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A thread to discuss the second biggest wrestling company in America. Will it ever be a true rival to WWE...or are its days numbered?

2/22/2011 . Edited 5/4/2011 #1
I hate to think that TNA might go under, but then again, I'm used to things I like being taken away from me with no real advance notice or explanation(lol), so I'm prepared for that eventuality, and I'm just going to keep enjoying it for as long as I can...
2/22/2011 #2

I'd be sad to see TNA go away simply because then the wrestlers who get fed up with WWE or who are looking for a change won't really have anywhere to go, they'd have no leverage to negotiate better deals with WWE or a place to just cut loose like they can in TNA.

I don't like a lot of what TNA does but sometimes you get really awesome stuff that makes the rest worth it. Like Mickie's and Tara's cage match.

2/25/2011 #3
Oh, I loved Mickie and Tara's cage match, too, although, since I want them to enjoy long, healthy lives, I hope they won't do it too least not for another year. :) When WCW went under, I can't say I cared for WWE being the sole national wrestling promotion in the U.S.--there should always be at least one competitor. I agree that TNA has made some bogus moves--I've said before that I think they badly mishandled Samoa Joe's run as their World champion, seemingly undercutting him, for example--but they've also championed both tag team and women's wrestling, things WWE often neglects. And I'd like to see the X-Division returned to its former prominence(I had to think for a moment before I remembered that Kazarian is the reigning X champ), but I also liked the idea of turning the Legends/Global title into a Television title--that's a good nod toward wrestling's history and traditions. So there are pros and cons, but I'll stick with TNA for the long haul. Oh--on last night's Impact!, Sarita accepted Velvet Sky's challenge for a straight-up, one-on-one match, and promised no chicanery--then, after Velvet was gone, she and Rosita laughed and Sarita said: "I'm gonna screw her so hard, she'll have trouble walking". Knowing how you feel about the BPs, I thought you might get a kick out of that. :D
2/25/2011 #4

It's important that there be more than one national wrestling promotion...which is why it's frustrating to watch TNA keep making strange decisions. Forget about trying to surpass WWE...why aren't they doing a better job of building the talent they have? AJ Styles should be bigger. Jay Lethal is one of the most talented guys working today. Matt Morgan SHOULD be one of the biggest stars in wrestling...he has all the tools and talent, and he's 7 feet freaking tall!

For all the problems with the TNA women's division, in many ways they are better off than the men...despite the fact that the men always get first priority in TNA.

2/28/2011 #5
I think they're starting to do something with A.J. lately, pitting him against Flair, Bischoff and the rest of Immortal--something I like to see. A.J. has done whatever TNA asked of him, including playing the fool at times--something I hate to see. Let him be a face or a heel, whichever he prefers--but please, TNA, don't hold him up as an object of ridicule. Fortunately, he's looking strong now. Speaking of Flair, I really liked how Jay Lethal more than held his own in his recent feud with the Nature Boy, physically and psychologically. It was only when Flair sunk to his lowest yet that Lethal had trouble, but he still demonstrated what a terrific talent he is. And Matt Morgan--genetically jacked, athletically stacked--he is what he says he is. I remember a while back, when Jim Cornette was absent one Christmas week, Morgan took over and promoted that show, and I thought he did an excellent job, so there's brains to match the brawn. I agree; Morgan should certainly have at least one TNA World title reign on his resume by now--a TV title reign at the very least. That would keep him in the mix until he can get another World title shot. At one point, there was talk of the Knockouts getting their own show, but it never panned out. It might have been a safer bet to increase their presence on Impact!--they've got a deep enough roster that they can afford to have two Knockout segments per show. Sometimes RAW or SmackDown may have two, but more often than not, they have only one, by comparison.
3/3/2011 #6

Both Paul Heyman and Jim Cornette championed Morgan when he started in the business...because they both said he was great from day one. And recently Ric Flair has reportedly taken special interest in grooming him backstage to be a main event player.

Yet why hasn't TNA done anything significant with him yet? I think it's because TNA just doesn't know how to build someone right.

They've let all the popularity Samoa Joe had just die out. They haven't pushed Lethal, despite his talent and great storyline with Flair. (Flair's also said to be a big supporter of Lethal as well).

