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I ship Seddie because if it happens, the show will still have a lot of humor since Sam and Freddie fight a lot.

What about you?

2/13/2011 #1

Wait, are you asking what my reason for shipping Seddie is or what made me start shipping it?

Oh well, I'll answer both :)

I ship Seddie because:

Isn't it so chizzin' obvious that they like each other? The more they fight, the more amazing it gets! They may look a little scared when they're physically fighting, but afterwards, you can see that they're smiling :) What's flippin' not to love about Seddie?

I started shipping Seddie because:

I was on the iCarly website one day when I was bored. I clicked on the character's bios, and when I got to Freddie's, I read his birthday and thought "HOLY CHIZ! THAT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" So I searched on Google to try to find out if there was a reason why that had been chosen as his birthday. I never found that out, and still desperately want to know, but what I DID find was The Greatest Secret by Nature9000 (GREAT story, BTW, you should check it out, but warning, it's LONG!) Until that point, the thought of Sam and Freddie as a couple hadn't even crossed my mind. I don't care how crazy that sounds, but it's true. The sad thing is, I was sort of a Creddier *gasp* Never a huge one... But I did have a few dreams the night before iSYL... *shudders* If it weren't for Nature9000, I wouldn't have known about Seddie until October 11... And I might not have shipped Seddie... *ginormous gasp*

So lemme just say this:


2/20/2011 . Edited 2/20/2011 #2

That's awesome!

And I never used to ship Seddie either, I always thought that Carly and Freddie would get together.... how did I discover Seddie? It's a very weird story....

I was on Yahoo Answers, and there was a question like "Is Sam from iCarly pregnant with Freddie's kid!??". I looked at the answers, and everybody said no, that someone on Fanfiction made it up and wrote a story about it. I looked up Fanfiction, and I realized that most of the stories were about Sam and Freddie dating, and I REALLY enjoyed reading about it! Then I did some more 'research' and found that Sam/Freddie is called Seddie, and that's when I decided to ship them. And to make a Fanfiction account too ;)

So yeah, that's how I found Seddie :)

BTW: Thanks for writing on this forum, I thought that nobody would even come on it! Haha.

2/21/2011 #3

Wow, I thought I was the only one that somehow managed to be blind... But once you hear about Seddie, it makes perfect sense! Doesn't it? :)

2/21/2011 #4

It does! The bickering friends that nobody expects to date is way better than Creddie! :D

2/21/2011 #5

Creddie's just a bunch of boring, sappy, unfunny, way-to-be-unoriginal, annoyingly-romantic chiz with no excitement at all and no true feelings to back it up XD

2/21/2011 #6
My way of finding was a little more boring! I was doing a science fair project a good...2? Yeah, two years ago and on google you know how sometimes it recommends stuff to you depending on the letters you put into the search engine? Well my science project was on different seeds for different plants and I put in the word "sedd" on accident cos my typing wasn't the best way back when. & then I see recommended search "Seddie" all the way at the bottom of the list. I'm like w** is that? Cos I think it said seddie ship or something like that and I'm thinking this is an actual ship so I click it with my short attention span and all & find out it's Sam & Freddie from iCarly! I was for real? They're an actual wanted couple? There's couples on iCarly? I always thought there were only couples on things like One Tree Hill. I already knew about fanfiction website because of my other shows and so I figure lemme check who else likes Seddie so I get on here, find out A LOT of people be likin Seddie! So I go ahead & read this story called iKiss, iMiss but I forget who by (sorry!) and fell in love. Watched the show once more, couldn't believe I didn't catch onto it before & now here we are! There's no reason why any shouldn't love them. I like Seddie cos they're not like a couple the writers just throw together & say she likes him, he likes her they're now a couple! Yay! No, there's more to em than that!
2/22/2011 #7

Wow, imagine if you didn't type in 'sedd'... who knows if you'd ever find out about Seddie!

But that's not a boring way to find out about the ship, I think it's cool since it happened comepletely by chance!

Thanks for sharing :)

2/22/2011 #8

Hi! I don't have the time to even begin listing my reasons why I ship Seddie, right now, but I'll come back later. I just wanted to pop in and say hello :)

Also, I'd like to invite anyone here to check out the Seddie or Creddie fanfiction forum. We're friendly, and we don't (usually) bite!

