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This is the Oc creator.



Species/Type of Dragon:


Appearance: (you can use drawings from Deviant art )


Job: (Optional)


History: (Optional)


Other: (Optional)

2/7/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #1

Name: Jason Flameheart

Species/Type of Dragon: Anthro

Age: Looks 22 years old (real age unknown)


Abilities: he can use magic, is good at tracking down people or monsters, and he's really good at guitar hero.

Job: Monster hunter.

Personality: he is arrogant, funny and loves fighting.

Weapons: darksteel long sword, 50cal handcannon with the words (Redgrave) engraved on the sides, customized black deagle with the words (the reaper) engraved on the sides.

Other: he smokes, he's a gamer and he loves pizza.

2/7/2011 . Edited 12/17/2011 #2

Name: Andrew

Gender: male

Species/Type of Dragon: Anthro

Age: looks 40, real age 1047

Appearance: Black scales, a red spiked up mane, wears black pants and a dark red jacket with a psycho smiley on the back. A few scars from battles that got through his scales and a missing left eye.

Abilities: Sucks at magic, good at tactical things, expert swordsman but is too much of a berserker for his own good so he gets injured a lot. Seems to have no regard for his own safety.

Job: Outlaw

Personality: Violent, psycho, insane. Not easily distracted when fighting or about to fight. If he's not doing something that involves violence he's likely stabbing an inanimate object.

Weapons: A single edged, skinny longsword with blood soaked bandages on the handle.

Other: Loves tacos.

2/8/2011 . Edited 2/6/2012 #3

Cool your in.

2/8/2011 #4

Name: Alliah

Gender: Female

Species/Type of dragon: Anthro

Age: 20

Appearance: Thigh-length straight midnight-black hair, intense golden eyes, slit pupil, dark purple scales. Wears red tank top with a black skull design, black cargo pants with blood red dragon design, purple and black joggers, gold chains around hips, gold necklace with a dragon pendant carved out of onyx crystal, a gold dragon armlet winding from upper right arm to wrist.

Abilities: Quick and silent, stealthy, can speak multiple languages, strong, can use a minimal amount of magic, uses all types of close combat forms, black belt in all classes, exellent hacker, good with machines, great sense of smell, good at gathering infomation.

Job: Assassian

Personality: Serious on the job and in battle, playful any other time, cluey, easily moved, emotional, gets angry easily, will punch anyone who makes her angry, she's a huge gamer, smokes when stressed, drinks when angry (which is most of the time), says absolue bullshit when drunk, funny, can be sadistic.

Weapons: Claw and fangs, kunai, shuriken, posion, pistol and sword. (She is an assassin, remember. She needs a wide range of weapons.)

Other: Likes karaoke, cooking, beating people up, playing video games, getting people to pay for her (electric bills, resturaunt payments, karaoke fees)

2/16/2011 . Edited 5/13/2011 #5

Cool you're in.

2/16/2011 #6

Name: Alex Shepard

Gender: female

Age: looks 18 years old (real age unknown)

Species/Type of Dragon: anthro

Appearance: sholder-length dark purple hair, blue and green eyes, dark blue scales, wears a black trench coat, a red T-shirt, lether pants and fingerless gloves.

Abilites: shes really quick on her feet and in the air, shes a sharpshooter, minor use in magic and shes the master of unlocking.

Job: freelancer

Personality: shes has a dark sence of humor, loves makeing a lot of inuendos and she loves her headshots (Alex:BOOM! HEADSHOT!).

Weapons: Barrett M82 sniper rifle and duel colt 1911.

Other: she also smokes and like reading erotica.

2/22/2011 #7

Cool you're in... (jokes! xD)

2/22/2011 #8


2/22/2011 #9

Name: Zarriah

Gender: Female

Species/Type of Dragon: Anthro

Age: 17

Appearance: Has waist length thick, curly dark hair, lavender eyes, ice blue scales. She wears a belly button black tank top, black leather pants, black knee high boots, and always has a golden locket around her neck. She has a tattoo of a black dragon head on her upper arm.

Abilities: A master at magic, good in the air, and great with fighting hand-to-hand combat, shooting guns, and throwing knives.

