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Dauntless Nephilim

Most of us too lazy to check last post :P so yeah you sum it all in here so we get to read your character story so far and what's going around in the RP!

Character Name:



7/22/2011 . Edited 1/31/2013 #1
Dauntless Nephilim

Character Name: Rien Glace


He's engaged to Micka Stealle, have one son named Axel, got kidnapped by his fake father, nearly got killed and Alec (his brother) turned him into strigoi for the second time, Kyle saved him and changed him back into a dhampir, he recently graduated and became Aaliyah Ozera guardian.

Most recent, he got Micka pregnant again and was patrolling when there's big fire burning the school and he, along with the other, evacuate the people outside. He finally found Micka and Axel with Serena and Erik.

Mood status:Glad with still a slight worry and tired.

Story Song:Relapse - Jesse McCartney


Character Name:Alec Glace


He's engaged to Aaliyah Ozera! They have three kids named Archer, Alyssa and Ashley. He lost against a group of strigoi and got changed into one of them. He tried to kill himself but he turned out to be a daywalker. When he knew Aaliyah almost die because she tried to suicide, Alec changed Aaliyah into a strigoi. Rien found him and changed the two lover back, he got kidnapped along with Rien and saved his brother life by changing him to a strigoi. Alec got Aaliyah a house near the beach.

Most recent, Ashley is sick and trying to calm his soon to be wife. They are at the hospital.

Mood Status:*face palmed*

Story Song:Flying Without Wing - Westlife XD


Character Name:Chris Reed


His first job was trying to keep LiAnn on house arrest and wasn't very successful at it. He pi$$ed off Aaliyah too much that he nearly got burned alive by her.

Most recent, He's dating Tatum De Luca secretly. He got Micka out of the big fire and currently wandering around with Alyssa, trying to find her parents.

Mood Status:FML

Story Song:Superman - Joe Brooks


Character Name:Kyle Szelsky


He's the School Headmaster, he changed Rien back into a dhampir. He was dating Arianna before but now ever since he never met her again he was trying to be a gay until he met Alicia.

Most recent, when he just got back from the club to the academy with his limo, he was shocked to see the school got burned down. He's currently very busy fixing the school.

Mood Status:Furious

Story Song:Damned If I Do Ya - All Time Low


Character Name:Serena Szelsky


She just arrived at the academy, met few friends and family. Most recent, she got caught in the fire and found Axel. Erik saved them with his new power and she was trying not to test her new modified stake with Erik, considering she thought Erik is a strigoi.

Mood Status:Suspicious, confused.

Story Song:Chrus Chrus Chrus - Paramore


Chracter Name:Damen Dashkov


He hacked into Kyle laptop and stole all the students data. He's the cause from the fire that happened from Kyle's office and spread through the school building.

Mood Status:SATISFIED, Planning next demise.

Story Song:Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance? O.O


7/22/2011 . Edited 7/22/2011 #2

Chracter Name:Noa Claret


Most recently, she's dating Drake secretly, and has been planning with Reggie to see what Moroi want to fight themselves instead of have dhampirs fight for them.

Mood Status:Decent

Story Song:Enchanted - Taylor Swift


Chracter Name:Tatum De Luca


She's secretly dating Chris Reed, and is wandering around the grounds, unsure of what's going on

Mood Status:Confused

Story Song: Some Hearts- Carrie Underwood


Chracter Name: Blake Harding


Dating Eloise, and is always by her side, not aware of the fire.

Mood Status:Confused

Story Song: She Takes me High - We The Kings


Chracter Name:Brisa Harding


She's dating Ryan, and is so happy about it, and isnt sure of whats going on, she's having flashbacks of Max, her abusive ex

Mood Status:Good/Confused

Story Song: The Climb- Miley Cyrus


Chracter Name:Kelci Arturo


She's been hanging with Reggie, and they are best friends, she got into a fight with Kayla Ivashkov, and broke a few ribs, and recently found out her family is coming to town.

