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NotWeirdAt All

Hey Everyone :)

So, some of you may remember me.

You know, the person who created this forum a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago?

Think back.

I was here once.

Anyways, if you don't recognize me, I'm Jewels or Brook or whatever the hell you want to call me. I'm the founder and creator of this Role play.

I'm so glad this forum has blossomed. Everyone has made new friends, made good stories, probably had a lot of good laughs. You're all amazing, I love you guys so much.

At first, I was 100%, full steam ahead, heavily invested into this forum. Now, not so much. I know, it's been like a year since I've actually role played with you guys, and I'm really sorry. I feel like I may have let some of you down. I didn't mean to, but I lost interest. It kills me inside but I have zero creativity or urge to write. My computer is full of half started stories, and believe it or not, I actually decided to go outside for once. Fanfiction lost its place in my heart and now I have no more time for it. It sucks. :(

For everyone who's stuck around- thank you. You guys have carried this role play to new heights and its amazing. This could very well be one of the most used forums on fanfiction. (111,000 posts and 30 topics? Holy shit! The second role play in the Vampire Academy section of forums!) Thank you, all of you, for being here. If you are one of the originals and want to be made a mod to protect and honour this rp, just message me. :)

And now, I say goodbye.

I'm pretty sure this is the last time I will ever post. There's probably like 2, 3 people who will actually read this and care. Others might read but go screw it, idk who this person is I'm just going to go back to the RP. But whatever, I still love you. 3

The roleplay is now in YOUR hands. Please, don't ruin it. There are a few mods who can help out ( I don't even know if they're still active) if all hell breaks loose but i have faith in you all.

Maybe one day I'll come back. I have to get my spark back. Society kills the imagination and I fell right into it. Keep writing guys.

Bye. :)

7/1/2013 . Edited 7/1/2013 #1

Awwwwww Jewels of course i remember you! I've been here since...well.... not quite since the beginning but for a very long time! And i remember when you used to RP loads and whenever you came on everyone was always like YAY JEWELS HEY! :D Because you're amazing and obviously the creator of this amazing forum.

I also left for a few months Jewels from this Rp as i hardly came on it, but i had my break and im now back and so hopefully, if the same happens with you, i hope you shall be back in a few months if possible as especially those here who remember you will miss you lots :(

I know Fanfiction cant be in someones life forever though, and if it is your time to move on then i wish you luck in everything that you do :) Those who are left here shall ensure that this RP stays as good as it always has been and you shall alwayssssss be rememebered as an amazing Rper and the founder of this RP :) I know i havent Rped with you recently Jewels but i shall still deeply miss you, but hopefully this RP can still stay strong and wont just crumble because it really is a nice RP to be a part of. I thank you for everything you have done for this RP Jewels so far and hopefully the Mods can continue your good work.

I will miss you lots and hopefully you come back eventually, if not then we all understand and wish you the best in your life :)

Love you lots as an great forum creator, an amazing rper and most of all a good friend :)

- Emily :)

7/2/2013 #2
A Hungry Polar Bear

Awwwwww I will miss you so much Jewels!! *hug* I still remember when you randomly invited me to join this forum :) This was the very first forum which I actually joined and started roleplaying :) It's all thanks to you that I have made new friends and learned how to roleplay. I consider you as one of my greatest and best friend ever! You are so amazing and I will very much miss you!!!

I shall try and be a good mod and take care of this forum until you decide to return :) we will miss you dearly!

- Nik

7/2/2013 #3

I have an active Vampire Academy forum, if you're interested here is the link. We're looking for new members.

8/29/2014 #4
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