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Ever wish you could be a character in Second Life? That you could meet other players, destroy monsters, maybe even meet love along the way? Well, now is your chance! RP as a Second Life player, or be a real character from the manga! Or just chat about it!
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Blazing Fox

If you have any questions, you can ask here or PM me or any moderator.

2/3/2011 #1
Lightning Blade

Hi! :) I would like to ask whether I can write another character's dialogue. For example, if I want your character to talk to my character, can I have your character speaking to my character? Or I need to ask for the creator's permission first? :)

2/19/2011 #2
Blazing Fox

Hmm... It'd be better to ask for the creator's permission first, just in case. Thanks for asking! :D

2/19/2011 #3
Lightning Blade

Okay! :D Thanks for answering, Fox!

2/19/2011 #4
Blazing Fox

Welcome! ^_^

2/19/2011 #5
Lightning Blade


By the way, may I ask, how come only 3 of us are active in this forum? xD I feel that this forum is a great medium for us to chat about Half Prince, so it's a pity that the others don't participate in this forum...

2/24/2011 #6
Blazing Fox

You may ask. XD

I know, I thought more people would join! Maybe people are just shy. I shall drag some people over here if I have to! xD

2/24/2011 #7
Lightning Blade

Yes, you are right, perhaps they are just shy. Hope that more people will join, Fox! :D I'll see if I can find any more 1/2 Prince fans who want to join in the fun too!

By the way, where is Sora? She seems to be missing, so we hope she will come back soon. xD

2/24/2011 #8
Blazing Fox

Yayz! :DD

I have no idea... She'll come back, though...eventually. xD

2/25/2011 #9
Lightning Blade

Haha, she's back! xD

2/27/2011 #10
All Knowing 1

Hi, I've been looking at this forum and am considering joining. I want to know though, do the charters have to be Chinese. According to 1/2 prince, over 80% of the population plays the game. I assume that includes people in other countries. Please let me know.


3/27/2011 #11

[Am I allowed to answer here, or is it just Fox? xD Oh well...]

I'm not quite certain on the matter, but this is how I've always assumed it would be from my experience in MMOs (which, admittedly, only includes WoW, DOMO, Perfect World, Shaiya, LotRO, and Last Chaos...xP):

I figure that, as in World of Warcraft and other popular MMOs these days, there would be a number of different realms or servers, each of which corrospond to a certain country or region. Unlike in WoW, however, I believe that if this was the case in Second Life, in order to reduce effort or hassle for players, each disc would be preprogrammed to place its player in the correct realm depending upon which region the game was bought.

So in short, if you buy the game in Austrailia, you will be placed in a server with other Austrailians. Similarly, if one were to buy the game in T City, he or she would be placed in a realm including others from T City.

Other points that back up this theory are: the fact that, even in the far future, it is unlikely that so many players (80% of the world, in fact), NPCs, mobs, items, abilities, graphics, and effects could be crammed into one virtual world without creating a massive amount of lag (or, the game being slowed down due to too much to comprehend all at once). Another point is overcrowding - Second Life seems to be based off of the typical 'medival fantasy' universe, like Lord of the Rings or Eragon. If 80% of the world's population were all in the world, unless each continent was much bigger than modern Earth's or the real world in 1/2 Prince has a lot less people than it does now, this medival setting could not be properly achieved. This would also cause problems like kill-stealing, few uncrowded training spots, and very congested roads.

3/27/2011 #12
Blazing Fox

Midori, I couldn't have said it better myself. xD

But, your character doesn't have to be Chinese, I guess. :)

3/27/2011 #13

Ah...I feel like I overexplained it somehow xD

3/27/2011 #14
Blazing Fox

Psh, it's fine. I've seen people who overexplain it with, like, five paragraphs. So, I don't you've scared the new guy/girl away. 8D

3/27/2011 #15

Yay! 8D I could have made that five paragraphs if I'd had the time...but I felt lazy. x3

3/27/2011 #16
Blazing Fox

You call that lazy? I would probably would have only put three sentences. O.O

3/27/2011 #17

x3 Fox, that was me pretending to be a good student. In other words: I was lying.

I kind of worked harder on that than I do my schoolwork, since I absolutely LOVE video games :D And actually, I just wrote it like that because it made me feel smart 8D

3/27/2011 #18
Blazing Fox

Oh. xD My friends are right, I am gullible. x3

I love video games too~ :D Just like science stuff, they use big words to sound smarter. And you were successful, you sound smart. Well, you are smart anyway. xD

3/28/2011 #19

Haha, at least you don't say 'WHERE?!' whenever your friends say, 'Hey look, it's a ninja unicorn!' What sucks is, even if there was really a ninja unicorn, I wouldn't see it. Because it's a ninja x3

You should see me in the morning...not smart at all. Or coordinated, either. In fact, this morning I accidentally hit myself in the face with a cereal box! xD

3/28/2011 #20

Hey, Foxy~ (Can I call you that, or is it awkward? You know, being too close to that 'foxy grandpa' kind of foxy... =A= Never mind, I think I'll stick with Fox x3)

I don't know if you're back yet, but if you're reading this, then you must be (Hi, welcome back! :D), but I have a *takes on a fake French accent* question. *end lousy French accent*

I want to make another OC, one of Sora's older cousin, Zhang Cuifen, who I plan to be there for plot reasons to produce drama~ :'D Cuifen will be on Prince's side, because she's a Prince fangirl (Which I must now laugh at because, as you an I both know, Prince is actually a girl~ XD). But Cuifen and her younger sister, Jiao, are total gaming fanatics, so they got the game only a month or two after it came out.

Because of this, Cuifen wouldn't be in the level range you set for us - she'd be pretty high up. Though of course, since Cuifen is a little (a.k.a. very) girly and she mostly just likes the game for socializing and it's amaaazing graphics (and Prince ._.), she'd probably only be a level 25-35 magic-user while her tomboy sister would by like a level 50-60 thief or warrior or something xD

Anyway, my question is, can I start Cuifen off around level 30-ish?

7/21/2011 #21
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