Mood Status:Sore

Story Song: Mean - Taylor Swift


Chracter Name:Baylee Ozera


She's fought against Kayla, met Roxanne Voda, found out Roxanne was her roommate and is now just sketching her surroundings

Mood Status:Stong

Story Song: Skyscraper -Demi Lovato

7/22/2011 #3

Character Name:LiAnn Merina

Summary:LiAnn is, what she calls, 'Dating' Nathan even though she knows she shouldn't, and she's cheating on Dylan. But, point aside, she's trying to freak people out with her icy voice and red contacts XD

(fun parts :P)

Mood Status:Bored :P

Story Song:xoxo ~ Nikasaur :D

7/22/2011 #4

Character Name: Taylor Yovann

Summary: Taylor just finished dealing with her abusive father with help from her boyfriend, Francisco, and is now the last Yovann in that family group.

(fun parts :P)

Mood Status: Tired& Being healed (if thats a mood)

Story Song: Best Friend's Brother ~ Victoria Justice

7/22/2011 #5

Character Name: Aaliyah Ozera

Summary: She moved from Court to Minnisota with her sister Adelynn Dragomir because her father wanted her to see life outside of Court. When they moved, she made friends with Rein Glace and Micka Stealle kinda wierdly because when Micka called her by her title - Princess - she got pissed and knocked her off her feet. She made friends after that with Erik and LiAnn, before she finally met Alec Glace, then 20 year old Guardian of her new school.

When Aaliyah had a nervous breakdown, she burned down the school gym and a piece of cement from the roof fell and landed on her stomach, almost killing her. All her friends helped push it off her and Alec carried her to the infirmary, where they shared their first kiss. After a while of making out, Alec pulled away and told her that he wasn't good enough for her, which made her cry and leave.

Alec tried to talk to her, but she locked herself in her room. Him and Rein had an argument, which he didn't know Aaliyah was watching. He looked at her, mouthed that he loved her, then went towards the guardian building, deciding to leave. Aaliyah ran from her room, out of the dorm, and just before he got into the building, she wrapped her arms tightly around him and sobbed out that she loved him too.

It wasn't long after that before she was bitten and Awakened by a strigoi. Alec was quick to figure out she was missing and went to find her. She had already killed three people by the time he stopped his car to take a nap behind the wheel, exhausted. Aaliyah and her creator had been walking past, and her creator smashed the window and pulled Alec out by his neck. Aaliyah tackled him and snapped his neck, then turned to look at Alec.

After a while of talking, Alec finally convinced her to come back to the Academy with her and get Adelynn to stake her with a spirit stake and turn her back. When they got to the school, however, she ended up having sex in a cabin in the woods ((the same one as Rose and Dimitri ;D)), then she was changed back by Adelynn

Aaliyah had a fight with Alec, unhappy when they had been cuddling in her bed and he had to leave to guard, so she went for a walk. She hadn't been paying attention to where she had been going and wandered onto the highway, then was hit by a ten tonne truck. She was in a coma for a few days, when she woke up. Alec was there for her, but then he had to leave for a mission, even though he promised her he wouldn't leave. While he was gone, strigoi attacked the hospital and smashed Aaliyah's head into the ground, nearly killing her, but she survived and got amnesia. When she woke up, the last thing she remembered was having an argument with her father about moving to Minnisota.

When Alec got back, he didn't understand what was going on and thought Aaliyah was just being a bitch to him because he left. But when he read the doctor's papers that said he had amnesia, he was crushed. As soon as he could, he helped Aailyah remember.