3/3/2011 #9

I ship Seddie because it's got depth to it, unlike Creddie. Carly is way too much of a Sue for my liking, whereas Sam and Freddie are actually three-demensional characters. Sam's got a tough shell, but on the inside she's something of a softie. Freddie's got that cool-dork mantra going for him. Carly, on the otherhand, is your stereotypical child role model. Boo.

Though I don't think we've seen the last of Creddie, I do think that over the course of seasons four and five we'll be seeing much more Seddie than anything else. After watching "I Saved Your Life," we got temporary (if not permanent) closure on Carly and Freddie's relationship. Though this may spawn into something more in future seasons, Dan pretty much spelled it out to us that Creddie won't be revisited for a while. (iStart a Fanwar is proof of that, since it culminated to be the most pointless episode of the show. But that's a different rant.)

Dan also has a history of having former enemies wind up together, examples being Mindy and Josh from Drake and Josh, and Quinn and Logan from Zoey 101.

And, going back to my closure point, we have closure for Creddie ATM, but there's absolutely no closure with Seddie. iThink they Kissed is proof of that. The fact that Sam and Freddie never gave Carly an answer as to whether or not they enjoyed their kiss goes to show that there's unfinished business left in that category. And let's not forget that shot of Sam as she saw Carly and Freddie dancing in iSpeed Date. If that doesn't scream "Unfinished Business," I don't know what does.

Anyhow, nitpick all you want, but their haven't been any major Seddie or Creddie moments so far in season four. This season also doesn't explore character development so much as it just shows a different side of the Creddie and Seddie relationships. Sam and Freddie have grown to have some degree of mutual respect for each other (and friendship), whereas Freddie has clearly shown his feelings for Carly are dying. So honestly, the most recent episode (iPity the Nevel) was probably the only decent one that was aired so far this season. Dan's been so sporadic with iCarly lately, and the next episode isn't airing until June. It almost feels like he's turning the show away from having any central subplot and is trying to make it centered more around the webshow itself, which is a disappointment. He had such a great subplot going for so long--Freddie and Carly's relationship, Sam and Freddie's bickering, Spencer's artistic ups and downs--and I feel like it's not there anymore.

I don't just ship Seddie because I like it, because I do think there's reasonable proof that it'll happen. It's definitely the more interesting pairing, and the fact that it's dysfunctional is what makes it great for a sitcom. Let's all just face it--Creddie couldn't deliver in the "sit" department, whereas Seddie could easily deliver in both.

Sorry if this little rant didn't make any sense. It's two in the morning right now, and I'm a little tired.

3/19/2011 #10

I started to ship seddie when the promos came out for iKiss..I never even thought about them being couples, but a lot of other people had, and I'm like, "They're all just better as friends!" After I saw iKiss, I wanted them to be together. I want them to be together becuz they fit each other out perfectly. Seddie is hard to explain so I can't really answer the question...I can't give myself the answer when I ask my self, "Why do I ship seddie? Why not creddie?" I have a whole thing on why I like seddie and not creddie on my profile, though, I think near the bottom.

4/18/2011 #11
The Awesome Psychic Ninja
Well, I ship Seddie from way back the first time I watched iKiss. At first, I was -shame- a Creddier. Then I watched iKiss and I was like o.O why didn't I realize how much of a cookie cutter typical relationship Creddie is? I love the little moments that are just Sam and Freddie. I love that Seddie is a relationship with depth to it, with problems they'll need to overcome and actual chemistry. I also love that Sam was the one to first admit her feelings n.n
4/25/2011 #12

Wow, now I'm ashamed to say...I SHIPPED CREDDIE UNTIL iSYL!!!! Yeah, it's bad, I know! Then, about a week before iOMG, I tried searching to see if anyone shipped Sam/Freddie...And a LOT of people did! Haha, so, I got addicted to Seddie starting with my discovery of Fanfictions! My first ever Seddie story (that I read) was iShakespere...STILL one of my favorites, can't wait to see how it ends!!! Then when iOMG promos started airing, I seriously could not sleep until it was released!!! Since then I've reading (and I just started writing!) Fanfics 24/7, and I CAN'T WAIT FOR iLMM!!!!!

6/29/2011 #13
Stefania Stanila

I dont know why I ship Seddie....

I just do!

And I love Seddie! So Much!!!!!

9/8/2011 #14
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