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Golden Requiem

Format: Welcome to Wight Knight, the Hellsing/Halo RP. This RP's time line will kick off about one hour before Halo 2 and, just before the Covenant force is in the sights of the UNSC defense platforms. The plot will initially take place in a rundown Hellsing Manor. The Office of Naval Intelligence has interest in this old Manor, and its occupants. What lies within are secrets that could give an extreme advantage to the UNSC, and possibly give humanity a chance. Unfortunately for ONI, the occupants aren't exactly apt on getting "silenced" for the good of all. To make matters far worse, their communications with UNSC high comm have been cut, and a small group of special operations Covenant have been sent ahead of the main force. This group's job was to prepare the Ark for the holy prophet of Regrets arrival. Unfortunately, they quickly discovered that this planet had defenses far beyond even Reach, and it was most likely the human home world. Now their cloaked ship lies above England, as they investigate the recent ONI activity…

Setting: For those of you who know Hellsing, that's good. For those of you who do not, I shall explain some of the factions, and their place in the Halo-verse. The protagonist faction, known as The "Hellsing Organization" is a group of humans (Mostly) who deal with super natural threats to the Queen of England, and protect the island of Britain. They have great influence, and operate across the world, though they had no influence outside of Earth. Nearly five hundred years later, however the Hellsing Organization has ceased operations, as the current head of Hellsing has recently died, leaving their Heir alone, with a dwindling fortune. The immortal rival, and sometimes enemy of Hellsing is Iscariot, or "Section thirteen". Iscariot is an organization loyal to the Vatican, and aren't necessarily bad people, though their methods are generally harsh. Mostly comprised of those of the Catholic faith, they are near fanatic to their love of god, and the need to punish the unrighteous. They currently hold influence in the UEG, and continue operations across the Earth, though their influence outside of the third rock has dwindled since the onset of the Human-Covenant war. Next, we have the dastardly Millennium, the last remnants of the third and last Reich. They have made war with both the Covenant, and the UNSC, and are massacring entire planets, leaving none left in their wake alive. Bolstered by FREAKs, and all those who lived on the planets previously, they are cutting through the UNSC. And somehow, even the Covenant to a lesser degree. (They steal, and adapt Covenant technology, and they're light years ahead of the UNSC. They generally don't do well in space combat, but dominate all in a ground war) those who hear the name "Millennium" in the Alien tongue of the Covenant feel a fear equal to even that of the parasite. Though, knowledge of Millennium organization is scarce in the UNSC, and is generally written off as fantasy. As no one ever survives to talk, and the planet is devastated after, most assume it's the Covenant.

Rules: The same as any other, though OPness will be far more common. (If it makes sense for your species!)

7/16/2011 . Edited 7/16/2011 #1
Saber Knight

The Pelican hovered above the ground as the ODST filed out of it with guns raised. The Captain got out of the Pelican when the last ODST, Corporal Kutsuki, got out. "You know our mission!" He said over his squads comms. Responses came and the Captain grinned. "Be on the lookout, we're not facing covvies this time!"

Everybody stood still as they expected a Covvie to come flying in and land in front of them but none came.

"Heh, looks like I was actually right for once." The Captain said under his breath.

The ODST began to move out in a loose formation so they weren't packed together. Kutsuki was stationed in the rear, her shotgun in her hands with the special shells that she had. She kept her eyes peeled and her ears alert.

7/17/2011 #2

Another 'ODST' stepped off the Pelican. Hitting the ground lightly, making hardly a sound. He approached the Captain, pulling the man aside while showing him a Datapad. "Have your ODST's move in through the windows on the side. I want a squad with me, we'll breach the front door. Regroup on the sub-level once the top floors are clear. Reports show low-resistence, expect high-resistence. Rule of Engagement are shoot-on-sight. Everything inside is labeled hostile." Spectre ordered the Captain. His voice was garbled due to the voice modifier, but distinctly male.

The Lieutenant Colonel moved to the door of the Mansion, with a ODST Squad following. "Spectre in position. Breaching in Three.. Two.. One.. Breaching." The ONI Spook kicked open the door, rushing into Hellsing Manor. It was clean, pretty. Yet dark. It didn't bother Spectre. His VISR auto-adapted. There was low resistence as he moved through the Mansion. One or two Mansion staff got in the way. Being immedietly gunned down by the Spook. The ODST team struggling to keep up.

