Survivor: Truly Stranded
It's not just a game this time. They're really stranded, and they're really lost. Using the structure of Survivor, a malevolent plan is formed... to lower the weight on a return trip to civilization.
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All 7 jury members were suddenly sitting in front of a man with long red hair and rods in his back. The rods were sticking out and pulsing with blue-and-yellow energy, and it looked rather strange to everyone.

They were all in a dimly-lit stone room similar to the ones they had woken up in previously, but there were no chairs, no ropes, and no TV. Just them and the strange red-haired man.

"I... apologize for the... great... suffering... that you've all experienced... on this... island..." the man gasped with each breath of words and letters, and a few members of the jury were concerned for his health. He looked so skinny that his ribcage was showing to each one of them very clearly, and he seemed to have almost no muscle or fat mass at all, making him very skeletal-looking.

"Jeff Probst was... corrupted... by that lust... for power," whispered the man in a croaky voice. "The lust... that... overtakes all... of... man...

"This lust... it... it changes people... changes men, women... even children... so badly that... it decimates... their... sense of... reason...

"That's... why I have... come... I've been... horrified... by the... trials... and tribu...lations... you've all experienced... here. It's... awful...

"Frank... Castle, will... host... this game... for... its brief... remainder... I... I will... revive and... restore... all the... murdered... souls... I must... it's my duty... to you punished... people...

"Again, I'm... sorry... I have been... possessed... by a... lust for... the... same power... in... the... past..."

He smiled.

"Maybe that's... why... I with Probst..."

Suddenly he clapped his hands together weakly, rubbed them up against each other, and thrusted them forward.

"SHINRA TENSEI!" he shouted, in a strangely strong voice. Many loud screams were heard across the island...

And the weak red-haired man collapsed, his life no longer existing. His death was noble, but his life was wasted...



Clover (Princess Toady)

Princess Daisy (Cheerleader21)

Sly Cooper (Luigenius)

Tails the Fox (Champ 15)

Espio the Chameleon (BLUEMAN4336)

Dimentio (ThatNintendoFangirl)

Ike (zeldamaster456))


Shelly de Killer (irwegwert)

Bonetail (Charz456)

Welcome, Survivors, to the Final Tribal Council! Two survivors have successfully made it to this point... Shelly de Killer (irwegwert) and Bonetail (Charz456). This the first time in any Survivor that I know of, real or online, that there has been a repeat Final 2! Both of the members behind these characters were also the Final 2 in Survivor: Authors vs. Authors. Feel proud of yourselves for accomplishing this goal and making this far in the game, guys!

Now, to start us off, both of the finalists will make an opening statement explaining to the jury why they think they should win, and perhaps explaining how they played the game. Then, the 7 jury members will each ask one question each, and only one question each, to both of the finalists. Then, once both of them have answered the questions, the jury members may vote for one of the finalists. The voting format is the same as always (Person you're voting for: Reason you're voting for that person). However, the votes are POSITIVE this time: so vote for the person you want to win, and not for the person you want to lose.

(Note: I PMed Cheer, if she doesn't show up in the next 24 hours, I'll ask TJ to take her spot on the jury, because I haven't seen her post at all in, like, a month. I might message Toady, too, because I also haven't seen him around in a while... though I may just have not been around when he was here, so.)

Now then, good luck to the finalists! Make smart choices, jury! *disappears in puff of smoke*

5/14/2011 #1

Final 2 for the third time of the big forum Survivors... wow. I can honestly say I never expected it!! Actually, final two 5/7 times including the two mini-Survivors I played in!!

The first mini-Survivor I won, but only because I was against someone overconfident and people were turned off from that.

The first Survivor game I was in, I was out second because I made the final 2 in Champ's mini-survivor. :P

The second Survivor game I was in, I was the runner up because I backstabbed and treated others the way they treated me. (I remember someone saying "how would you like a black eye?" to me)

The third Survivor game, I was runner up again because people were bitter against me for... some reason I don't remember! XD

The second mini-Survivor, I was runner up because I didn't really take the game seriously.

And then the Survivor game before this one, I got backstabbed myself by two people, and just missed out on the jury.

Out of all the Survivor games I have played on this site, I strongly believe this is the one I did the best in.

Going into this game, I had one goal; do not intentionally backstab someone, whether it be Jemma, Luig, or TSL. That was the one thing I did NOT want to do. After having Wimp and TSL backstab me and knowing how it felt, I had a revelation and wanted to change my ways...

There are three main parts of Survivor; challenges, strategy, and luck. I believe I have succeeded in all three of these components.