Job: assassin

Personality: Friendly, outgoing, respectful, loyal, trustworthy, not that trustful, sarcastic, has an attitude, and a really hot temper.

History: No one knows but her.

Weapons: Sniper rifle, two handguns, six throwing knives, her magic, and her fists.

Other: (Optional)

3/2/2011 #10

Accepted, welcome aboard.

3/2/2011 #11

Thank you. :D

3/2/2011 #12

Name: Ryo Tetsuya

Gender: male

Species/Type of Dragon: Eastern Lung Anthro

Age: looks 21 years old (real age unknown

Appearance: he has white hair, aqua blue eyes and black scales. He wears a black suit with a red tie and black shoes.

Abilities:good at makeing guns and swords, knows dragon style martial arts and magic.

Job: Weapon smith and monster hunter

Personality: calm and friendly, takes alot to piss him off but if he dose get mad, run fucking run.

Weapons: super sharp wires and his fists.

Other: smokes and loves watching inon chef.

3/14/2011 . Edited 12/17/2011 #13

Name: Aleck

Gender: Male

Species/Type of Dragon: Anthro

Age: Seven

Appearance: A dragon with midnight black wing. He has white spikey hair, Blue eyes and white fangs. Meduim sized wings. Wears a white shirt and black jeans with black sneakers. His tail reaches just above his head and is tipped with a blade like top.

Abilities: White/ Light Magic. Gonna teach him Elemental and some summoning.

Job: Tax Deduction

Personality: The personality of any seven year old.

History: He was abandoned at an orphanage at the age of 2 and he broke out at 5. He has been living on the streets since then, taking charity off random people.

Weapons: None... yet

3/15/2011 . Edited 2/2/2012 #14

lol its in

3/15/2011 #15

Name: Niko Bellic

Gender: Male

Species/Type Of Dragon:Anthro

Age: 30

Appearance: Black Scales, Red Track Top, Black And Blue Track Pants, Russian Army Hat, Sunglasses

Abilities: Retarded At Magic, Good With Weapons

Personality: Nice And Friendly At First, But When Pissed Off, Watch Out

Weapons: Akimbo Rapid Fire Desert Eagles, 2 Knifes, RPG, AK47

3/21/2011 #16


3/21/2011 #17


3/21/2011 #18

Name: Kaiser Buie

Gender: Male

Species/Type of Dragon: Human

Age: 31

Appearance: Cut short black hair, blue eyes, tan skin, scar over left eye and across face, wears blue police pants and shirt, black swat vest with white N.Y.P.D. leg and arm warmers. 6'11" 130 pounds

Abilities: Hand to Hand: Good, Fire Arms: Good, Strategy: Good, Melee Weapons: Excellent

Job: Ex-Marines, S.W.A.T. police officer unit

Personality: Ruthless, cold, calculating with a strong will to live. Sometimes strays outside the law to get his assignments done. Follows orders and doesn't allow insubordination.

History: (Optional)

Weapons: Desert eagle, Spas 12, nightstick and twin bayonet's concealed in his leg warmers.

Other: (Optional)

3/21/2011 #19

cool he's in.

3/24/2011 #20
DakkaDakka 83

Name: Tyson Rios

Gender: Male

Species: Anthro

Age: 30

Appearance:Dark green scales with forward pointing ram-like horns. He is almost always wearing his body armor (Standard military style gear). He has a metal face mask that serves as a part of his armor. The base of the mask is black with a skull pattern on the front.

Abilities: He can regenerate very quickly, making him great at his job.

Job: Mercenary

Personality: He tends to go for the more violent way of things. His motto is: Acta Non Verba, which is Latin for 'Action Not Words'. His best friend and girlfriend (both where soldiers) died in combat. He wears three dog tags around his neck, one for him, one for his friend, and one for his girl. Suffers from Post Traumatic Stress after his girlfriend and buddies were killed in front of him.

Weapons: He uses a Desert Eagle pistol, SCAR L Assault Rifle, and AA-12 Auto-Shotgun.

4/24/2011 . Edited 12/22/2011 #21

The regen thing sounds like it'll be annoying to fight but he's accepted.