And look at AJ's last push. They tried to make him the one kind of heel he shouldn't be...Ric Flair Jr. Aside from both being amazing talents, what on Earth does AJ Styles have in common with Ric Flair?

Now they're pushing him as a face...but what do they do? (Spoilers for this Thursday's show follow:)

* * *

AJ faces Matt Hardy (with Ric Flair in Matt's corner).

Now, Matt vs AJ will be quality wrestling. And both Matt and Ric are currently playing top level what's the problem?

The show was taped in North Carolina.

NORTH CAROLINA! Matt Hardy's home state! And a state that wouldn't boo Ric Flair if he used the American flag as toilet paper in the middle of the ring! This is how you get over AJ as a face?! Put him in a match where he's ASSURED of his opponent getting a bigger pop than he will?

3/3/2011 . Edited 3/3/2011 #7

Slight correction. The Hardy/Styles match was taped with last nights' show, but won't be shown until March 10. Same as the new 'mystery return' challenger to Madison Rayne.

I'm still bugged that there's been no news about if Madison's challenger and ODB are coming back or if these were just one night deals.

Talking about TNA talent who should be big stars but aren't yet...I think Hernandez should be on that list. Big, big guy who can work very well, has gotten over with the crowd as both a face and a heel. His match with Matt Morgan on the other night's show got a big pop from the crowd...and the two of them working together is a good idea.

But the question is, as it always seems to be with TNA, will this feud result in bigger things for both guys?

Might as well mention Robert Roode and James Storm as well. They're faces now...which is a debatable move. Both excellent workers and maybe the best tag team currently active (which in todays's wrestling world, sadly, is a somthing like being the world's tallest dwarf). But where do these guys go from here as faces? Roode's character is much more natural as a heel. Storm's character is equally valid as both a heel and a face...but either way...what do they do now? They need a storyline with direction rather than getting lost in this whole 'faction warfare' thing betweenFortuneandImmortal.

And speaking ofFortuneandImmortal...if TNA really wants to do these faction storylines...with guys like Hogan and Flair as the leaders...can they at least use the common sense to NEVER have Flair and Hogan BE ON THE SAME SIDE?!'s like trying to do a World War II storyline with Churchill and Hitler as best buddies. Ridiculous.

3/5/2011 . Edited 4/23/2011 #8

From what I know of him, AJ is very humble and self-effacing--everything Flair isn't--so I often wondered why they would try to make him a little Flair? It might've sounded like a good idea at first--"Hey kid, whattaya say we make you the next Ric Flair?", but as soon as AJ lost the World title...well, we saw what happened over several weeks. North Carolina IS indeed Flair country, so maybe they need to go on the road a little more so AJ can get some crowd support.

Normally, I try to defend TNA, but in the case of Samoa Joe, even I'm having a hard time doing that. The secret to maintaining Joe's popularity is so simple: 1. Joe comes out to the ring. 2. Joe beats the hell out of his opponent and pins him or chokes him out. 3. Joe leaves the ring area. Now, maybe I'm oversimplifying it--there's certainly room for variations, but that's the basic recipe. Even I couldn't screw that up, so why does TNA? I so wanted him to be a dominant champion in his run as TNA World champ, but it didn't happen--he was made to look like an immature brat in comparison with Kevin Nash--then with that whole Nation of Violence thing--it could've been done right, with Joe getting back to basics under the guidance of Tazz(who seemed to be a much better fit for Joe than Nash), but having him run around with a knife, threatening to slash people(including Scott Steiner, whom I am hard-pressed to feel sympathy for, even on my best day)--not only was that a bad fit for Joe, but also downright irresponsible on TNA's part.

I read that backstage, after their "dueling Flairs" confrontation, Flair was walking around with Lethal, bragging about how perfect Lethal's impression of him was. Hopefully, Lethal's just taking some time off to rest, and will be back soon.

3/11/2011 #9

I just read the results of Victory Road. Let's just say fans are NOT happy as the Sting-Jeff Hardy main event went only 90 seconds. Reportedly, Jeff was not "in fighting shape" for the match (read: wacked out of his mind). I was at a TNA house show over the weekend and Jeff had a great match against AJ Styles that night. For a heel, he had a lot of the audience on his side.