Challenges – Sure, Irweg was a beast in the speed challenges, but I was a beast in the non-speed challenges. I won the review challenge and the OC challenge. And remember that hangman challenge I killed in? Also, I did really well in some of the speed challenges too. The pokemon challenge, the AA challenge, and if Mega didn't make that mistake in the mini-TAR challenge, I would've beat Irweg in that challenge. Me and Irweg are tied in the challenge department, both being the best at different types of challenges.

Strategy – My strategic game was pretty darn good this time round. I believe my best strategical move in this game was making the Final 2 deal with Irweg. Seeing how awesome he did in the immunity challenges, and seeing how loyal he was from Champ's Survivor, I knew that if we went far in this game, he would never betray me and if he won the final immunity challenge, he would take me to the final 2. And I also got him to make a TAR Forum for the icing on the cake! :D As well, I put myself in a position where if I was in danger of being voted out, I would've known about it and could whip out the hidden immunity idol if I needed to. Plus, I found a loophole that allowed me to worm my way into the majority alliance on old Terra Firma, cuz I didn't know you could make alliances before the game started, so I did whatever I could to make myself in a good position at any time in this game.

Luck – I find the hidden immunity idol when I was rereading past mafia games, which was a total fluke, and really lucky too! I got lucky when I was picked to be on the tribe that was in the majority come merge time, and I was lucky when people were helping me in some of the challenges, so I could give my "flair" to the written part and win. So I do believe luck played a factor into me getting to this point in the game.

Let's see... Gross, Kai, TSO, Wimp, Irweg, Champ and probly others I forget have won at least one forum game, whether it be the sole survivor, neutral victory, or official winner of the Amazing Race. I would love to be a part of this elusive group!

I beg you all not to be bitter if I had wronged you. In real Survivor, people don't vote for who played the best game, but who they're the least mad at. I bet Boston Rob won't win Survivor tomorrow because the Zapatera's are bitter against him even though he played the best game. It kills me when that happens! When I was on the jury in TJ's survivor, I voted for who I believe played the best game, and I hope you guys and girls do too.

I am not going to say any bad things about Irweg, he played a great game too. But I believe the game I played was just a little bit better. I am a huge fan of Survivor, I believe I played this game of Survivor the best, and I believe I deserve to be the Sole Survivor and lose my title of being the Amanda Kimmel of forum Survivor!

So yeah... plz vote for me, that'd be really awesome! Of course, my whole game is not in this one post, so any questions for me now?

5/14/2011 #2

I shoudl make a post sometime, huh?

5/14/2011 #3

Yes Irweg, yes you should.

5/14/2011 #4

Just as a note, I am here, so Tj will not need to replace my spot for the jury

5/14/2011 #5

Never mind I will wait until Irweg's comments

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #6

If I really have to give a speech... :P

I dunno how to give a good one, so I'm just gonna say what I did an stuff. :P

Basically, from the tribal split, I won just about every challenge (But I'm pretty sure that everyone knew that one already). I have a whole bunch of speed and knowlege about... um... lots of stuff, I guess. Sure I lost two to Charz... but um... (I dun really want to say this...) but, from what I heard, he had help from other people on those two. :P (I'm not really sure about one of them, but he told me himself about the other. :P) *murdered by Charz*

I HAD an allience from the start with Kyo, Toady, and TSL. Except that Kyo was alligned with everyone and TSL and Toady(?) forgot that they were with me. :P SO, I got abandoned. But, I managed not only to pick out lots of good people for the tribe switch, I also picked a lot of people to allign with. Then Charz begged me to make a TAR, so I just waited until he made a good deal before accepting. :P I also kind led everyone from the point when Luig was out. (I only say this because everyone looks up to Luig cause he's so awesome :D [No, this isn't flattery for a vote :P])Although, by that time, we kinda had everything in the bag for the Final 3 and not much needed to be planned.

I'm not even gonna touch luck, except for the final challenge. I'm pretty sure that mega didn't want me to win. :P Also, I guess I'm kinda surprized that I didn't get any votes when I didn't win immunity that one time. :P

I played a nice, clean game and only voted out people who tried to get out my team mates. I've already won once, and, though I'd be happy to win again, I won't be too sad if I lose.

(PS: Mega, why was there only one Hidden Immunity Idol? :P)

(PSS: Vote for me and you get cookies *shot for bribing*)

(PSSS: I still want my picture! :V)

5/15/2011 . Edited 5/15/2011 #7

There were actually three, only one got found. (I don't see the harm in revealing this, immunity idols are obsolete now)

Um... riiiight... can I make you guys something else? :P

5/15/2011 #8

How come everybody got the same clues then?

