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Need fresh ideas? Inspiration? Wanna get in league with some of these other Titanic fic writers? How about wanting to read more variegated fic? If you're in agreement with any of those, step into my parlor...
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Jeez weez, this creating a form thing can be kinda annoying =P Took me forever just to figure out how to do a New Topic, but hey, at least I did eventually.

Okay! Let me first of all go into the reason I started this group:

I've noticed we have some punch-packing writers among us Titanic fans, and the topics you guys come up with are great. Don't get me wrong whatsoever. At the same time, I thought it might be kind of neat to change it up a bit by holding a Titanic Fanfic Challenge.

So what the heck do I mean by this? Well, I'm going to list a few topics (and I totally welcome your ideas for topics as well) on here of fics we've either never seen, seen once in a deep blue moon, have seen started but never finished, etc...... and if you feel you're up for it, you accept the challenge by listing the topic you pick and putting your name next to it. That's when it's on YOU, Baby. You have three months max to finish it. After three months, the topic gets thrown back into the ring again and is up for grabs.

I just thought it would be fun to see who comes up with what among these amazing group of authors, and I also harbor the somewhat selfish motive of just really wanting to get to know you all ^_~

Soooooooooooo here we go!

I hereby challenge you people to write one of the following:

1) A Rose/Calvert meeting story with Jack's influence mixed in ("influence" being however you wish to interpret it)

2) Rose visits Chippawa Falls

3) A descendent of Rose's "happens upon" Jack in any way you see fit (physically/cryogenical stuff, which is NOT corny if it's done right, or in some spiritual way)

4) Was Officer Moody deeply in love with anyone before he went down with the ship?

5) What was Tommy Ryan leaving behind, and what is he headed toward on Titanic?

Five more slots, anybody have ideas for this? Once we have 10 challenges, people can start signing up. Let's have fun with this thing!

2/14/2011 #1

Oh goodness! I most definitely want to do this!

Here are some more: (some more overused than others)

1. What did Rose name her first child? And why, exactly?

2. What was going through Officer Murdoch's head when he pulled the trigger?

3. (Movieverse) A collection of vignette's based on the "Nearer My God to Thee" montage. (The one where the band is playing and we see the elderly couple in their bed, the Captain going down with his ship, Andrews fixing the clock, the Irish mother reading a final bedtime story...)

That's all I got for now.

4/19/2012 #2
Lavinia Swire

Oh gosh, I love fanfiction challenges and I love this idea!

1)What was Trudy's story? How long had she been working for the Dewitt Bukaters? Was she leaving anything or anyone behind? Just anything about Trudy, I love her and there aren't any fics about her!

2)What kind of preparations were going on for Rose's wedding before everyone left for America? The dresses, the invitations? Vignettes or a oneshot about the run-up to their departure and the wedding!

3)I saw a Tumblr post ages ago about the steward who takes Rose's name on the Carpathia being her future husband, and I'd be so interested to see what anyone did with that idea.

4)And finally, being totally selfish, I love me some Fabrizio/Helga fix-it fic! (Hey, everyone does Jack Lives, why not Fabrizio and Helga Live?)

And yay, that makes over ten, so I guess people can start claiming! *hint hint* I won't claim anything right now because I have my exams coming up and I don't really have time to write fic, but I'll see how things go :3

4/20/2012 #3
For the 1st topic idea question, I think that Rose would name hers and Jack's child Josephine because of the song they sing together in the movie. "Come Josephine In My Flying Machine. Up she goes up she goes" that would work only if the child is a little girl. If it was a little boy, she'd probably name him "Jack" in honor of Jack himself. Just my thoughts. :) I'm using my moms phone 2 type this. Sorry if it sucks.
4/28/2012 #4
So does this mean we can sign up now?
4/28/2012 #5
Lavinia Swire

I guess so! I'm tempted to claim the Nearer My God to Thee vignettes idea (which incidentally is one of my favourite bits of the entire film), although I have exams at the moment so I'm technically not signing up for challenges right now. If someone else is desperate for that one then that's fine and you're welcome to have it, seeing as I probably won't have time to write it until forever. But I'll see how things go!

(Anyone else going to claim anything? *hopeful* :3)

5/6/2012 #6

I claim the Calvert being the Carpathia officer :-)

I actually just finished and uploaded that story a few mintues ago. It would make my life if y'all checked it out :-)

5/21/2012 #7

Does anyone have any challenges I could do?

6/2/2012 #8
sure! we have a bunch up there :-)
6/8/2012 #9
Does anyone have a story idea for Ruth possibly? One that is more original than majority of what has been done about her. I've noticed something about her that I'm pretty sure no one else has noticed and I would like to write about her but have absolutely no ideas. Thanks!
7/16/2012 #10
Ok I am probably going to get bashed for suggesting this, but I want to see more of a Cal/Jack relationship.
8/29/2016 #11
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