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A place to discuss wrestling that's not under the umbrella of WWE or TNA. Also a place to discuss now inactive organizations like WCW, ECW, AWA, etc.

2/22/2011 #1
I had a chance to watch some of Ring of Honor's pay-per-views a while back and generally liked what I saw. The production's look wasn't as slick as WWE's or TNA's, but that was okay; it reminded me of ECW's TV show from the mid-'90s, and I liked that a lot, so it was cool. The action was great, too; my only complaint was that they were short on women's matches. At least let me have a little Sara Del Ray vs. Daizee Haze...something?(lol)
2/22/2011 #2

Sadly, I don't get ROH in my area. Anything Jim Cornette is involved in is a good thing in my opinion though.

Also, though I've seen little of Sara Del Ray...she has such a great intimidating presence. She'd be great as a monster heel in WWE or TNA (if they'd ever use her correctly). And I love those chants of "Death Ray! Death Ray!" that she inspires.

2/22/2011 #3
I haven't got HDNet as part of my cable package; I'm already paying enough(lol), so that's where mags like Pro Wrestling Illustrated come in handy. And I agree that any promotion that has Cornette with them is in good hands. I still hold out hope that he and Vince Russo will get along one day, but that might be too much to ask. I read that Larry Sweeney said that he was grooming Sara Del Ray for a spot in WWE, and she responded by saying that she is a wrestler, not a Diva. She would certainly wreck some Divas were she to enter WWE; of that, I am sure. TNA might be a better fit for her, though; I think the women's competition there is (marginally) better, and she would definitely lend them some cache, and more credibility. But I'm probably getting ahead of myself; she may well be perfectly happy where she is, and more power to her. So, yeah: Death Ray! Death Ray! :)
2/22/2011 #4

I've been to many of ROH's shows, including their very first show in 2002 and the big show they did where they brought The Great Muta in, but I've never seen any of their videos. Some say that them losing their deal with HDNet could be a blessing, in that it would free them up to get a "real" TV deal. However, since ROH's product is "pro wrestling" and not "sports entertainment", I don't think they'd work well on prime time TV. If they got a TV deal, they'd probably be stuck on at some strange hour like ECW's old show on MSG at 1am .

I've had the opportunity to see Sara Del Ray in action, and I can tell you right now WWE would not sign her, at least not as long as Johnny Ace is in charge of finding new talent. She can definitely wrestle, but she doesn't have the look they want the "divas" to have and I shudder to think what they'd do to her if they did bring her in.

2/24/2011 #5

Glad to see you here, jcott. Please invite any other wrestling fans you know to come and post here.

I'll follow up your on your comments about Del Ray in the Ladies thread.

2/24/2011 . Edited 2/25/2011 #6

Went to a wrestling convention this weekend. I like going to the conventions because I like talking to the wrestlers. They're also great for finding more videos for my collection. I'm not a big autograph collector and I've NEVER done a photo op, but

Among the people who were there (once again, Ashley Massaro no-showed):

Road Warrior Animal and Paul Ellering - I got a copy of Animal's book signed by both of them. Both were nice and Animal came off as a lovable lug. He kept forgetting that he had to stand up in order to pose for photo ops with people.

Ricky Steamboat - huge line for him.

Smith Hart - Bret and Owen's oldest brother. He wrestled in the 1970's and was described by Bret as having plenty of talent but no drive. I lost track of how much time I and the other fans spent listening to him tell stories (wrestling and otherwise) about the Harts.

Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart - not very talkative, didn't seem like he really wanted to be there.

Eugene - he's cut his hair short recently.

Doug Gilbert - "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert's younger brother. He wrestled in Memphis in the 80's and some of you may remember him as The Dark Patriot in Global in the early 90's. He didn't get much traffic.

Bobby Heenan - "The Brain" has had his jaw reconstructed after his battle with cancer and did not look very good.

Lex Luger - was never into him but he had a decent line of autograph seekers.

April Hunter - While she was setting up her space, she proudly announced "I have naughty stuff here!" I commented that that was a great way to get people's attention, meanwhile I was looking up her dress. I know, bad me!

