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A new generation of Get Backers has risen from the glory of the past. What will be lost? What shall be recovered? Will you be one of the few to Topple the revived tower?
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Pegasus Knight Salvo

chat goes on here, and ONLY Here!

Got it?!

2/14/2011 #1


2/14/2011 #2
Pegasus Knight Salvo

hello XD

2/15/2011 #3

so this place is going well

2/15/2011 #4
Pegasus Knight Salvo

somewhat XD

2/15/2011 #5

should we invite people from the groups we are in?

2/15/2011 #6
Pegasus Knight Salvo

sounds like a plan. Let's go do that!

BTW how do I add you as a mod?

2/16/2011 #7

on your account you go on forums and my forums

then choose the one of get backers and do manage

at the bottom it will say Forum Invite New Moderator

just type my name and send the invite

2/16/2011 #8
Pegasus Knight Salvo

got it XD

2/18/2011 #9

okay cool

2/18/2011 #10
Pegasus Knight Salvo

I sent it! *hoorays*

2/18/2011 #11

now bored

2/18/2011 #12
Pegasus Knight Salvo

now let's go ask people to join and start up the RP! you have first honors for first post if ya like!

2/19/2011 #13

okay I will post now

2/19/2011 #14
Pegasus Knight Salvo


2/22/2011 #15
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