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I haven't watched Impact in so long due to other shows conflicting with it, but even when I did watch it, it got boring. I only mainly watched for Jeff Hardy and the Knockouts for the most part. I think what hurt TNA the most is the traveling thing. When they stayed in one spot, it was easier, but then Dixie thought it would be a good risk to try and have the wrestlers travel more, but it never worked out. I see the company going down, too, and that's a shame considering where it was when it first started. It saddens me that the company Jeff Jarrett founded and really wanted to succeed is going down the toilet. And I agree that WCW was awesome before Russo took over. That's why I loved WCW so much and still love looking back on those days. But if TNA fails, then WWE will be the only company out there where anyone can work and wrestlers like ODB, Gail Kim, and the other Knockouts will be worthless in Vince's hands. That's just the way it works these days, and it's sad for sure. I'll watch TNA as long as I can now that my shows are done for now and I can watch it again. It'll be a sad day when TNA closes though.

12/9/2013 #31

The walking corpse that is TNA still shambles along as I write this...though hopefully not for much longer.

No, we shouldn't want a wrestling company to close. We need more successful promotions to keep the industry healthy.

But what Dixie Carter has done to this once viable's beyond unbelievable. It may be the greatest disaster in the history of pro wrestling...and do you know JUST HOW BAD THAT IS? There have been dozens upon dozens upon dozens of great promotions that have folded or destroyed themselves...especially back when the territory system was strong.

But TNA under Dixie Carter has outdone them all.

I read online somewhere that one person tried to compare Dixie Carter to former WCW boss Jim Herd...but decided that would have been too insulting...TO JIM HERD!

I say it's official...Dixie Carter is the worst person ever in the wrestling business.

8/1/2015 #32

I will admit, I didn't think TNA would still be around today. It's been a sinking ship for so long now its hard to believe it still exists.

8/1/2015 #33

Yeah, I know. They're just floundering now, but I have a feeling it won't be for too much longer. It's a shame, too.

1/3/2016 #34

I guess as a since I have been a fan since about 2011, I do have a little bias and have to disagree when people complain about TNA.

When it comes to the wrestlers and the matches TNA has done some good and at times really good things.

There have also been a lot of times the storylines were really good too.

That being said, I've never really been a fan of Dixie Carter. Honestly I'm completely neutral on her overall, she's okay on-screen as a face or heel boss.

Though it is rare for me to feel like she adds anything to a storyline other than being 'in charge'.

So I've gotta ask why you would say Dixie Carter is the worse promotor of all time?

8/2/2016 #35

Hi Echo...before I answer your post...I just want to say, I like your reviews...and I appreciate you posting in the forum...because conversation is good.

But I'm telling you that first..because it just so happens I'm in a really bad mood today...because it's my birthday and I'm all alone and not going to have any fun. And since the topic at hand is Dixie Carter...a woman who should be beaten with a stick for all the damage she's done to the wrestling industry by destroying a company that could have been a viable alternative to WWE...I'm probably going to say some very angry things. And I don't want you to think I'm angry at you.

And now...Dixie Carter.

I'll start off calmly by saying something about promoters. There have been a lot of real 'interesting' characters that have been wrestling promoters over the years. And a lot of them had some really BAD qualities (as well as some good ones...takes all kinds after all). There have been men that were absolutely brilliant and ran amazing successful promotions...who at the same time would pull some of the most insane and childish scams in the way they'd run their business. At least once a month in Detroit back in the day...Ed 'The Sheik" Farhat would send his wife back to the locker room to tell ALL the wrestlers that none of them would be paid that night because the box office had been robbed. (He sent his wife because after about the 10th time he did it himself, none of the wrestlers would buy the story and would have ganged up on him...but none of them were craven enough to hit his wife). And keep in mind this guy was a LEGEND who ran a successful promotion for DECADES.

And that's just one story about one point is that the industry has seen countless bullies, liars, crooks and con-men as SUCCESSFUL promoters over the years. (along with some good people too). But all the crooks and liars and others with almost unbelievable character flaws...were GOOD at their jobs. And their job is making their company SUCCESSFUL. Let's face it...Vince MacMahon is the most successful promoter of the past 30 years...and we could list his flaws all day.