Back to the topic at hand. If he was in no condition to work, you don't have a 90-second squash match and be done with it. You can have Sting back Jeff quick, then have someone else come out and challenge him. You can have Jeff "unable to perform" and announce a substitute, then have Jeff come out late in the match to interfere. There are a lot of things you can do besides this. This was no way to end a PPV. This is part of why WrestleMania 9 left such a bad taste in people's mouths.

3/13/2011 #10

Haven't had time to post for the past week or more. I hope the conversation will pick up though. short take on Jeff him. I never want to see him in wrestling again. Someone get his butt to rehab before he dies. Or..let him die. Guy's only had 50 more second chances than most people get.

I don't want any wrestling company to hire him...and I don't want any wrestling fans to keep enabling him.

On another's somewhat ironic how his idiocy was on full display opposite of Sting. Only served to better illustrate the the professionalism and class of the seasoned pro.

3/26/2011 #11

There have been some rumors going around that the higher ups at TNA's parent company are not happy with how the company has been doing...and that they are going to start some major changes. The ideas mentioned most are the cutting of the older talent and the focusing on the younger guys to make them stars.

Of course, this is all just rumor and there's a fair chance it's meaningless.

I bring it up before starting on my latest complaint...Jay Lethal...26 years old...amazing talent in the ring...solid fan following in TNA...GREAT at cutting promos...

...has been released.

Way to focus on the young talent, TNA. You're hopless!

The only reason anyone watches your show is for the women, okay? And you aren't treating them well at all even though they're the highest rated segments of your show...and have been for the past five years.

You've neuterd Samoa Joe. You've had Matt Morgan and AJ Styles running in neutral for several years now. You've dismantled your tag team division and the X-division.

Oh...but Jeff Jarrett is in a major storyline every single week. Thank goodness for that...we know he's ratings gold! (Sniff...sniff) Smell that? That's the scent of sarcasm.

And the sad thing is...TNA is now the number one wrestling company in America...but only because WWE has declared that it is NOT a wrestling compnay.

When will the insanity end?

4/23/2011 . Edited 4/23/2011 #12

-Vince Russo face-


4/26/2011 #13

Apparently the company is dropping the TNA name and will now be known as simply IMPACT. I've changed the name of the thread to reflect this.

Of course, they could change their minds again...who knows?

Personally I was never crazy about TNA as a name. Impact seems like an step up. What does everyone else think?

IPW (Impact Professional Wrestling)? ICW (Impact Championship Wrestling)? IWF (Impact Wrestling Federation)? There are lots of ways they could tweak the brand identity.

5/4/2011 #14

Watching Impact right now. Robert...wait, I mean BOBBY Roode...just cut a good promo. I've said in the past that his character was not suited to be a face, so I was pleased/surprised to see them do something smart, if rather abrupt, and 'rebrand' his character.

Robert Roode, the arrogant Wall Street millionaire, is now Bobby Roode, the hard working blue collar man. Of course, they are completely IGNORING his past characterization with no explanation...but he's a talented guy and his promo was very effective, so I'm willing to go with it.

The important thing though is that they now book him in a storyline that leads somewhere effectively. This has been a recurring problem for their other young stars in the past.

5/5/2011 #15

I may just give some running comments on Impact as I watch, since I have some time to do so.

The segment with 'Mexican America' wasn't bad. Rosita (aka Peanut)* is wearing the best pair of earrings in the history of mankind. :P

Nice way to start a feud between the Mexicans and Ink Inc. Though again, they are ignoring previous storylines...Shannon Moore was starting a heel turn a few weeks ago...but now he and his partner are being total faces. Maybe this a a theme for tonight's show...ignoring storylines that weren't paying off and moving forward in new directions.

* I can't stop myself from calling Rosita "Peanut" as that's the nickname that Tara calls her on Twitter...and the two of them tweet each other a great deal, so I'm used to seeing her called Peanut a lot.

Ah...Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles coming out as a tag team right now. Cool. The two of them have a great history in this company, seeing them teaming tonight feels like a 'big deal'.

5/5/2011 #16

Tommy Dreamer turns heel? I can go with it. Hope he gets a nice push. He deserves some spotlight after all he's done for the business.

