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Hey guys, this is Chosen Hero/Rjay. We're supposed to have a meeting here in about 13 gours. I'm just gonna pm everyone their invite code and the time Kay?

2/20/2011 #1

I got my invite code. But this is confusing mee!

Am I like already joined or what. Please Pm Me Or something.

2/21/2011 . Edited 2/21/2011 #2

Tallie: You're here, don't worry. But you . . . . sorta replied at 5 a.m. in our time sooo . . . yeah. But I'm here!!

2/21/2011 #3

Also, what is with you and Gigi using Logan Lerman as your profile pic!?

2/21/2011 #4

yes! i am here! i am a fail, i wa so confused with this pm. but i figured it out! ;D

2/21/2011 #5

Hi Terra!

2/21/2011 #6

Also, someone gimme their opinion on whether I should change my name or not (cause Max is sorta over used nowadays . . . Maximum Ride, that Max dude/dudette from WoWP, etc.)

2/21/2011 #7

yooo!!! wazup!!!hey have u seen be jealous of me's latest ch.

2/21/2011 #8

Which one? Where she and Percy *shudder* make out for 4 days?

2/21/2011 #9

yeah...gross...haha i was nicer in my review...lex said she sent you a review i did that i was mean in...did she?

2/21/2011 #10

Yup! NICE ONE!! That was better than mine! . . . Actually, I dunno how good mine was. The one she posted on her chapter, remember? People keep saying that was awesome. BTW, idea on my name?

2/21/2011 #11

ummmm....i like it...i think the name max is cool! ;D

2/21/2011 #12

I know it's cool, but it's been used so many times. Like if we ever have that weird "don't make me go all Max on you!" then . . . it's sorta weird cause there are two Maxes you could be talking about. I'd be able to go back and change every single time my name is mentioned but I could still do that . . .

2/21/2011 #13

lol, i can't think of any other names. i didn't even come up with mine. lex asked it terra would be cool for my name and i really didn't care....but i see what you mean, there are two maxes. you and Max Ride.

2/21/2011 #14

I (strangely enough) have a list of names that I thought of on my iTouch so if I ever wanna have a story- BAM! Instantly, there's a name and everything. Sooo . . . yeah, I already have a couple names in mind.

2/21/2011 #15

Also, are you a relatively slow typer? Cause that's just like Geezer . . .

2/21/2011 #16

GOOD MORNING!!! I overslept, sorry!

2/21/2011 #17


2/21/2011 #18

cool, if ya think u should change ur name go ahead :D .....hey what does this do...ooohhhh hight light!!!! sweet

2/21/2011 #19

L: Opinion about my name problema?

2/21/2011 #20

M: Terra does fail pretty bad at typing, no offense, T.

T: Morning, sunshine!

2/21/2011 #21

T: Oh my gods, don't get started on the high- too late. Lex is OBSESSED with highlights.

2/21/2011 #22

M: I personally think Max suits you quite well.

2/21/2011 #23


2/21/2011 #24

L: Yeah but like I said . . . Max and Max Ride? Bit awkward . . . and odd, really.

2/21/2011 #25

hey lex! wow u over sleep...i didn't know it was possible...*fake gasp*

2/21/2011 #26

M: It's fine. When we talk about Max Ride, we'll type MAX. When we talk about you, just Max.

T: Shut up, lol. I JUST woke up about 20 min, ago.

2/21/2011 #27

M: i agree Max and Max Ride will get mixed up often

L: omg! u agree that i fail! *gasp* *tear*

2/21/2011 #28

L: . . . still odd, but whatever. . . . soooo . . . what should we talk about, since Sherlock's still gone? For like . . . 2 hours.

2/21/2011 #29

. . . wanna hear my list of names? It's mostly names and then nicknames that I like better . . . I'mma tell you the nicknames.

2/21/2011 #30
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