Sandman - really cool guy. Didn't even charge me to sign my copy of H*** Homecoming.

Molly Holly - the big reason I went. We wound up talking about the guy who's been stalking her and smearing her all over the internet, especially on YouTube. The subject came up because this guy bought a copy of her shoot interview through eBay from a friend of mine, and sent him an e-mail proudly declaring he bought it for the sole purpose of destroying it. My friend forwarded it to me, I printed it out and showed it to her. She told me she has a lawsuit pending against this guy and asked to keep it for the case. Also got another signed picture of her (my goal is to get one of each of her personas) and got to give her a kiss when we were done.

Overall, a good day.

4/10/2011 #7

Glad you had fun at the convention. But I'm annoyed that I had no knowledge of Molly doing any appearances. Her 'official' fan site hasn't updated in forever.

If you get any news of her making appearances at autogrpah signings and the like...could you post it to the forum?

Maybe we can all do that as we hear news of favorite stars.

4/11/2011 . Edited 4/11/2011 #8

Yeah, I know Molly's website hasn't been updated since around September 2010. Her stalker began his smear campaign against her around that time and that might have something to do with it. If you want to check this guy out, go to YouTube and look up a user called noragreenwaldisa***. Forum rules prohibit me from saying the last part. It's a 4-letter word that starts with "C" and rhymes with "punt".

Convention-wise, the next one up for me is the Legends Of The Ring show on May 7. You can check it out at Jim Ross, Vader, Dusty Rhodes, Ron Simmons, the Godwinns, Jushin Liger, Sunny, Virgil, Chyna, Demolition, Tori, JJ Dillon, Daffney and others will be there.

4/11/2011 #9

Last night, I was at a NJPW card. New Japan is doing a tour in the US on the East Coast. It was a good show if you're into pro wrestling, but a "sports entertainment" fan would have hated it. No intelligent lighting, no pyro, no 20-minute promos, no "divas", no heel GM, no midgets, no showboaters, ...

Among the wrestlers there were: Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask #4, Low Ki (the former Kaval), Homicide, Davey Richards (mainly works for ROH), Giant Bernard (formerly Albert/A-Train in WWE), Rhino, Charlie Haas and MVP. I had a good time but it was criminal that this didn't have a bigger attendance. This was held in a gym and there was still a lot of empty space. I was at a TNA show in the same building a few months ago and that was packed.

Last week was Legends Of The Ring. Another fun-filled day of elbow-rubbing. The only bummer was that Dusty Rhodes cancelled at the last minute due to a death in the family. Among those I got to chat with were:

Jillian Hall - we chatted about her husband (she got married in September), her singer character and how she wanted to put it to bed but WWE wouldn't let her.

Ron Simmons - very friendly, got to ask him about the Nation Of Domination.

Mike Tenay - Great guy. Other fans and I chatted with him while waiting in line for autographs with Vader and MVP. I asked him what he did between the time WCW folded and TNA began, and he said he just relaxed.

Tammy Sytch - She shared a table with Road Warrior Animal. I got to congratulate her on her WWE HOF induction. She was wearing the same strapless red dress she wore for the induction and I lost track of how many times she kept hiking it back up.

Raven - very easygoing. It seems like a lot of the old ECW guys are like that. Chatted with him about his time as Johnny Polo in the WWF pre-ECW.

Tori (not to be confused with Torrie Wilson) - she looks SO different now that she's a brunette.

5/14/2011 #10

I was hoping that you'd tell something about the convention. But I don't hear you talking about how you went to see Miss Kitty? (Kidding...but she was a guest there, right?)

Did Jillian have anything to say about the other women she's worked with? And did Tenay have any good stories about Bobby Heenan or others? Or did none of those topics come up?

As for the New Japan show...yes, people over here have no idea of the rest of the world. New Japan isn't some little indy show (though it may have seemed like it from the small attendance here)...this is one of the elite wrestling organizations in the world. People should have been lined up just to see Jushin Liger standing there, much less actually getting to watch him wrestle.