Also, um... suuuure? :P

5/15/2011 . Edited 5/15/2011 #9

Thought I should say, I leave for my band trip Wednesday and won't be back until... Sunday? Somewhere around there, so... yeah. :P

5/15/2011 #10

If we are allowed to start asking questions, I can go ahead and give you yours

5/15/2011 #11

I think so, we both made the opening statements...

Though I have to go soon...

5/15/2011 #12

Yeah, everyone in the jury go ahead with their questions/statements now. (If you don't have a question to ask either of the finalists, you can just make some kind of statement to the both of them and then vote.)

5/15/2011 . Edited 5/15/2011 #13

I am very nervous for these... :P

5/15/2011 #14

Okay then. Charz I will start with you, simply because you are here.

I will start off with comments. Okay, fist off, congratulations for making it to this point in the game. You did what most of us couldn't do, no offense to anyone here. I know you didn't win many challenges, even though that was Irweg's specialty, but that doesn't mean you didn't fight hard. Without immunity most of the time, you had to have a strategy to get you to the end. Obviously that strategy worked well with you considering you are in the final two. You made a comment saying you believe that the best player should win the game, adn frankly I believe the same. If we played off of who hurt someone's feelings less, then it really isn't the game of Survivor. Also, if I was voting that way, you most likely would not recieve my vote, which I will explain in a minute. But, playing the way I do, it is a toss up for who I am going to vote for.

Irweg mentioned that you cheated in the challenges that you won. I am not sure whether or not that is true, but it might have gotten you far enough to be here, so I could easily just count that as strategy.

Moving on to my final comments. You said that you didn't backstab intentionally, and who am I to say whether you did or not. Right after we first merged, we had struck a deal with Champ, Toady, Blue, me, and you. It is true we never talked, but Toady sounded like he had it under control and so for that vote I wasn't concerned with talking with you. Then it came down to the vote, where I had the decision to make whether to stick with Luig and Vinny or take my chances with Toady and Champ. We had the numbers then, but it turned out that Toady was sent home. I know he would probably have still been in had it not been for the self-vote. Afterwards, though you were pretty much gone, so I am wondering whether or not you were really with our alliance.

Before I ask my question I just want to request that you answer it honestly and completely.

My question to you is which allinace were you with at that point, and if you had been on our side for that vote (Tribal #11) why did you flip to the other alliance? I'm not mad or anything that this happened, just wondering what was going on.

5/15/2011 #15

I'll ask later. :P

5/15/2011 #16

Irweg, your question will be in a little while. Still getting all my thoughts together

5/15/2011 #17
Princess Toady

I'm here...

To fulfill my job as a member of the jury.

5/15/2011 #18
Princess Toady

Irweg, I'm going to answer your first interrogation.

Yes, we had an alliance with you and Kyo, but Kyo was being such a snake that we began to distrust her (and you, at the same time because she had told TSO that she was with you from the beginning) and decided to strike a deal with Charz and Blue. Thankfully, we didn't go to Tribal Council.

I will prepare my question.

5/15/2011 #19

Toady! Long time, no see, ja?

5/15/2011 #20

@Toady: SHe never even PM'd me once. :P

Noboyd did. Basically, I was all alone. :P

5/15/2011 #21
Princess Toady

Irweg: I know that I probably screwed myself up back then, but I was pretty much following TSO's every moves, so when he quitted, I had to fight for myself, for once in the game. XD

I also know that I didn't particularly try to talk to you outside of the game threads, but neither did you. My first question is this one : To whom did you often talk during this game ?

The next one being : If you didn't know that myself and TSO 'had abandonned' you, why didn't you try to work with me when the merge came ? Was it because you liked a little more the persons on the other side, or because you thought that our alliance would crumble ?

What were your biggest movces in this game ? I didn't particularly notice anything coming from you. Charz did pull many tricks, but I'm not sure when it comes to you, since you were safe most of the time.

I didn't particularly follow the entire game, so I'll mostly vote based on who I think deserve the victory.

Charz: We had some pact that you betrayed. We really were supposed to meet up when the merge came. However, that never really happened, since you 'accidently forgot' to vote for Vinny during the first tribal at the merge (I already had my doubts about you, but couldn't do a thing since I couldn't get any info from Luig when I tried talking to him, and that we were both lying to each other XD). I think that you faked the fact that you forgot. You actually intended to forget it, didn't you ? That's my first question. Because then, you actually told me that you voted for me when I was sent home.

My second question being : what did Luig proposed you ? No offense to anyone here, but the order was clear. TJ never was in our alliance in the first place, so he would have been out soon enough, then it would have been Cheer because she wasn't here often. That was a spot in the final 4. Did Luig really tell you that he would take you to the final 3 ? I'm also quite surprised that Blue was aligned with Luig, like Irweg and probably TNFG and Vinny. Did no one notice that Luig was pretty much aligned with everyone or did he lie to some people ?