Aaliyah was walking around one day after a fight with Alec and heard a car crash. She ran to see what had happened and saw it was Rein. She managed to call Alec, Micka and an ambulance. Micka went with Rein to the hospital, but Alec stayed with Aaliyah, and after a while ended up kissing. When it started raining, Aaliyah said she didn't want to go back to the academy, so Alec took them to a hotel and got them both seperate rooms. Aaliyah got in the shower, got warmed up, then in a bra, and underwear, covered by a bathrope, she walked to Alec's room. He came out in nothing but a pair of jeans and, needless to say, they got it on. Only afterwards did Alec realized he hadn't used protection. When he told Aaliyah, she went for a walk to clear her head. She found Erik and Cordelia and started talking to them. She saw too late that there was a strigoi and it slammed her into the hood of a car.

She was taken to the hospital and when she woke up she called Alec. They talked for a short while, her telling him where she was, and she told him she loved him before her heartbeat stopped. Alec rushed into her room and tried to wake her up, then was kicked out of the room while they shocked her with the paddles until she came back again. ((And yeah, it was all Disney ending and yaaaaay XD))

It wasn't long before they found out they were having twins, a boy and a girl. They were stumped for names, but Adelynn suggested. "Alyssa and Archer." She said Alyssa was a mash of their names and Archer was just a kick ass name.

So, Aaliyah had both Alyssa and Archer, then passed out at the end.

After a few hours and she woke up, Rein came in with a guy who claimed to be their cousin named Kyle Szelsky and Alec was gone. Kyle took Micka - who was with Aaliyah at the time - away and Rein called Alec so he could talk to Aaliyah. He asked her to go out with him and when she agreed, Rein put Aaliyah in a wheelchair and drove her to a restaraunt, then drove off. Alec took Aaliyah inside and they had her favourite food for dinner - spaghetti bolegnese - then took her out onto a dock, held up a ring, said a long speech and then fireworks shot up into the sky that read 'Aaliyah, will you marry me?'

So of course, she said yes, and yeah. Then he bought her a house and it wasn't long before she was pregnantagain. She had a baby girl named Ashley, but after she had her, she hemmoraged and had to have surgery to stop the bleeding.

Now, Ashley is sick and in hospital. Aaliyah and Alec don't know what's wrong and they're really worried and Aaliyah had a spazz and threw a cup of hot chocolate against a wall when Alec brought her some...

((Holy crap... that took me an hour to write! :O and all off the top of my head XD))

Mood Status: Upset ((because of Ashley being sick))

Story Song: I think it should be... Smile by Avril Lavigne or I Wanna Go by Britney Spears


Character Name: Adelynn Dragomir

Summary: Same start as Aaliyah, came to St. Vladimirs because her parents made her. She was alone for the whole time before she fell in love with Xero Caelum. They went through a lot, and when they finally had sex - in her hospital bed of all places - she got pregnant. And she's still pregnant now, happy with Xero.

Mood Status: Happy

Story Song: Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez


I have other chars but I seriously cbs right now... I'm gonna delete them XD

7/22/2011 . Edited 7/22/2011 #6
A Hungry Polar Bear

Character Name: Micka Stealle


She's engaged to Rien Glace, they got one son named Axel, she's been kidnapped and tortured by some guy who wanted revenge on her father, she also found out she has a brother named Jace.

She's has been recently brought out of a fire by Chris cause she was looking for Axel in the building. She inhaled too much smoke and was coughing a lot before Rien brought her a drink.

Mood status: Slightly tired

Story Song: Our Song - Taylor Swift


Character Name: Erik Villers


He is totally in love with Cordelia Montlet. Before he met her he acted pretty gay towards Xero xD. He has died and was brought back by Adelynn and Xero. Then he was turned strigoi in the academy infirmary, he was then turned back by Adelynn after he had gotten staked by a guardian. He has also gotten Cordelia pregnant.

He's now met up with his brother Drake after a few years not seeing him. He has been kidnapped by his father who injected something into him. He's now half strigoi.

He and Cordelia also found out that the baby is a girl and now they are in her dorm room.

