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Me Just plain old me

I really love Fabian and Nina together, along with the Joy intrustion.

As long as Fabiana wins.

2/21/2011 #1

I completely agree. I love Nina and Fabian together, but I would also love to see what happens when joy in thrown into it. Nina get so jelous, and Joy clearly like fabian, would make for a very interesting plot.

3/3/2011 #2

I don't really like Fabina, but I guess it's okay if that's how it ends up. I do think the whole love triangle idea between Joy/Fabian/Nina is a good idea, but I really don't want Joy bashing. Joy seems pretty cool. In fact, once I heard she was Patricia's BFF I knew she had to be at least a little okay.

3/10/2011 #3

Yea, I like the whole joy factor,but I'm so team Nabian (Fabina, but I like nabian better. I think Fabina sounds like some kind of I think Joy will add an interesting element to the story, but I hope she and Nina become friends (eventually) and I hope nabian prevails (which it most likely will)

3/30/2011 #4

I think that they should have a sort of 'Prequel Movie' so we could see more of Joy and Fabian's relasionship before Nina left. I'm 100% Fabina, but I'd like to see just how close 'Jabian' were.

5/28/2011 #5

Hmm...maybe not a whole 'Prequel Movie' (that may be a little too painful for my eyes and heart. And Nina's. But I do agree that I'd like to see their interations with each other before Nina. I think maybe a series of flashbacks throughout a few episodes. ~SPOILER ALERT~ They (they being Foy/Jabian) were never a real couple :) Always good :)

5/29/2011 #6

I love Fabina but I like Joy (as a person) and I think she deserves someone. I hope Nina and her become freinds(after they fight over Fabian). He might end up with Joy, which I wouldn't mind, but then POOR NINA! :( She would probally cry for days, along with Amber.

1/3/2012 #7

aaah nina and fabes broke up!!! and joy has been trying to steal fabian since the season started!!! And Mick is leaving!!

1/14/2012 #8

Fabina is sweet :3 I also like the Joy intrusion~

Joy is one of those characters that I started off thinking she was annoying, but started to like her more as the show went on... I can't help but feel bad for her and her hopeless chase after Fabian ;-; I kind of like Jabian, even if it only happened for a little while.

I just think it's sad. Joy used to be close with Fabian and Patricia, but after what happened in season 1, she really hasn't been able to reform that friendship with them. I mean, we see her hanging out with Patricia, but after Patricia's obsessing over finding Joy again in season one, you think they'd be tighter, y'know? It seems like the place Joy used to have has been filled by Nina, and while Fabian doesn't want to hurt her, he still isn't being a very good friend.

2/8/2012 #9
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