You also say in your final speech that you didn't betray anyone, but you did. You betrayed Cheer, Champ and Myself. Why would we vote for you then ?

Last question : TSO gave a clue to the hidden immunity idol to Blue. Did he show you the clue ? Also, why didn't you mention the idol when I first asked you ? I would have asked the same to Blue, but I'm not sure jury members can ask question to each other.

I don't think that you cheated when Champ actually wrote your TAR review. So yeah, I won't blame you for that.

And I may have questions for later.

5/15/2011 . Edited 5/15/2011 #22
Princess Toady

Vinny : Yeah, but I don't really intend in coming back, sorry. I'm just here because you know, it wouldn't be fair to Mega if I destroyed his game.

Irweg : I kind of doubt that, but we'll see.

5/15/2011 #23
Champ 15

The idol clue was given to blue, who showed it to Irweg, who gave it to charz, who gave it to me, and I gave it to Toady. *Shot*

5/15/2011 #24
Princess Toady

You never gave it to me, Champ. ^^'

5/15/2011 #25
Champ 15

Then maybe Cheer... I could be wrong.

Now question time :D

5/15/2011 #26
Princess Toady


5/15/2011 #27

1. I mostly talked to everyone in our allience except Vinny. :P Luig, because he and I usually work well together. We did last time, anyways. I talked to Blue because he was new and could use some guiding. And Charz because, well, we kinda set up a deal for the final 2 waaay in advance.

2. That's because Charz, Luig, and Blue all told me that you two were working with them. That's also how I knew that Kyo is an evil monkey queen who alligns with everyone. Plus, I was already in a good allience. No offence, but trading an allience with Luig and Charz for one with someone from a different continent didn't really seem like my kind of gamble... And I was kinda ticked that my allience mates ditched me. :P Also because I had heard that you wanted to vote me out from quite a few people.

3. My biggest movces? Dunno what those are, but one of my biggest moves *shot* was alligning with Charz for Final 2. I mean, he had an idol and he basically did it so that I would make a TAR forum. :P But, the thing is, I didn't really need to pull any tricks. That would only make people really mad at me. :P (Like last time, I made an enemy of mega because I voted him out and could have made one of Luig because I traitored him so much). Although, I did try to plot some strategy behind some challenges. Except Charz never checked his inbox. :P

5/15/2011 #28

I'm just here to ask my questions. :P

And gee, thanks. :P

5/15/2011 #29
Champ 15

First of all, Congratulations. And I seriously mean it, you Outwit, Outplayed, and Outlasted the rest. And I'm glad that I deserved to be on the jury. Both of you played a good game, but I'm going to ask questions to see which one of you played a BETTER game.

Irweg: We never talked through PM. Not once! You didn't seem to care about others... you just kind of flew under Charz's radar since you were winning all of the challenges. Speaking of challenges, you are a BEAST. (Good Thing) BUT according to my edgic, you've been OTT for about 4 episodes in a row... not good.

You've also won a Survivor. So why should I vote for you to win this Survivor? I honestly think Charz wants it more than you do. Charz may have backstabbed many people, but he seems to have his heart in the social and challenges. You just show up to win challenges. And you seemed cocky sometimes.

Why didn't you work with me at the merge? To be honest, I wasn't alligned with TJ since he never asked me if you wanted to be together. Cheer and Toady trusted me and that's why I sticked with them, then I sticked with Blue and TNFG.

Also, about 3 times in this game, you WOULD have lost the majority. What would have you done? This question goes with Charz as well.

Charz: First of all you had me shocked when I saw that you had the idol, I was sure it was Irweg who had it and that's why I voted for Vinny. You did play a much better social game than Irweg and I do think that you REALLY want this when Irweg is like "Yeah, it's cool to be in the finals..." but I do have a few concerns.

You were strong in tribe challenges, but in merge... not good. You won two of the challenges, but you used 2 people which were me and Vinny, just because you were lazy. (And bribed me saying that you would get rid of James and Fox on TAR) So my question is: Why didn't you do it yourself? I probably would have won that challenge if it wasn't for me helping you.

Like in TJ's game, you and I talked quite a bit. My major question is why didn't you give me the idol, you told me that I should look for it. I gave you the idol just to blinside Luig (Big Mistake) I suspect that you were scared of something. Was it me winning? I knew I wouldn't win. Was it the fear of not being in the finals like last time? I'm really curious?

And that's all I have for now.

5/15/2011 #30
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