Mood status: Happy :D

Story song: Like I Always Do - Drew Ryan Scott

7/23/2011 #7

Character Name:Cordelia Montlet

Summary:Cordelia grew up at Court with a strict family and decided to transferr to the Academy. She met Erik Villers there and fell madly in love with him. She was betrothed to Benvolio Badica. She never agreed to it and wanted to be with Erik. She's also gotten pregnant by him. Her family had one of their annual Masquarde Balls and Erik took her. Of course this anger her family, but she didn't care. Her parents and Benvolio found out she was pregnant and they went crazy. Her father hates her and the engagment was off. She's found out she has a twin brother, Francisco. They were separated at birth and she's just met him.

Cordelia was turned into a Strigoi and drank from Erik constantly sorta making him a blood whore. She hasn't forgiven herself for that and feels she never will. She was staked with a Spirit filled stake by her brother and after that things have been weird for them. For example her brown hair became white streaked and she's been able to have some use of Spirit which is not her element. She's found out her baby is a girl and they are going to name her Hayley. (Taylor wants her middle name to be Williams and Cordelia wants it to be CC {CC IS FREAKIN AWSOME!})

Now Cordelia, Erik, Francisco, and Taylor are off to meet up with her mom.

Mood Status:Happy/Nervous

Story Song:Everytime We Touch (Radio Mix) by Cascada


Character Name:Francisco Montlet

Summary:Francisco grew up as a Keeper. He hated it. He learned that his 'family' that he's lived with wasn't his real family. Infact, he was a Royal Moroi and was given to them when he was few days old. He learned his also has a twin sister. He went off to find her and found himself at the Academy. He met Taylor who he used for No Strings Attached Sex. He wasn't good with relationships annd didn't want one. The more he spent time with her the more he was drawn to her. He was finally introduced to his sister and Erik who was only wearing boxers at the time. (Not a good first impression on an older brother... :D) He learned Cordelia was pregnant and flipped out on Erik. But after some talking and a fail fight scene they're cool.

He learned that Taylor loved him and he didn't know how to react. He pushed her away before he finally told her he loved her. They he staked his sister who was turned into a Strigoi. Things have been strange for them since then. For example, his hair turned white and has brown streaks. Also, he's had some usage of Earth which is not his element.

Currently Francisco, Taylor, Cordelia, and Erik are off to meet his real mom.

Mood Status:Nervous/Excited

Story Song:Never Gonna Leave This Bed by Maroon 5

The song for the both of them together is The Legacy by Black Veil Brides (you'll see why...)

7/28/2011 #8
Cedric Walker

Name: Adrian Ivashkov

Age: 17

Species(moroi, dhampir, strigoi or human?): moroi

Family:Descendant from the great and known Ivashkov family, grandchild of the known to all Adrian Ivashkov. The only child in the family and got both of his parents.

Affinity(fire, water, wind, earth or spirit?)(For moroi only): Spirit

Applying to be(student, guardian, mentor?): Student

Appearance: he has the same look as his grandfather Adrian, but his eyes are deep green

Personality: flirty, mysterious and sometimes he is in a bad mood and being a bit bully because of the spirit. He also drinks and smokes

Bio:He grew up with his parents in the royal court. In the right age his parents brought him in the Academy, where he still is till his graduate in one year.

Other (Optional): He used to have an one year older brother, but Strigoi took him. He is not sure if his brother is still alive. He also learns how to use the spirit.

10/8/2011 #9

Ummm... Adrian Ivashkov 'the second this isn't an OC application topic. This is for the characters that have been accepted and been on here a while to post their history... You need to go on the topic called 'Application Form'

10/12/2011 #10
Dauntless Nephilim


Character Name: Rien Glace

Summary:After the crazy thing happened up above. Well he got their second son Jared. He left Micka for a while and found out she's pregnant by other man. Then her baby dead, I forgot what happened. They fought I think and get along again until he found out Micka pregnant again by Erik, their friends. He of course didn't forgive him but thankfully decide not to kill him. Then Axel got kidnapped by his dad and Rien went to save him but end up got captured too. Chris kidnapped Micka in exchange of Axel so Chris could find out their whereabouts. They escaped. The next one year later Micka gave birth to William and Krystal.