Dixie Carter on the other hand has taken over a company...and EVERY business decision she has made has HURT it. SHRUNK it. REDUCED it's audience. Quite literally...because you can't even view it in as many areas as you could when you she took it over.

Furthermore...she is a liar. But unlike Mr. Farhat who I mentioned above...she is also an idiot. She lost several cable deals due to agreeing to certain conditions that cable execs asked for (the most famous example being - we don't want Vince Russo writing for your shows and then being caught in the lie by emailing Vince Russo to tell him to they needed to pretend he wasn't still working for her...but CCing the email to the cable execs she was lying to in the first place). And that's one of SEVERAL email mistakes she made that exposed a variety of different lies she told. THE WOMAN CAN"T WORK EMAIL!

And speaking of the above example...Vince Russo...she drove off guys like Jim Cornette and Bruce Prichard...but did everything she could to keep VINCE FREAKING RUSSO...a guy who's done so much harm to wrestling that over a hundred books have been written about it?

Now has there been good talent in the company...of course. Has the talent had good matches...of course. But they have done that DESPITE Dixie Carter...not because of her. And let's talk about the talent they had that HER business practices have DRIVEN away! Pretty much EVERYONE! Oh and how about the pay for the knockouts. Do you know how little they get paid? HOW LITTLE they get PAID! Kong and Velvet Sky both pointed out that they could make more money per year working as greeters in Wal-Mart.

But of course that's when they got paid. Since Dixie took over it eventually got to the point that nobody was being paid...because they didn't have the money to cover payroll...for the wrestlers...the refs...the freaking stage CREW! They had checks delayed weeks...months.

Oh my god there are so many stories I'll be typing all day. Please...just trust me...Dixie Carter is the WORST EVER!

I'll leave you with this...I wasn't going to bring it up...but's public record. You can listen to it at Jim Ross's the archives because it's a few years old now -

Lisa Marie Varon...keep in mind this is a woman who, amongst all her other qualities, is known for being VERY PROFESSIONAL with her co-workers and with management...and for being EXTREMELY easy to get along with. No personality clashes...the woman has NO enemies in the locker room.

So when she tells a story about what dealing with Dixie Carter is like...and it it culminates with her detailing how she was screaming "I'm going to beat the hell out of that ducking punt!" (Those last two words weren't the actual words she used...but they rhyme with the actual words). And having to be talked out of it by Bruce Prichard who's quote was "And everyone including myself will be cheering you on...but come on, it's still not worth it!"

Okay...think about it. One of the nicest, friendliest people you'll ever want to meet...PUBLICLY used the words "ducking punt" (or something close to it) to describe Dixie Carter. And not just in the heat of anger...she then repeated it in a worldwide podcast interview.

I rest my case.

8/5/2016 . Edited 8/7/2016 #36

Happy belated Birthday, sorry you spent it in such an crappy way.

Its cool, I understand that this is a passionate topic that I'm sure all of us get excited and angry about things posted in here. So, I don't take anything personally when it comes to stuff here because, well I'm a super fan too and know it gets intense. But I appreciate the clarification.

So, with that being said with your case thoroughly read.

Point taken.

Again I've never been a fan of Dixie Carter.

Honestly never, not as a promoter, not as an on-screen GM. Nothing.

With how everyone talks about her; everyone being wrestlers in this case.

I don't truly know how to feel about here. Because some top and low level wrestlers are like she's great! Then there are others who are like she's the worst person in wrestling ever.

I actually heard Lisa Marie Varon say the exact same thing when it came to Dixe on JR's Ross report; and from that point my feelings leaned towards disliked immensely.

Because I to understand how great of a person Lisa Marie Varon is. The only person I could compare her to that is active is Natalya.

I guess when it comes to the amount of contention surrounding Dixie Carter as a promoter, I'm just curious of everyone's stance on it. Since really until Lisa Marie's comment I was pretty undecided neutral.

Though you've made a solid case, so again point taken.

8/10/2016 #37

So, the evil that is Dixie Carter is gone from Impact (which is now OFFICIALLY Impact Wrestling...the TNA name is now gone...thank goodness).

