Soul Eater RP: Death's New Era
Death's new era, has arrived. A new Lord of Death, and a new breed of enemy threaten to clash. Fight with Death City in the battle to rid the world of Madness. Or, help spread it.
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You know the drill X3

3/7/2011 #1

I winz~

3/7/2011 #2
Sart Von Berchingen

WTF? I was here first! Why was I deleted?

3/7/2011 #3
Awwwwwweeeeeee XP I will win next time!!!
3/7/2011 #4
Sart Von Berchingen

But, why was I deleted though?

3/7/2011 #5

What do you mean? o.o;

And hehe, Third the Golden Nerd? X3

3/7/2011 #6
Sart Von Berchingen

I posted first here, now it was deleted...

3/7/2011 #7
Why yes I am a nerd *adjusts glasses* X3
3/7/2011 #8

I don't know *shrugs* But why did you post here? The other chat hadn't even finished^^;

And good for you *Pats* By the way, I'm runnin' dry. Do you have any ideas for attack William and Andy can do?^^;

3/7/2011 #9
Sart Von Berchingen


3/7/2011 #10
*is patted* :3 Hmm, what if the chain would break in half so it would technically be two weapons, but William would still he visible/inhabiting both oft them, so ot would kind if be two long chains with perhaps a slightly larger dagger at the end of both? O.o?
3/7/2011 #11

Posted. ^_^

3/7/2011 #12

You mean, sorta like unlclick in the middle and use them seperatly, that could work^^It takes spiritual energy to break it of the person who can properly allign with him. Hmmm...I don't know, but what about for the Initial Soul Resonance of the two (if they ever get that intune) the two daggers, seperated at the chain, become two seperate rapiers?^^That was a though that had entered my mind. Another thing the triple dagger was ment to do, was suprise the enemy, by doing so it takes the dagger to actually impale the enemy, after putting itself inside it seperated with two powerful springs, as a result embedding itself into the body of the oppenent and whatever it latches onto it, it rips out once it's connected^^;Another use is it was used to help catch an enemies blade between two daggers, whether it be a sword or an attack or yeah^^

3/7/2011 #13

O_O *dies of information overload* I have a small brain capacity.

3/7/2011 #14
Sart Von Berchingen

I g2g. Night. Since there's people who still need to post in the rp and we'll have to wait a long time. Bye.

3/7/2011 #15
All of them sound interesting ^^ we could always combine two of we can't decide ^^
3/7/2011 #16

Bye bye, Von-Von. You know, like those candies in Spongebob called bon-bons? xD I think I'll call you that now to annoy you. ^_^

And where'd Drago go? I didn't get to glomp him.

3/7/2011 #17


And it's only four more people who need to post, I don't think Jame's character will be ready for a little while/ready to appear. So four people will be done by tomorrow^^;

3/7/2011 #18
How? O.o?
3/7/2011 #19

How do we combine the ideas^^;Or why, they could just be seperate techniques^^Plus they're not really daggers, they're just called that, they're bot longer than the average dagger^^

3/7/2011 #20


3/7/2011 #21
Never mind then, having them as different techinques works better ^^ *nods*
3/7/2011 #22

Booo for fanfiction not supporting certain Kirby-making symbols.

3/7/2011 . Edited 3/7/2011 #23
3/7/2011 #24

Don't ask.

Where'd everyone go?

3/7/2011 #25

Here, just doin' some homework^^;

3/7/2011 #26
Is it bad that my stomach is growling at 11:00? ^^;
3/7/2011 #27

Someone has the munchies :T...x3

3/7/2011 #28

I dunno Ink, I dunno...

I'm going to go to take a bath.

3/7/2011 #29
X3 I snuck into my kitchen and got soup crutons, so I'm good ^o^ X3.
3/7/2011 #30
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