Miss Tessmacher...boy, do I have no use for her. Seriously. She might have some athletic potential...but her 'character posing' was just beyond annoying. Maryse looks subtle by comparison. :) Horrible name too. Paying homage to a minor character from a 40 year old movie (good as it was)...this is what passes for cleverness?

On the other hand...facial epxressions between Mickie and Tara were awesome. :)

5/5/2011 #17

Yeah, I don't like Tessmacher either. She's just not good.

And Jeff Hardy's back again. I agree though about how many chances he's been given and how he's blown it. While I do like him as a wrestler and always have, I do agree that I can't really trust him anymore. It'll be a long time before I can put any trust in him based on past behavior. I think the problems are: 1. Don't try to quit cold turkey. While it may be an admirable thing to try and quit yourself, it never works. 2. Disassociate yourself with those who have influenced your drug use. That's one of the best ways to get out of that habit. 3. Rehab is the best option. 4. No matter how many times you say you're sorry, no one's going to believe you right away. Show it instead of saying it. I do give props for him admitting to his mistakes as he did before because that shows that he knows he screwed up. But the biggest key here is to NOT REPEAT THE MISTAKE! If you keep making mistakes, people aren't going to believe in you.

Am I glad he's back? In a way, yes because I've missed him. Do I fully trust him? Hell no, and I won't for a while. That's my two cents right there.

10/15/2011 #18

So it hasn't been commented on much (which is surprising) but Vince Russo is no longer the head writer for Impact. He is still on the creative team however.

The new head of creative is Bruce Prichard. Now...this is a good thing. He knows his stuff. Furthermore, apparently Dave Laguna from ROH has been brought in as a writer as well. So that's some serious wrestling writing right there. But...again...Vince Russo is still on staff.

10/16/2011 #19

While I'm glad Russo isn't the head writer (and I never even knew he was on the creative team), it still sucks that he's there. Still, I think I remember Bruce from WWE, so he should have some good ideas. I can't wait to see what they map out.

10/17/2011 #20

So, I think what they're doing with James Storm and Bobby Roode and the world title MIGHT just work. Give some different guys the title focus for a while...have AJ Styles and Samoa Joe in that mix.

Of course...we have to see how they follow thru. They could ruin everything quickly of course.

Now, according to reports, there's a big push in store for...Eric Bischoff's son? Of course...that's exactly what we want. Let's take a guy who's debuted as a referee and give him LOTS of TV time.

In fairness...MAYBE the guy has talent. He's not shown any great mic skills yet though. But still, it just isn't fun to see a guy who's the son of a company boss being given all the spotlight.

10/27/2011 #21

I didn't like Flair's segment with Bischoff's son. I just hate Flair now and wish he would go away.

As for the title switch, I wish it didn't have to be so soon, but if James has to lose it, I'd rather he lose it to Bobby than anyone else.

I know I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but it was great seeing Jeff Hardy back in the ring. It put a smle on my face, and I haven't been smiling lately due to personal issues. I needed that last night.

10/28/2011 #22

It's now official: Vince Russo and TNA have mutually parted ways. I'm sure somewhere, Jim Cornette is doing the Dance Of Joy.

2/14/2012 #23

Ah, well, I guess he just didn't like what they were doing.

2/19/2012 #24

For the past few months Vince Russo has had less and less power in the the same time, the storylines were improving.

Coincidence? I think not. :)

Vince Russo out of wrestling is a good thing. Don't believe me? Then ask Jim Cornette...or Lance Storm...or Paul Heyman...or Roddy Piper...or Ric Flair...or Arn Anderson...or (wow, this list could go on a long time). :)

2/22/2012 #25

Interesting note...last week's episode of Impact would have been the losest rated show of the year...except for one segment, It seems that the entire show had very few viewers except for ONE segment in the middle of the show that had MANY times more viewers than anything that aired before it. Then when it ended...the viewership dropped back down to nearly nothing.

However, that segment had SO MANY viewers that the ratings for it alone brought the average up for the ENTIRE episode...causing the episode overall to end up with a slightly higher than usual rating. Yes...ONE SEGMENT ALONE made the show a success.