Mood Status:He's tired, he lost all trust except to Micka.

Story Song:Harder to Breath - Maroon5


Character Name: Alec Glace

Summary:He's married to Mrs. Aaliyah Glace now. They have another baby delivery coming soon.

MoodStatus: Happy and really nervous

Story Song:Love on Top - Beyonce


1/4/2012 #11

Character Name:Dylan Zeklos

Summary:Dylan got sent to the school by his parents, him and his sister. he soon became friendly with a girl called LiAnn and before he knew it he liked her more and more, enough to run away with her. they planned to leave the academy to see her strogoi friend. But they hadnt thought of one thing. Dylan had to feed so he ended up drinking LiAnn blood. Many obsticals came in their way thogh durign their time in london. A Strogoi attack. LiAnn had been awakened. Then a Guardian came to take Dylan, a royal, back to the academy. The Guardian killed LiAnn so he killed the Guardian. Dylan couldnt stand LiAnn being dead, and so with his use of spirit he brought her back, bonding them together. Dylan and LiAnn then went to his old house when other guardians actually managed to finally take him back to the academy. His parents took him out of the school, unsure if it was able to school him, but after months he was let back in, finding it quite different to when he left. People had changed and he had missed LiAnn, wondering on what happened while he was gone, that was what was on his mind most of the time now.

Mood Status:

Story Song: ( i'll edit later )

2/16/2012 #12
A Hungry Polar Bear


Character Name:Micka Stealle


Well, Micka gave birth to twins, William and Krystal. But they aren't Rien's children. Erik had taken advantage of her when he was drunk and yeah.. So anyway, one day when she was taking care of them with Jared's help while Rien and Axel were busy, a man had attacked her and she had gotten hit in the head. She seemed to be okay, but only, she wasn't. She died and is now a ghost.

Recently, she tried to save Cordelia but got trapped in a box but she got out. Now she's wriggling her ghosty tail at Chase. (Erik and Cordelia's son)

Mood Status: GHOSTY!

Story Song: Hero - Sterling Knight

2/20/2012 . Edited 2/20/2012 #13
A Hungry Polar Bear

I am Bored! So here's another update! :D

Character Name: Erik Villers


So well, my dear old Erik has proposed to Cordelia and she said YES! (woohoo!) They also now have triplets, Marcus, Chase and Chasity. Just now he is carrying Cordelia from a motel back to their house because they got into a little argument (Just a teeny tiny one XD)

Mood Status: Happy!

Story Song: What makes you beautiful - One Direction

3/7/2012 #14

Name: Brandi Nicole Devishkov

Summary: have a long line of wimpy Guardians but me and my younger brother Michael Owen Devishkov will change that and hopefully put a good tittle to our name. i am still a novice at St. Vlads but will graduate in two years. i have killed one strigoi saving my best friend who is a fire user. he is Brandon Ozera. His girlfriend is Haylee Dashkov. my father was a dhampir and my mom was a moroi. my mom was a spirit user and turned herself into a strigoi but was never found.

Mood: snarky/sarcastic and kinda bitchy on most days. on good days i'm giddy and happy and laugh alot

story song: all i ever wanted brasshunter

6/12/2012 #15

Character Name: Niliya La-Beth

Summary: I've just came from living with my youngest sister, I'm 17, my family history isnt special at all - mostly men.

Mood Status: Tired and groggy.