Jeff Jarrett is in charge of the company...and he's brought in Bruce Prichard and Dutch Mantell to run the creative side of it with that;s good. If nothing may teach some of the wrestlers there how to do promos that aren't scripted...and that would be a great thing. We need talent that can be unique and back in the territory days.

And yet...things are not quite great there. A lot of talent has left...though that could actually benefit now that Ring of Honor is on an talent showing up there makes things exciting and fresh, And really, if we had multiple successful promotions running (WWE, Impact, and New Japan launching more tours of the states)...well, that would be more chances for MORE wrestlers to do DIFFERENT things...instead of all being the same WWE presentation and getting stale.

But then there are the Hardys.

Pretty much the only thing keeping IMPACT alive for the past year was Matt Hardy's insane "Broken" storyline. It's's ridiculous...and to be honest, it's NOT to my taste whatsoever. It was, however, ENTIRELY the product of Matt Hardy. It wasn't just his idea...he pretty much personally did EVERYTHING there was to do in producing. For pete's sake it was shot on his property with his own cameras and everyone involved with it was his family!

Yet now that the Hardys have left Impact, the parent company has taken legal action trying to prevent the Hardys from using any of the "Broken" intellectual property...claiming it actually belongs to them.

Somebody apparently missed the memo...the point of having Dixie Carter gone from Impact was so the promotion could STOP doing stupid things. Apparently old habits die hard.

3/18/2017 #38

I wouldn't say the Broken gimmick was the only thing keeping Impact alive. It helped for sure but was not the sole reason for it having another run of steam from 2013-2015.

At this point, I think we all realize that talent leaving and coming in for Impact is its normal state and is nothing to worry about. When it comes to a legal matter as far as an IP goes it's something of a hot button issue. As someone who has a bit of an understanding from other creative niches like video games and film/tv.

If Impact does have legal holding over that character and content then they need to do everything they can to protect it. Which is an odd thing to have debated so heavily when everyone readily accepts when a wrestler leaves WWE they cannot use their WWE creatively controlled name. A good example being Cody, who can only be billed as Rhodes if Brandi is mentioned first. Or even a fan favorite Victoria being billed as Tara. Now I know that some of the legal matters are public on this issue, though the entirety of them are not, so it will just be a court matter on who is right. That being said personally I think Impact should keep the Hardys from using that gimmick in WWE because normally in the world of wrestling when you leave a promotion typically your gimmick should not go with you. Unless its the indies where you have that creative control.

6/5/2017 #39

When I say 'Broken" was the only thing keeping Impact alive...don't take that as me dismissing the talent and effort of the other stars on the roster. I just meant that it was pretty much the only thing that was drawing interest from the casual wrestling fan.

As to IP and's probably never going to change back...but here's my take on it. Back in the old days...wrestlers would get a gimmick usually by coming up with it themselves...though sometimes promoters would come up with an idea and then give it to a wrestler they thought would be great in that role. Then when a wrestler would move on to another company, if they had made up their own gimmick...they'd take it with them. However if the promoter had made up the gimmick...the wrestler would ALSO USUALLY TAKE IT WITH THEM!


Yes...usually the promoters would have no problem with wrestlers taking a gimmick with them...even if it was the promoter's own idea. Why? Because they understood that the gimmick only worked if the guy using it was right for it....and is useless if given to another wrestler. Think of how the 'fake' Diesel, Razor Ramon, Undertaker and Kane gimmicks flopped when WWE tried them.

Now in this day and age, companies being protective of their IP may be normal...but it's stupid. WWE might own the rights to the 'Cody Rhodes' name (which they did NOT originate) and maybe Impact owns the rights to 'Broken' (which they did NOT originate)...but it's not like they can USE those gimmicks with other wrestlers. They can only stop the wrestlers who created them from using them elsewhere.

My take is this...if the talent themselves made up the gimmick...LET THEM HAVE IT! If the company made up the gimmick...then the company should have final say. Not because of legal issues...just because it's the right thing to do.

6/5/2017 #40


That is all.

(My interest in Impact Wrestling has increased markedly).

8/21/2017 #41

lol I had a feeling you would like the Cornette run.

2/22 #42
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