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Here are the rule for the rp.

1)Oc's need to be approve before you use them in the rp.

2)Human Oc's are allowed but please have least one dragon Oc before you start putting in human Oc's .

3)Swearing is allowed but don't say them every 2 words it get annoying.

4)No godmoding.

5)No mary-sue's.

6)Admins word is LAW!... Unless the words are retarded.

7)I overrule the mods, deal with it.

8)Have fun.

2/7/2011 #1

Quick queastion. What is godmoding and what's a mary-sue....?

2/16/2011 #2

godmoding is making your Oc unstoppable and you will have to ask Dan about the merry sue thing.

2/16/2011 #3

Cool, thanks.

2/16/2011 #4

No problem :)

2/16/2011 #5

Hey, I'm obviously new to this RP, and I just thought that I might show my acceptance to the rules before creating my character.

6/4/2014 #6
Steelius the Shapeshifter

I accept the rules. Can I join?

4/9/2015 #7
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