7/17/2011 #3
Saber Knight

Corporal Kutsuki was ordered to go with Lieutenant Colonol and she followed along with the rest of the squad, staying in the back with her shotgun handy. She focused on staying in the rear and staying with her squad. She had her finger on the trigger and her other hand on the pump of the shotgun, ready to kill anything that tried to get them from behind.

The other ODST Team hurried to stay with the Lieutenant Colonol.

7/17/2011 #4

Spectre pressed down, towards the basement. Clearing the way, until it finally stopped. The Lieutenant turned to look at Corporal Kutsuki. "Order the rest of the ODST's to form up. I have one last objective to carry out." He ordered, then reloaded his M7S.

7/17/2011 #5
Saber Knight

Corporal Kutsuki blinked, looked at the Sergeant, and then the ODST got into positions. The ODST checked their guns to make sure they were fully loaded and that the safties were off.

The ODST waited.

7/17/2011 #6

Spectre glanced at the ODST Captain, then motioned the man over. He turned, resting a hand on the man's shoulder, walking away from the other ODST's. M7S held in his other hand. "Captain, I have one, last order from ONI. When I said everyone in this Mansion is labeled hostile, I meant it." The next movement happened quickly. Spectre shifted his SMG to the man's chin. Pulling the trigger. The small caliber bullets plunged deep into the man's skull, rattling around inside his brain. Turning it to mush.

Spectre kept ahold of the Captain, then shifted infront of him. Placing the M7S over the man's shoulder, firing at the other ODST's. Using the now-dead Captain as a meat shield.

Several ODST's fell quickly, before they knew what had happened. Others had noticed, but were unable to avoid as the 'bullet hose' lived up to it's name. Rounds slipping through the plates of their armor, tearing them down.

7/17/2011 #7
Saber Knight

Kutsuki whipped around, her sniper rifle already in her hands as she fired off four shots, one aimmed at his right part of the chest, another on the left part of his chest, one at his head, and one down lower than his stomach. She quickly reloaded as she dodged the bullets and got behind cover.

ODST outside were coming into the mansion still oblivious to the betrayal.

"To all ODST, engage the Lieutenant Colonol." Kutsuki said, using a private comms channel.

The ODST heard this and didn't think twice as they made their way to their position.

"Roger that Corporal! Let's kill this Spook!" The Sergeant of the other squad said as they infiltrated the mansion.

The Sergeant, the one from the first ODST, had watched as the Captain was killed before he could do anything, he had dove behind cover, and pulled out his Dual SMGs and was currently shooting at Spectre.

7/17/2011 #8

Spectre remained silent as he felt several pinches in his torso. Not even the sniper could fully penetrate two sets of ODST armor. The Captain's head took the headshot quite kindly. Spectre would get a bruise at worst.

Spectre fired a short burst at the Sergeant, causing the man to gurgle as he collapsed over. He then heard Kutsuki, after ONI had tapped him into all COMM channels in the area. "You will disregard all further orders from Corporal Kutsuki, her squad has been labeled as Innsurrectionist's, and are responsible for your comrade's deaths on Sigma Octanius."

7/17/2011 #9
Saber Knight

Just then the ODST reinforcements appeared. Two of them had rocket launchers and each fired a rocket at Spectre as the ODST quickly spread out and got behind cover as they shot everything they had at Spectre. They didn't even bother responding to Spectre.

Corporal Kutsuki, instead of putting the silver blessed bullets she had in before, put in specially made anti-tank rounds that could stop a Grizzly in it's tracks if fired in the right spot.

She shot three rounds, one at the head, one at the heart, and one at the right arm (Spectre's right). A couple of ODST carried out a wounded Lance Corporal as the others provided heavy suppressing fire.

"Bravo 2-9, requesting immiediate Med Vac!" One of the two ODST said as they got out of sight of Spectre.

"Roger that, Pelican 2-9 coming down for pick up."


ODST Lieutenant looked up in the night sky as the Pelican came back down. He and one of the Medics of the ODST Squads had set up a Missle Pod and a Machine Gun Turret. He hadn't gptten the comms from Kutsuki or Spectre since his comms unit was broke down and the Medics' had just recently been destroyed.

7/17/2011 #10

Spectre made himself as small of a target as possible as the rockets sped over each shoulder by mere inches. And into the darkness. Before the Corporal even fired her Sniper, Spectre let go of the Captain and moved to the side. Tossing a flashbang to the ground, blinding the ODST's. As their vision began to reappear. Spectre had moved, reloaded, and taken down almost every ODST in the room.

