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The office-lined hallway was chilly and quiet at this hour of the evening. Sarah had been surprised when Dr. Casas had suggested a meeting so late – most of the other professors she knew went home by five or six. Now, at nearly eight, all the offices on the hallway were closed and their windows dark, except one near the end of the row whose cracked door spilled a welcoming, buttery light across the smooth stone floor.

Sarah reached the open office, confirming with a slightly nervous glance at the burnished brass nameplate that this was the correct one before knocking softly on the aged wood paneling.

Hmm, Long straight path, door with some burnished brass at the end of it. Even a door that opens up into Sarah's return to writing. Reminds me of the dream at the end of the last chapter...


flanked by weathered stone sphinxes that lounged in indolent, immobile boredom against the wall.

You may want to remember these two for later ;)


"Much Ado About Nothing, and Waiting for Godot"

Seems rather appropriate for Sarah, with her making Much Ado about her conversation with her parents, and the Underground giving her more absurdity what Godot ever could


Redcaps! All the unpleasant things she'd read about this particular type of fae came crashing into her head at once, along with a heavy dose of fear.

So, Sarah comes upon a group of musicians with red hats on, which attack and chase her and are very scary, but she gets away safely. On the TV in the living room, just before her very scary conversation with her parents...

An aging rock band was giving a live-televised performance; Sarah didn't recognize the musicians, but the lead singer had a shock of (definitely dyed) scarlet hair that made her want to giggle

I bet Sarah will get away safely from her fight with her parents :)


just wait till you see the guy cast as Oberon. If I liked men, I'd be drooling all over him, just like half the girls in the cast."

Hmm, a cute guy that's playing a faerie king? Wonder where this is headed...

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