masters of the theivieus racoonus
make your own member of the cooper clan and have fun in the awesome chaos
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submit your own character as such


description or link to image(rickroll me you die!!)


calling card (sly has his raccoon face card)


go nuts

2/13/2011 #1
Lost Guardian Nexor

Name: Veronica Cooper (Her friends call her Ronnie.)

Description: A raccoon with long black hair, emerald green eyes, and light grey fur. She wears a tight leather suit that hugs her body and shows off every curve of her luscious body. She wears a cobalt blue cap and carries a Cooper Cane.

Ability: Aside from her ability to distract men with her charm, she can cause mirages using a special spray from her cane. She also has Sly's abilities.

Calling Card: a razor sharp orange V stabbed into the surface she left it on.

BackStory: Veronica is Sly's distant cousin, and a direct descendant of the great Cooper Clan. When the Fiendish Five murdered Sly's family, a couple of the pages managed to find their way to her home at an orphanage in Vegas. With the info in those few pages, and her father's Mirage Cane, she became one of the most elusive theives in Nevada.

2/13/2011 #2

Description:A strange racoon that for some odd reason can sumon a iceburg he has sky blue eyes.The tip of his left ear is white and he wears black gloves whith red stripes and he is 17 years old so......there`s that

Ability:As i said iceburg power and he has poison tipped knives that he throws (He doesn`t have any powers from the thevius racoonus because he is not a cooper family member)

Calling card:Hell do i know

Backstory:He had a bad run in with the iceburg from titanic that know hates him and will try to crush him if he yells "Iceburg " because iceburgs are totally sentient biengs......JK and his parents died when he was 12.

2/13/2011 . Edited 2/13/2011 #3
Oh yah and he wears a black shirt black skinny jeans and has black fur and is a total lonar
2/13/2011 #4

i am going to need a better description

2/13/2011 #5
Lost Guardian Nexor
Which one? Mine or Shadow X Amy fan's?
2/13/2011 #6
Lost Guardian Nexor

Incoming message from Minion:

ok what do you mean summon an iceburg? also he has to had more than one ability so until i get a proper bio i'm gonna have to say... temporarily rejected. i will let you try again cause your the brother of a friend so be more detailed. also i can't post for a while i have to clean my kitchen.


2/13/2011 #7

alright approved

2/13/2011 #8
2/13/2011 #9

submit your own character as such

name/alias:slink cooper

description: a dark blueish gray pelt with a black mask over his natural black mask slender frame similar to sly's but a little shorter always wears a black pair of pants and a my chemical romance shirt on (i am projecting my likes onto him so yeah) extremely stealthy never seen when he doesn't want to be seen.

ability:extreme stealth and thevious raccoonus abilities and the ultimate escape artist and can seduce anyone man or woman (usualy men) into getting what he needs

calling card:a black rose with the cooper seal on one of the petals

backstory:after learning the ways of the master thief from his father he encountered clockwerk and he slaughtered his family he was left alone but he fended for himself learning several martial arts and temporarily ruling a country (an extremely small one) he encountered clockwerk again and was in a hospital for a year after that he swore he wouldnot be defeated by clockwerk should they meet again and he aspired to become the graetes thief in the world... wait he already was... he swore that he would become better than clockwerk and then our story begins

2/13/2011 #10

oh yeah and he has a boy friend moral support/comic relief also a sexy raccoon but he is sheer white with the black patterns contrasting against the white base

2/13/2011 #11
Lost Guardian Nexor
(How shall our story begin?)
2/13/2011 #12

let us begi with all of us meeting for the first time

2/13/2011 #13
(Don`t huff paint)
2/13/2011 #14
Lost Guardian Nexor
Where do they meet? I mean, Ronnie lives in Vegas and E-Dog (Ethan's nickname) told me that Jake lives in Kansas.
2/13/2011 #15

i am thinking a criminal club or a safe house or a mcdonalds in vegas because slink lives in L.A. and jake took a plane to vegas and they are all meeting to get to know each other to form a cooper gang also this is pre sly cooper okay?

2/13/2011 #16
(I vote for mcdonalds)
2/13/2011 #17
Lost Guardian Nexor
I vote for mcdonald's.
2/13/2011 #18

alright its unanimous so what if slink was already friends with jake and recently found out about veronica and they met at mcdonalds because slink jake and danny (slinks boy friend) were hungry

2/13/2011 #19
I love that idea
2/13/2011 #20
Lost Guardian Nexor
Sounds good.
2/13/2011 #21

alright i will begin

slink walked into the mcdonalds danny close behind he looked around and spotted jake and yelled "hey jake over here"

2/13/2011 #22
Jake heard Slink and walked over to him "Oh helo Slink got any master thief plans at the moment"
2/13/2011 #23

slink smacked him on the side of his head "don't talk bout that so loud geez any way yeah that's why we're in vegas i am recruiting another cooper and maybe a few others and we're gonna pull a hiest on the Canadian criminal fort Knox called castle treasure i think the name is a bit generic but as long as the place lives up to it im happy."

2/13/2011 #24
Jake thaught hard....."Oh ive heard of this girl veronica and i think she could be just what your looking for"
2/13/2011 #25

"now we just have to wait till she arrives meanwhile let's get some freaking food i starving" slink and danny walk up to the counter and order several pounds of food and proceed to devour it.

2/14/2011 #26
Lost Guardian Nexor

Veronica walked into the Mcdonald's, and spotted Slink and Danny.

2/14/2011 #27

danny looked up from his burger and spotted the raccoon "hey slink isn't that her?" slink looked over and waved to her

2/14/2011 #28
Lost Guardian Nexor

Veronica made her way over to them. "Hello there."

2/14/2011 #29

both danny and slink simultaneously said through mouthfuls of food "hello!"

2/14/2011 #30
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