That segment? Your TNA Knockouts...featuring Tara, ODB and the rest. The Knockouts Battle Royale DESTROYED all other segments of the show ratings wise. It destroyed STING...JEFF HARDY...and HULK HOGAN!

My conclusion? Tara is greater than Hulk Hogan, Sting and Hardy combined. :)

2/22/2012 . Edited 2/22/2012 #26

That's because the Knockouts are awesome! I mostly watch Impact for them and for Jeff Hardy and Sting for the most part. I could really care less about anything else. I know that sounds horrible of me to say, but it's true.

2/22/2012 #27

Just wanted to get people's thoughts on this. On Impact Thursday, ring announcer Christy Hemme gave the wrong names when Austin Aries and Bobby Roode came out. Aries was clearly angered and made her do it again when they got to the ring. Afterwards, Aries did the usual stand on the second rope and raise his hands to the crowd - while he had Christy backed up against the cornerpads, so that his crotch was in her face (it didn't touch her, though).

The question is: was it wrong? On YouTube, debate is raging. Some say it was wrong of Aries to do that, others say he was just "being a heel" and to lighten up, while still others say Christy is a beautiful but lousy ring announcer and got what she deserved. Thoughts, anyone?

5/12/2013 #28

My thoughts are that skirts dangerously close to sexual harassment and no matter how terrible she is as an announcer she doesn't deserve to have some dude's crotch shoved in her face against her will, whether it touched her or not. If it were actually part of the script that she'd agreed to participate in, that would be one thing, but outside of that it's just not okay.

5/12/2013 #29
Lodylodylody's the problem.

The wrestling industry as we know it will die if WWE has no competition. WWE is hugely successful, and will be for decades to come...BUT...

WWE today is about HALF as big as it was at the height of the Monday Night Wars when WCW was matching them...and, for a brief glorious time, BEATING them.

It's true. Look at the buy rates of PPVs back then. Look at the TV ratings. WWE's TV ratings were almost THREE TIMES what they are today. And WCW, before the wheels fell off...was getting about the same. Do you know what that means? That means the wrestling audience back then was OVER TEN TIMES what it is today.

But more importantly than that...having an alternative to WWE allows MORE wrestlers to earn a living. MORE VARIETY! MORE TALENT! MORE CHOICES!

WWE is the vision of one man. A brilliant businessman...but a man with very specific and very...odd (to put it mildly) tastes.

As Mick Foley once pointed out...we are now at a point where a person CANNOT succeed in pro wrestling UNLESS Vince McMahon likes them.

Think about that.

That is why William Regal and Christian (among others) will never be at the top of the card...because despite thier inarguable talent...Vince doesn't think they're main event caliber.

That is why we will NEVER have a good women's division in WWE. Because women are nothing but plastic props to Vince.

Moreover...all promos, all match styles...all EVERYTHING...will grow more and more the same. The majority of the WWE wrestlers are given their promos LINE BY LINE today. It's only the few lucky ones who've managed to gain success and fought to do their own thing (CM Punk, Chris Jerihco, Daniel Bryan, etc) that can still cut great promos.

But anyway...why is this long rant going in the TNA Impact section? Because, as bad as TNA has been at times over the past few MANY stumbles and mis-steps and lost least its VERY EXISTENCE allowed true wreslting fans to HOPE that things would get better. it's just sad. Really. They've gotten SO BAD that it's just not worth supporting anymore. And it ticks me off, because when it goes down the tubes (which seems inevitable) where are Gail Kim and ODB and the few talented women they still have going to work? And what about Eric Young and Samoa Joe and the TRULY talented guys there that for some reason WWE has NO USE for?

But...there's just no point in TNA anymore...they're going to show an all women PPV next month (one that was taped months ago)...and of all the women who appear on it...only a HANDFUL are ACTUALLY WITH THE COMPANY.

They've released Devon Dudley...who along with Bully Ray has basically been doing everything behind the scenes to make the show watchable.

So as much as it pains me, I have to say...with 100% complete sincerity...DIE TNA! DIE!

And Dixie Carter can go to hell. It takes a lot to be the head of a wrestling company that can garner more contempt from me than Vince...but she's managed to do it. You suck, Dixie.

8/24/2013 . Edited 8/24/2013 #30
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