4/24/2011 #22
DakkaDakka 83

Well by regeneration I mean burning through energy slower, and recovering easier from wounds, a broken limb would take 3 to 9 days to heal.

4/25/2011 #23

Well that sounds fine then. Though he sounds like he might actually be able to keep up with Andrew, which is a shocker.

4/25/2011 #24
DakkaDakka 83

Cool, hey wait... Are you from that Fallout 3 forum I started on?

4/25/2011 #25

Wait did I have a half deathclaw OC?

4/25/2011 #26

Name: Cara Mason

Gender: Female

Species/Type of Dragon: Anthro

Age: 19

Appearance: Black scales cover her for arms, as if imitating armlets and she has a set of medium to large wings, these are basically her only dragonesque features as she has learned to use her powers to hide the rest. She has wavy black hair that use usually tied back into a ponytail, golden green eyes and pail skin. She stands at 5"9 and wears a white tank top underneath a black biker jacket. She also wears a set of stliletto heels and a black ruffled miniskirt. She has a tatoo of a pentagram at the top of her arm, around her shoulder and the pisces symbol tatooed on her hip. She has a shapely body and cherry red lips.

Abilities: Some control over Perception and Illusions, she has learned to make some objects tangible, but she has to maintain constant focus or they lose this trait. Fairly weak physically.

Job: Ultimate Evil, but only when she wants to be or is really angry.

Personality: Not above showing off her looks to win or gain an advantage. When she gets angry her sadistic side shows through and she becomes cruel, seemingly in an off-hand mattter. Very caring about those close to her. She is scared of very little and has an addiction to chocalate and ham and pineapple pizza. Can be down-right flirtatious.

History: She was taken by the Ultimate Evil at the age of five. After ten years of ruthless abuse and training at the hands of her captor, she lost control of her anger and killed him. Ascending to his throne by accident. She spent the next three years wallowing in a pit of self loathing, to the point where she started drinking coffee, until about a year ago when she was found by one of only two of her remaining relatives, the Ultimate Evil kiling her parents six years ago. Her older brother told her of her younger brother, a young anthro who had dubbed himself Aleck. Since then the pair have been searching for the youngster.

Weapons: Throwing knives, her powers, her looks. She also has a staff attached to her back that she normally uses her power to hide.

Other: NA

( I know I asked people to get rid of her but I missed her sooooo much )

( Just finished remodelling her... again)

5/11/2011 . Edited 4/6/2012 #27

Name: Castra

Gender: Female

Species/Type of Dragon: Anthro

Age: 13, turning 14 soon.

Appearance: Mid-back length wavy dark purple-red hair. Hair colour: She has grey eyes, slit pupils and light blue scales. She wears black short shorts (like Karin from Naruto Shippuden), and a black crop top, styled like this and she usually wears dark red knee high ugg boots. She carries around a small black and red handbag. She has a reallyreallylong black ribbon, that she keeps in her handbag until she needs it. She lloks like this, except with her clothes on

Abilities: She is an extremely strong magic user, and is both fast on her feet and in the air.

Job: Doesn't really have one.

Personality: She is very cheerful and can be annoying and obnoxious at times. She can say contradictory things at times, just to confuse those around her. She is good at guessing other peoples moods and intentions, she has great instincts. She is good at getting into places unnoticed.

Weapons: Her magic and for close combat she had a hand long dagger.

Other: She uses her ribbon to tie up her hair and sometimes she uses it in combat. She's a feral dragon.

5/13/2011 . Edited 2/2/2012 #28

Name: Luna

Gender: Female

Species/Type of Dragon: Non-Anthro

Age: 2356

Appearance: White scales, silver pupil-less eyes, a silver mane and shape horns. A long neck, tail, thin body and large wings. She can use magic to take a human form which looks like a ghostly pale thirteen year old girl in a short white sleeveless dress, her eyes and hair remain the same color.

Abilities: Strong in magic and physically powerful.

Job: Jiro's underling.

Personality: Proud and filled with honor. Hates losing but gives her respect to people who defeat her.

Weapons: Magic, teeth and claws.

Other: She became Jiro's underling by losing to him in one on one combat.

5/13/2011 #29


5/13/2011 #30
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