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All we ever hear about is Max and her flock. There are mutants who have it far worse off than them. create your own character, experiment or whitecoat, and tell your story. Otakus welcome!
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Purebloody Rose

Help me out guys!

post your idea here and we'll vote :)

2/26/2011 #1

is there a show or a book or something that we all watch/read that we could take an name from?

2/26/2011 #2

The Coopers from Alice Cooper the band that did Schools Out

2/26/2011 . Edited 2/26/2011 #3

I don't kno if u watch this show or not but how bout Team Gurren? ((and if u do watch it then how about the name Team Dai-Gurren?))

2/26/2011 #4
Sorry I'm Lame

Team Laliet! Haha! Or team blank, that way we won't have to think to hard.

2/26/2011 #5
Purebloody Rose

I like the name The Coopers best so far.

how about something relevant to the actual forum? (i havent watched Gurren Lagaan yet :P)

2/26/2011 #6
Purebloody Rose

We'll do team blank for the time being

2/26/2011 #7
Sorry I'm Lame

evanescence! IDK, love that band. Or the Offspring

2/26/2011 #8
Purebloody Rose

I love paramore! how about like team riot or the team against playing god? Team APG! It's a pun. get it? yer... =_=

2/26/2011 #9

The MLA-Mutant Liberation Army

2/27/2011 #10
Purebloody Rose

Yeah! MLA sounds cool.

(@ShinigamiMurder: MSA FTW!)

3/1/2011 #11

she means MLA right?

3/2/2011 #12
Purebloody Rose

nope. The MSA (miniskirt army).

It's travis willingham's fan club :)

3/4/2011 #13
How about something simple like The Pack, especially since one of our founding members was a wolf (( plus I'm really into werewolves, btw could I make a second protag?))
3/19/2011 #14
Purebloody Rose
That sounds good too, and yea you can have a second character :)
3/19/2011 #15

umm how about team Phoenix

3/19/2011 #16

because that is were it all started

3/19/2011 . Edited 3/19/2011 #17
Thats an awesome team name!!! I think we should use it how about you キラ?
3/19/2011 #18
Purebloody Rose
I can read katakana you know. Also I'm making a poll on my profile. It'll be blind and you can pick 2 names.
3/19/2011 #19
Purebloody Rose
The poll is officially open! Tell me if I forgot any
3/19/2011 #20
Purebloody Rose
Has everyone voted yet??
3/22/2011 #21
I voted (( wasn't there an ad campaign like that around the time before KRudd got elected, or was that something else ))
3/22/2011 #22
Purebloody Rose
Ad campaign like what?
3/22/2011 #23
It doesn't matter if u haven't seen it... It was just a random thought
3/23/2011 #24
Purebloody Rose


our prime minister is a ranga!

3/24/2011 #25

I voted

3/24/2011 #26
Still beats the signature Kevin '07 lip quiver... Class plays are fun ...
3/24/2011 #27
Purebloody Rose
Our class play was 'Wonderland'. We wrote it ourselves. It was pretty much Alice in Wonderland, but with 500 other fairytales mixed in :)
3/24/2011 #28

lol, we had "The Wizard of Aus[tralia]"

i was tech, and we had Kath and Kim in there ((for you Americans who have no idea what Kath & Kim is, it is possibly the most Australian show/movie ever made, if you don't count strictly ballroom))

3/24/2011 #29
Purebloody Rose

lol! I love Kath and Kim!

3/24/2011 #30
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