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Souls, it is such an easy thing to shift them into darkness, and so much harder to bring them into light. The peace of Shibusen is ending, because the darkness is here. Shadowing...always shadowing...
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Mischievous Mayhem

Pulls out her scapel and fiddles with it Durrr dahhhh durpty dur!

6/29/2011 #3,361
L4 of the WEST

So Leah what brings you to our fine little community?

6/29/2011 #3,362

*Glances over at Leah and watches her nervously.*

6/29/2011 #3,363
Mischievous Mayhem

I dunno L, just thought I should try it out :3

Laughs and points the scapel at Ryu xD

6/29/2011 #3,364

*Notices the scalpel pointing at him and quickly looks away.*

6/29/2011 #3,365
Mischievous Mayhem

Laughs and puts the scapel away Nah, still to lazeh.. =P

6/29/2011 #3,366

Hai guys! I made me an RP =^^= anyone wanna join?

6/29/2011 #3,367

What's it about?

6/29/2011 #3,368

It's about supernatural beings living in a sanctuary so they can learn to live peacefully with humans, as well as fight those who are trying to kill them.

6/29/2011 #3,369
L4 of the WEST

You might want to make a chat and spam over there

I was unable to say I found it without help *punches air*

6/29/2011 #3,370

Aaah~! I like that type of stuff! XD I might join tomorrow, since I'm too tired today xD

6/29/2011 #3,371

Shweet! I'm making my OC tomorrow as well, as I have to leave. Talk to you guys later!

6/29/2011 #3,372

*Waves* I gotta go too... See you tomorrow! *waves*

6/29/2011 #3,373

Hmm. I looked over some of the stuff in it. It looks pretty interesting.

6/29/2011 #3,374

*trapdoor opens in the middle of the floor and Jam sneaks in, dressed like a ninja with black facepaint*

Shhhh! If my parents ask, I was never here. ^^

Wassup guys?

6/29/2011 #3,375

*Watches Jam come up through a trap door.* ...why not wear a mask in stead of using facepaint?

Also, not much. You?

6/29/2011 #3,376

I just wanted to wear facepaint. :P *scrubs it off* and the only mask I have is one of those garish sequined masquerade masks with the poofy feathers.

Nothing too. I looked at Rin's RP. I like her idea. ^^

6/29/2011 #3,377

*Nods.* It does sound like it'd be pretty good. What kind of character do you think you'd go with?

6/29/2011 #3,378

Probably a Shifter or a Greywalker. You?

6/29/2011 #3,379

Hmm... I'm not sure. There are quite a few decent options.

6/29/2011 #3,380

True. Though vamps and weres have kinda been ruined for me by the Twilight epidemic.

6/29/2011 #3,381

Luckily I'm not a female, so I haven't read/watched/whatevered Twilight. :P

6/29/2011 #3,382
L4 of the WEST

Lucky you ryu I saw the first one with no knowledge of the original story and I'm sticking by its version of vampire * spits on ground*sparkling vampires W *about to say more but realizes Dragon may not like going into detail of how I do not like that version of vampire might be breaking one of the rule*

6/29/2011 #3,383

Thank god for that. You don't want to. Believe me.

Stephanie Meyers completely butchers/burns/explodes/warps/shoves into a woodchipper/decimates/nukes the classic vampire in her novel. And she kills two birds with one stone on her way to world destruction by brainwashing young impressionistic teenage girls into finding the perfect immortal guy that sparkles in the sun, who can be quite pathetic at times and sneaks into your room and watches you when you sleep.

6/29/2011 #3,384

Yep. Sounds as awful as I thought it was.

Though as I look through the species list, I am kinda leaning toward Vampire.

6/29/2011 #3,385
L4 of the WEST

Oh yeah and I'm back and hay Jam it looks like we have a similar opinion of those, you know what I'm not even going to call those the things vampire anymore from now on their sparklers.

6/29/2011 #3,386

He's heeeeeeeeeere

6/29/2011 . Edited by DragonSovereign, 6/29/2011 #3,387

Oooooh, crap.

And hey, can't you just add your possession to the end of the post, not delete the whole thing?

6/29/2011 #3,388


Meh. I forgot what I posted there anyway.

Hey Dragon! ^^

6/29/2011 #3,389

Yes, I can, I just forget to.

6/29/2011 #3,390
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