Two rounds bit into the throat of two respective ODST's, severing their spinal cords. Spectre popped around an old wine crate, firing two rounds. Striking the Corporal's Sniper Rifle, denting the barrel. The ONI Regenerator rushed forward, M7S Mag spent, and grabbed ahold of her Sniper, pushing it out of the way. With his other arm, rammed an elbow intot he Corporal's visor. He pulled back the arm slightly, then stretched it outwards again. A flat-handed chop to the side of her neck. He pulled back the arm again, launching an elbow forward towards her chin.

Letting go of her Sniper, Spectre balled his left hand into a fist, launching it into the Corporal's gut. As he forced the ODST to double over, he kicked upward. Ramming his knee into her helmet, to knock the Corporal on her back.

Outside, missiles shot down from space, smashing into the Pelican. Imploding the vehical. "You're clear Spectre, finish your mission."

7/17/2011 . Edited 7/17/2011 #11
Saber Knight

((That looks like it was too much, if you didn't read, hold on, who's Kirara? There isn't an ODST in that room that has the name Kirara. Plus, Ren has very good reflexes))

Kutsuki, followed every move Spectre made as he made it and sometimes guessing where he would strike, lifted her rifle up so the bullets flew under it, before she could fire she saw him rush forward and push her rifle out of the way. She saw him launch an elbow towards her face but she let go of her rifle as time seemed to slow for her, she bent backwards and down, almost falling to the floor. She quickly did a swiping kick and knocked Spectre off of his feet as she quickly pulled out her shotgun and fired it point blank range. The special shells that she had in it earlier had been replaced before the whole fight had started with shells and buckshot that was meant to completely kill organics at point blank range and put a large dent into armor at the same range.


The Pelican Pilot eyes widened, he had a bad feeling, and just before the missles impacted, he pressed a button to put on a distress signal. The Pelican exploded and almost landed on top of the two ODST who were luckily far enough away from the crash zone. The pilots were killed but the distress signal sent out to the UNSC and anybody that could get it. The signal was fast.

7/17/2011 . Edited 7/17/2011 #12

((Yes, first book. Killed four ODST's without trying, when he was fourteen. OP means Overpowered. Nor can you sweep kick while bending backwards. I've actually been in fights, you obviously have not.))

7/17/2011 #13
Saber Knight

Kutsuki, sensing that if she continued this fight than something very BAD was gonna happen, ordered the remaining ODST retreat. Before Spectre could get off the ground, she quickly grabbed her Sniper Rifle and followed her men and women out of there just before one of the explosives the retreating ODST put exploded and caved the entrance in.

Kutsuki and the others met up with the LT. and Medic.

7/17/2011 #14
Saber Knight

((By the way, what is the Appropiate stance for a sweeping kick? I don't know for sure))

7/17/2011 #15

Victor was in the Hellsing manor;roaming the long forgoten mansion and heard an explosive go off. "Fucking UNSC..."He muttered before taking out his pistol and began running to find the package

7/17/2011 #16

((Take a step back, twists around while dropping to the floor, hit the legs in a backwards sweep. But to be honest, it doesn't work. Movie stuff.))

Spectre fired after the ODST's as they ran, downing two. He reloaded calmly as the explosion rumbled. But they were in a building, and the explosion simply collasped the floor above. Making a slightly rockier climb to exit.

Spectre moved out, M7S raised, two ODST's were at the top, speaking to one another. Slacking off of guarding him, they quickly fell to short bursts.

7/17/2011 #17

Victor continued to run and noticed two ODSTs heading towards the right direction to the package. "Oh no ya don't"He muttered before firing his magnum at the two. Victor continued to walk and reloaded he noticed a room and it had two blades. "Hm...looks like Iscariot crap....I'll pick it up if I have time"he spoke aloud.

7/17/2011 #18
Saber Knight

((Where did those two come from?))

"What do we do now Lieutenant?" Lance Corporal Sanders asked the Lieutenant.

They had gotten away from the area where they were, careful not to leave a trace of them.

Lieutenant Keystone looked at Sanders. "We have to hide, I'm not so sure."

Kutsuki sat over on a rock, leaning up against a tree, and looking up into the night sky.

"Hey, Lieutenant. Will Kutsuki be ok?" The Medic, Corporal Blueriver, asked, looking at Kutsuki.

