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Tom had the best and worst time of his life in just 500 days. Join us in remembering those days, flammers will be used to warm us in the winter days.
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Everyone, start chatting up right here please! About anything really, yourselves, the movie. ANYTHING.

1/3/2012 #1
Hi BigFan I hope this doesn't come across as creepy, because it really isn't suppossed to sound that way, but I read your bio and your whole section on actors/singers you like made me laugh. (I sometimes just click on usernames and see what they have to say and such) I love how you used their middle names :) Im a big fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and I never knew his middle name was Leonard. :) I also loved how you pointed out how you don't like relationships. I personally do not like it when kids in my school going around talking about how they want to find love when they've never actually been in love. How can somebody want something they don't understand? Well anyway, I hope you don't find this message creepy. I am a teenager myself, and Im assuming you are, so it's nice talking to other people in my age range that have similar opinions to myself :)
7/17/2012 #2

hey Quirk-A-Dork, you don't have to call me BigFan my name is Charlette if you want to call me that.

anyways that's not creepy at all! oh trust me i've seen much creepier. but i appreciate you taking the time to look at my bio and enjoy my section on actors/singers. those are my babies haha and so i must know everything about them (ahem creeper right there. i told you) and so. i'm so glad i found another joseph gordon-levitt fan! because most of the people i know who like him are either a) wannabe hipster posers or b) only like him because of (500) days or inception (which is my favorite movie but ugh, so many other great movies by him too!)

and i'm glad to know you agree with me! heh a lot of my friends are like that, they think they're in love or they think their hearts are broken but really it's like NO SHUDDUP IT'S NOT. GET OVER IT. haha it's probably because they assume they understand. that they base their love knowledge on nicholas sparks novels and love songs when really that's not it. they'll figure things eventually, and hopefully not the hard way like tom did.

ugh relationships scare the shizz out of me. omfg, i had a friend tell me he liked me (ahem and mind you he's a m a n w h o r e because he flirts/'loves' every girl in our class and once i said no out he went on to the next girl) and i swear i had a panic attack. like no joke freakout session it's insane. i'm just really anti-love honestly lol. i believe erryone in the world will find love but i won't. and i'm okay with that. i can have sexy friends with benefits :)

anyways enough of my rambling i am a teenager and so if you want to chat it's fine! either pm or here is fine i see you love regina spektor and ben folds which is fabulous since they are too lol. and that you like glee omfg that finale ugh. i mean i hate finchel but c'mon C'MON. i'm also an entertainer, musician, instrumentalist, writer wise so i can tell we're going to be friends!


7/18/2012 #3
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