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hey this is vlad chat so any and all conversations are allowed also only read past this point if you have read the whole series because i am a spoiler monger in conversation so join me in conversation

2/13/2011 #1

Hay, I totally love the books ive read all of them i own #3 and #5 i totally have a crush on vlad tod

2/13/2011 #2

awesome i have all of them exept tgk but i am looking for it so i have a question and you may not have read it closely enough to notice but in tgb when vlad first sees merideth it says open foot insert mouth ans it realy bothers me even though i have had misprints before

2/13/2011 #3

what page

2/13/2011 #4

hold on i meant i am not sure and i lent my copy to a friend so i can't check it and i am not even sure it was tgb it might have been egb but it bothered me so much i cant forgeet about it and i don't know why

2/13/2011 #5

i looked through mine it wasnt in it so idk you can e-mail the auther on her web site

2/13/2011 #6

im back sorry i got grounded

2/22/2011 #7

dont you just hate it when you get grounded

hay im always online so if you want i can help you make an rpg for vlad tod

(i bet i dont make sense)

2/23/2011 #8

sorry again i was kicked off for the day but sounds cool but not many people seem to go on vlad forums

2/25/2011 #9

ya i guess but lots go on the groups in deviant art. but one can only hope

3/5/2011 #10
Annabelle Mapel

Hi I love Vladimir Tod trumps Twilight any day.

6/12/2011 #11

Lol, whats your faveorite fraze in the books?

Mine is "i Wove Newwis Tippen' said by henry

6/12/2011 #12
Annabelle Mapel

DX Um... Vampire energy drinks I can't rebber who said it I'm searching for the book it's the third one.

6/12/2011 #13

I'll have to check my book My friend at school hates it when i say henry's line from book 1 cause she sais i cant. I think my fave seen in book #5 is when henry has a good idea

6/12/2011 #14
Annabelle Mapel

That's the last one right . i haven't read it because i read them before the last one came out and I started a new series called cirque du freak. I have it now I have to read it.

6/12/2011 #15

I wont spoilit for you kk. But all I can tell you its awsome... Any hoo I cant wait for the slayer cronicals

6/12/2011 #16
Annabelle Mapel

Okay well like I said I'm in the middle of Cirque du freak I'm on 9 of 12 DX It started good but now it's not as good.

6/12/2011 #17

I hate books that do that like the maximum ride books I got to #3 and stoped reading them they lost the story.

6/12/2011 #18
Annabelle Mapel

Yeah but I have to finsh DX because my grandma bought me the books and they're really expensive so I think I'll finsh Vlad then go back.Lol fav character male and female.

6/12/2011 #19

I ♥ Vlad and I ♥ Joss. I like snow kindof ... Ok i had a dream where i killed her and vlad was all mine lol

6/12/2011 #20
Annabelle Mapel

Vlad is my favorite and Snow is the best female.. Meridith gets on my nerve.

6/12/2011 #21

Meridith ha I hate her type she's too pink and peppy. if i went to their school i would be the gammer girl who gets picked on by her type but then i would punch them like as hard as i can and i punch hard.lol im so random.

6/12/2011 #22

http://forum.fanfiction.net/forum/Vlad_tod_rp/90066/ This is my Vlad tod forum you should join

6/12/2011 #23
Annabelle Mapel

Okay btw XD I'd be the gand geek who carries there insturment every where.

6/12/2011 #24

What kind of Insturment cause If my gamer girl had an insturment it would be the electric guitar.

6/12/2011 #25
Annabelle Mapel
Trumpet XD I play one irl
6/12/2011 #26
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