! :D)

6/1/2012 #52
All Knowing 1

As she scanned the area, Spring Breeze(I'm just to refer to her as Spring from now on) noticed two girls who seemed to be fighting a demon warrior, probably the Pker. Are they inane? she though. They're going to get themselves killed! All of Spring's instincts were telling her to either run, or curl into the fetal position. Defiantly not doing the second, I told myself I won't act like that here, she told herself. She continued to watch the other two as she considered the second, hoping the Pker would be to focused on them to notice her. The darkness would help, hopefully.

6/1/2012 #53

(Yay Page number 2! And I think she's gonna ba an assasin. Speaking of manga, I'm reading a really good one called Ouke no Monshou, the artistry isn't that good, but it has a good story line, you guys should check it out.)

Kitten drew her sword, her feet silently creeping in the shadows, she was like a ghost, she stopped in a dark shadow, braced her feet against a wall and pushed off, using her speed to create a shallow cut in his arm, not inflicting much damage, but it was a hit all the same. Just as she past the Demon she whispered into his ear, "Catch me if you can." she goaded him on.

6/1/2012 #54

(What's it about? :) Also... Chaotic Storm is wearing armor from the neck down, so you can't really get at his arm, it's covered with plate... shall we say she got a cut on his face? :/ Also, I'm not trying to make CS too powerful, but he is around level 55 and a bit of a PvP [player versus player combat] expert... he could probably kill all of our OCs. Which I'm avoiding for obvious reasons xD The fight won't be able to be too epic yet, sadly.)

((Chaotic Storm))

Chaotic Storm heard her before she attacked. His hearing may not have been the best in reality, but in this virtual kingdom his demonic ears caught every breath of air. He didn't bother to move when she launched herself off a wall from his left, slicing a thin line of blood on his cheek; it was more fun to let his victims think they could win, and it wasn't as though it stung, what with only 30% pain. He was rather surprised by her speed - for a newbie, it was substantial. Had she been putting all her points into agility, or was it some special item or piece of equipment? He didn't quite have time to ponder it.

"Catch me if you can." The whispered words ignited a competitive spirit within Chaotic Storm, one that often reared its ugly head in the academic department; not in Second Life, in which - in his mind, anyway - he was superior to all but the overlords. He slid to face her, giving a nonchalant scoff at her words. He would squash her like a bug, just as he did with all newbies. He raised his right-hand scimitar, preparing for a quick kill.

"Bring it on, newb--" The words were cut off as a heavy kick landed on his wrist, vibrating through his plate armor and nearly making him drop his sword. As it was, he kept a firm grip as he scowled at the interruption and turned to face yet another noob - this one a dark elf with green hair and black sunglasses.


She couldn't believe what she just did.

Or what Kitten just did.

They had to be crazy. Or insane. Or just demented. Or perhaps a combination of all three would be correct?

Oh crap, she just attacked a high-level player-killer. And now... and now he was glaring at her. And that sword looked really very menacing, as did its twin. Not to mention the demon who held them...

Oh, dear gods of Second Life , wherever you may be...

(I'm listening to epic video-game battle music as I type this! :D)

6/1/2012 . Edited 6/1/2012 #55

(Here's the link, , and sure, just a small scratch though...)

Hey spinkick, I think he's acctually getting serious, and I think my high on adrenalin is wearing off, I think we just made a HUGE mistake about attacking this guy, do you think we should run? Kitten PMed her friend. She stalked silently to where, if he would attack, she could try and get Spin kick out of the way if she had to.

6/1/2012 #56
All Knowing 1

Spring couldn't believe her eyes. They had just attacked a PKer. A high level one. One who was a demon and was looking really angry. They are going to die, she thought as she glanced around the dark area. Wait..dark! Not giving herself time to think how this was an insane, suicidal idea, she began to move toward the other players. It was crazy, but it might just give them a chance to survive.

6/1/2012 #57

(Sorry guys I gtg)

6/1/2012 #58

(Alright, I'll check it out when I've got time tonight! :D Okay, see you later Spaz)


Taking a few stumbling steps back, Spinkick winced at the sudden malicious smile that appeared on the PKer's face. Kitten's voice drifted into her mind, and it took her a moment to realize that it was a PM from the feline Assassin, who had once again vanished into the night. She hoped that the demon warrior couldn't see her Stealthing about the area.

"Hey Spinkick, I think he's actually getting serious," Kitten said, drawing half a sarcastic thought from the dark elf's mind before the cat-girl went on, "and I think my high on adrenalin is wearing off. I think we just made a HUGE mistake about attacking this guy, do you think we should run?"

"Are you kidding? He'll catch us! And then he'll gut us like fish!" Spinkick PMed in return, stress and panic making the message frantic. "Face it, we're screwed! Maybe we'll just let him kill us and take the level penalty... No, no... That's it, I'm going to go down fighting if we'll die anyway!" the Savage decided, sending a decidedly fury-fileld glare at the demon and steeling herself in her basic tae kwon do stance. "He shouldn't go around killing new players, anyway! It's mean! I want to kick him again!"

"This is stupid," she growled lowly, half afraid he would hear her and half wanting him to, "and wrong!" It was probably a good thing she didn't act on her urge to kick the demon. She almost wanted to run anyway... but demons were agile. He would kill them both, and he would love it!

((Chaotic Storm))

The demon warrior saw the other noob's lips moving soundlessly and realized she was probably private-messaging the cat-girl - who, on that note, had disappeared again. No matter; he would be able to tell if she was going to attack again, he was certain. His lip curled as the dark elf took a more confident stance and he lifted his sword threateningly. Her next words were ones he had heard before on occasion, but usually they were screamed whilst their speaker was in the throes of death. Or near them, anyway.

"This is stupid and wrong," he heard her mutter, and a spark of anger at the pathetic little girl's insolence made him scowl. He would enjoy killing these newbs tonight.

"You silly little noob; what does it matter to you?" he asked, sarcasm dripping from his voice. "You can't do anything to stop me."

6/1/2012 #59
All Knowing 1

Spring managed to reach the dark elf's side before she attacked the demon warrior again. "Get ready to run and tell your friend too. I can buy you time to get away and hopefully not get killed. Or you can try to fight him off. Decide quickly."

6/1/2012 #60
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