Story Song:after glow by phaeleh

6/14/2012 #16
Dauntless Nephilim


Name: Rein Glace


Work caught up with me, being a Novice Trainer took a lot of my time that I didn't paid much attention to Micka well being. I thought if I make more money, she'll be happy but guess she needs affection more because when I found her with another man she's.. happy. And I felt betrayed, I felt unneeded because I wasn't good enough for her. After all the things we shared, our moments together, our promises and vow. Well fuck with that. I can't lose her ever, I realize that time I need her more than anything. So I persuade her and I'm grateful she talked to me about how much she missed me and I her too. The crucial thing in my mind is her, worrying about her. I'm afraid that I'll lose her somehow.. soon.. if not later.

The happy bubble didn't last long, in fact we only have a night until Kyle turned in to the living room with bad news. I lost my brother. Alec has been turned into a strigoi again and doing god knows what somewhere. Kyle told me they'll discuss a meeting to dispatch a search group for him. So I told Micka to go back to the academy and stay there until I come back. But she won't listen to me, she thinks I underestimate her strength. Telling me that I think she's weak and that she'll continue her life as a dhampir. Talk about stubborn woman.. Obviously she didn't know how FREAKED OUT I am right now. What if when I come back but didn't succeed and I found her gone? That'll crush me. So like it or not, she'll be guarded with my choose of guardians until I come back, in hope she didn't forget about me and how I f-cking love her to death. I'm sorry Micka. I'm really a mess right now, I'm trying my best to get it somehow.

-- Daylight by Maroon5 --

Name: Alexander Glace


Those people doesn't understand the power, the strength and the incredible feeling I have right now. Well they're missing the fun being the strongest being in the whole world. Pfft yeah right, they think they can try turning me back into a puny creature as a Dhampir? Well I tell you it won't be so easy like last time. I'll step any ants that have the slightly bit mind trying to stop me. I'll show them it's useless. They're just wasting time for the main event. They don't know what will happen soon. It'll be too late to stop me. I'm not alone. Aaliyah, just you wait.

-- Calling by Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso ft Ryan Tedder --

Name: Axel Glace


Jesus, mom and dad is in mess. I heard them shouting yesterday and I doubt JD or Krystal and Will didn't heard it. The house definitely need sound proof, geez. Give us a break.. I guess staying in the academy was the best choice until they calmed down. But dad's going to leave mom and it means more bad news. I know I can count on JD to take care Krystal and Will. Mom needs me more than them. I think I'll punch dad when he's back to give him a sense. He's been an insecure azz lately.

-- Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People --

Name: Christian Reed


Tatum, she's such a lovely girl. She's the center of my universe. Even if I constantly disappear for missions, she hold on to me and I couldn't ask more. But I'm afraid I'll drove her wild with bad example. Still I can't wait to tie the knot with her.. mine, you're mine Tatum. But the luck didn't sided with us. I'll have to find Alec..

-- Good Girls Gone Bad by Cobra Starship ft Leighton Meester --

Name: Damen Dashkov


It's bad. A girl never made me so infuriates, distraught and drifting.. What can I say? Cassidie, yes that's her name. Just her name in my mind makes me breathless. I have to get her soon. She can't be in the academy longer. She'll get killed and I won't let her go. Ever. :O

-- Savior by Rise Against --

Name: William Steele


Well so far, Krystal is afraid of angry Rein. But I made her a wooden wristlet.. I hope she likes it and then we can play together.

-- Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia ft John Martin --

Name: Kyle Szelsky


As a Headmaster, watching my student progress is the most important and maintaining the staff to give their best for the young ones. Forget about Alicia, she's gone, probably buried somewhere in my mind. I had enough with girls. It's time to set things straight that I don't need love. It's hideous. I focused on the task in hand right now, and that'll be finding Alec. But my sudden cross with Miss Christina Tein changed my priority list. There are moroi students that still practicing their elements outside class. I've seen it many times and didn't realize it'll be a hell if I didn't pay attention to them. It's time to make a change. Hopefully this stubborn, don't-give-me-crap girl could lead that group.

-- Troublemaker by Olly Murs ft Flo Rida --

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