Keystone turned to Blueriver. "No... But she will survive..." Keystone said, obvious sorrow in his voice.

"You know what's worse than Covvies?" Private Miller said to Private Jones.

"Humans, when they know their under extermination by the Covvies, kill their own soldiers. A.K.A. ONI." Jones replied.

They had their radios off.

7/17/2011 #19


Spectre activated his VISR, it was locked onto the ODST's and Marines. He began to make his way calmly to the ODST's. Wasn't his first mission doing this, it wouldn't be his last. No one would remember these Marines.

"All ONI S-V Units move to designated points and engage with lethal force."

7/17/2011 #20
Saber Knight

((There are no Marines, just ODST))

The ODST got back unto the move, Kutsuki keeping sure they weren't surprised by staying in the back.

7/17/2011 #21

Spectre continued to move, picking up pace when the ODST's did. He could outrun them rather easily, and they didn't really have much of a headstart.

"Deploy 'Hades' in sector Kilo-Alpha." Spectre spoke over his COMM, which would drop the agent right into the ODST's path, allowing him to engage them.

7/17/2011 #22

An ONI spook had Ben chained up in his SPI armor. "Ever been to britan" he asked. Ben remained silent."Kill me or release me but do not waste my time with talk"he sikmmply stated. "Well then listen your giong to be dropped off in a mansion and kill any non ONI person there is can you follow that 'Hades'?" the spook asked. "As long as I get to kill something yes" The pelican took the Spartan to an island. The ONI spook unchained him and handed him a DMR. He got out of the pelican and looked at the ODSTs

7/17/2011 #23
Saber Knight

The ODST stopped and quickly dove behind surrounding trees and a couple of rocks. They pointed their weapons at Ben.

"Put your weapon down or we will be forced to try to kill you!" Keystone shouted out at Ben. Everybody but Kutsuki looked at Keystone with a strange look on their faces that was hid by their helmets.

The cover they had chosen would make it hard to hit them. Keystone and Kutsuki were in the best cover, but not the same cover.

7/17/2011 #24

Ben dropped the DMR and smirked under his helmet. He then charged with great speed to one of the ODSTs slamming his fist straight through the helmet. The vampire Spartan let out a laugh of insanity. "What you said no guns?"

7/17/2011 #25
Saber Knight

"Miller!" One of the others yelled out.

Then suddenly, a trio of blessed bullets shot straight at Ben from behind him, followed by six more. A newcomer was attacking Ben from the trees.

7/17/2011 #26

Ben ran letting the bullets hit him. He managed to toss another ODST about ten feetthe air before the spartan collapsed. Blood slowly began to flow from his corpse.

7/17/2011 . Edited 7/17/2011 #27

A deep, feminine giggle sounded from behind Ben. Seraph made her way in sight from behind the Spartan with her DMR slung. "That's not the best way to handle our friend here," she said, her visor polarized and glaring red into the now downed ODST as she slid her hand off of Ben's shoulder. "I'm sure he'd like to raise you an 'I will' in response to your 'try.'"

Seraph raised her M7S in one hand, watching the ODSTs' tense up, their weapons tracking her. "But since you asked so politely," she let the weapon drop from her fingers.

Before the weapon hit the ground, she bolted for the nearest ODST, the name "Keystone" labeled above his chestplate. Her armor took a good burst that she sidestepped just in time--had every round hit her, she'd probably have ended up on her ass. She dropped her forearm down on the weapon, stepping sideways to avoid the spitting muzzle, then drove a spear hand strike into the exposed section of the soldier's neck. Stunned and gasping for air, she yanked the man's weapon forward and struck him again, landing a fist into his visor.

She backed away, throwing her weapon right into the face of a newcomer. She engaged in a fighting stance, waving the man toward her. "Your move, boys."

7/17/2011 #28
Saber Knight

Jones was sent flying into the air, however, he wasn't actually injured. Keystone managed to catch him before he hit the ground.

A tall black armored man walked out of the trees, just finishing off reloading his Battle Rifle. He stopped over the Spartan's corpse and aimmed between the eyes. It doesn't hurt at all to make sure it's dead. Blueriver rushed over to Miller but he was gone.

7/17/2011 #29

Spectre watched Seraph and Hades engage the ODST's. Not really worried about it.

"All local UNSC Forces, Lieutenant Keystone's Unit is hereby being labeled as Terrorists. Secure the Manor, nothing leaves. Keep the area secured."

7/17/2011 #30
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