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Yeah Jed thinks that people might mess up with the shouting thing and I have to agree with him, so I'll put these here, if Jed doesn't like one he can change it, he IS the admin.

1. Dragons who have lived among humans too long or are young can't shout as often as feral dragons.

2. Only Ancient Dragons can shout as much as they want.

3. Heaven Burst and Resurrect Dead Dragon shouts can only be used by Dragon gods or dragons with god blood. However any dragon that has god blood can only use these shouts under certain conditions.

4. Do not mix elements! I cannot stress this enough, if you use Fo and Yol in the same shout it is going to explode in your dragons/human with dragon bloods face.

5. Certain shout words are allowed to be mixed but let the admin or a moderator help you decide what the shout does. For example adding Nah instead of Ro to an Unrelenting force shout will make the shout faster and more widespread but give it less power and range.

6. Don't fuck it up, I like this system, the admin likes the potential of it but it will be scrapped if people fuck it up too badly. However if you purposely fuck it up because you don't like the system, you MAY be banned. I don't have final say in bans so if Jed thinks you can come back then boo hoo for me.

2/3/2012 #1

Sounds good enough.

2/3/2012 #2

I second the 'Sounds good enough' !!!!!! XD

2/5/2012 #3

Again, I accept these rules, but I would like to know what a shout is. Is there a post somewhere I could find that information?

6/4/2014 #4
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