Soul Eater RP: Death's New Era
Death's new era, has arrived. A new Lord of Death, and a new breed of enemy threaten to clash. Fight with Death City in the battle to rid the world of Madness. Or, help spread it.
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Post any special/combo moves your character is able to use with their partner, or anyone else, here.

Name of the Tecnique:



Description of Attack:



2/28/2011 #1

List of Approved Techniques for: Lady 'Lauren' Death + Apoc Aimivol

Name of the Tecnique: Shinigachine Gun

Meister: Lady Death

Weapon: Apoc

Description of Attack: The Death Scythe turns into a machine gun to be weilded by Lady Death. She then uses her soul power to make a series of laser like bullets to shoot her enemies. It shoots like a normal machine gun. Five bullets are able to send a Kishin Egg into oblivion

Strength: Speed and the sheer number of bullets. Also, the tecnique is stronger against Kishin or Witches due to the antidemon soul wavelenght of both users

Weaknesses: It needs the full power and sincronization of both the users to start and if used improperly it can make the weapon form of Apoc blow up (though not kill him, it moderatly injure him and avoid using this tecnique for a while). Overall, the full effect before either Lauren or Apoc lose their energy is a maximum of 4 minutes and 44.4 seconds.


Name of the Tecnique: Shadowgami Clone

Meister: Lady Death

Weapon: Apoc

Description of Attack: The Death Scythe fragments into up to five parts and four of it which shapeshift in a shape identical to Lady Lauren.

Strength: The full control of the copy had both by Apoc and (in case of full sincronization) Lauren and alone can hold up their own against an evil soul or an amateur Meister/weapon couple. Due to the fact they have the same soul wavelenght of both Apoc and Lauren, it's pratically impossible to recognize the original from the copies (aside from the fact the former is MUCH more powerful)

Weaknesses: Apoc can't shapeshift his main body while controlling the copies (techincally he could, but ot would be too difficult) and more than four copy can even cause him to pass out. His mass also reduces drastically and needs to absorb the copies to return at full power. And, on a comical note, Apoc would like them to make the copies bustier (but if he was to do it, it would lose the power of the tecnique)

3/2/2011 . Edited by elementelmaster, 3/7/2011 #2

List of Approved Techniques for: Eye 'E' Gore + Kohaku Mayonaka

Name of the Tecnique: Magnetic Soul Resonance

Meister: Eye

Weapon: Kohaku

Description of Attack: Extending a scarf Eye can modulate the electricity created by Kohaku to manipulate nearby pieces of metal either by repelling them or attracting them

Strength: The immediate switch between the two powers (attraction, repulsion), the fact it does not need contact to start and it can work either on Demon Weapon (see below how to counteract it)

Weaknesses: The heavier and the further an object is the more difficult is to move it, a Demon Weapon can avoid being affected by swelling up his soul wavelenght


Name of the Tecnique: Flight of the Static

Meister: Eye

Weapon: Kohaku

Description of Attack: By placing four the blades around an hand, Eye uses the magnetic powers above to make them move like of a chopper, making the meister/weapon couple fly. Eye still weilds a blade with the other hand in case of attacks. From above it seems like the shape of a four leaf clover.

Strength: Flight, speed

Weaknesses: Lack of manoeuvrability, landing (it hurts, really)


Name of the Tecnique: Finale with a Flash

Meister: Eye

Weapon: Kohaku

Description of Attack: Eye plants all the swords onto the ground and then sends some Soul Enegry on the one closest to it, creating an electric reaction which, due to Kohaku's power, swells up till the last sword, whcih satures the ground of so much energy that eventually a lighting bolt from the sky appears and strikes down the place where the last sword is planted (and whoever is there).

Strength: The destructivity of the attack, works best in rainy days

Weaknesses: The attack, if used improperly can strike down even Eye and Kohaku themselves, the excessive use of soul energy (best used as a finisher, in other words), the difficulty of sending an opponent where the last sword is planted to.

3/2/2011 . Edited 3/25/2011 #3
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