Question about Giant Bernard...I know he's been quite successful in Japan since leaving WWE years ago, but how was his in-ring work when you saw him? Noticably better? Worse? Same old, same old?

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #11

Oh...and did Ron Simmons have any JBL stories?

5/14/2011 #12

I was good. I behaved myself around Miss Kitty. There's no real tactful way to walk up and tell someone "You sucked and I hated your guts!" ;-)

With Jillian, we mainly talked about her post-WWE life. I was a little worried when I asked if her husband was nice and she had to think about it before saying, "Sometimes". The only other woman who came up during the discussion was Trish.

Mike Tenay was great to talk to. A bunch of us chatted with him while waiting for the lines for MVP and Vader to move. He would also "pop quiz" people about stuff during the conversations. Bobby Heenan never came up, though. I know that in his book, Heenan said Tenay and Goldberg were the only good things about WCW.

Believe it or not, the subject of JBL never came up with Ron Simmons while I was there. He had a lot of people around him and was trying to get to everyone.

As for Bernard/Albert, his ring style is pretty similar. A big guy like him isn't going to be a lot of technical wrestling. He has shaved his back though, and has a tattoo on the top half now. He also didn't yell quite as much. He was in an 8-man tag match and was so much bigger than the other guys that he was made out as a giant. He did quite a bit of no-selling and instilling fear in the other team.

5/15/2011 #13

This just in: Ring Of Honor was been sold to the Sinclair Broadcast Group, one of the larger TV broadcasters in the US. They have 58 stations in 35 markets. They also announced that ROH will have a new TV show starting in September. The really good news is that ROH front office (Jim Cornette, ...) will remain the same and they claim they will not change the style of their product. For those of you who thought ROH losing their deal with HDNet was a blessing in disguise, you may be right.

5/21/2011 #14

I've heard of ROH, but have never seen it. I don't know if I'll get it in my area.

As for NJPW, it's definitely a big thing and not an indy promotion. Many of WWE's superstars have started there and have gone on to where they are now. I think it would be cool to see one of their shows.

WCW was always my favorite though. I always liked it a lot. Diamond Dallas Page was my favorite wrestler.

10/15/2011 #15

If you go to the ROH website (, they have a map where you can see what areas have their TV so you can see if it's in your area.

10/17/2011 #16

Oh, okay. Thanks.

10/18/2011 #17

Earlier in the week, Barry Windham (too many championships to mention...and a former member of the Four Horseman) suffered a MASSIVE heart attack. After being near death it seems his condition is improving, though still serious.

Barry is 50 years old (which didn't surprise me...that's about the age I would have estimated if someone had asked me to guess without looking it up). But when his age was mentioned in the reports, along with the fact that his father, Blackjack Mulligan (the LEGENDARY Blackjack Mulligan) was at his side and thanking well wishers for made me realize how old Blackjack is these days. It caught me by surprise....certain people you think of as being in their prime of life forever...then reality intrudes.

Hopefully there will be no further complications and Barry will get well soon.

10/28/2011 #18

I heard about Barry having a heart attack, but I didn't realize he was near death at one point. I don't think we're ready for another news item about how many wrestlers die before the age of 65.

I also wasn't aware Blackjack Mulligan was still alive (I checked - he's 69, which he means he was still a teenager when Barry was born). I remember Blackjack Mulligan being on the card the very first wrestling show I went to see at Madison Square Garden. Last thing I heard about him was when he and Barry's younger brother, Kendall (he wrestled in Florida and WCW in the 80's, and he was WAY too skinny) were arrested for counterfeiting $20 bills and spent 2 years in a federal penitentiary.

10/28/2011 #19

I recall vaguely the story about Kendall getting in trouble for counterfeiting...but Blackjack was involved too? That was way back in 1992. Glad things got better for him after that. How'd you miss his Hall of Fame induction (with Jack Lanza) in 2006, jcott?

Mulligan has so many stories about him. Known as one of the toughest men in the business...the claim being he lost exactly ONE real fight in his life...that fight being with Andre the Giant. (And the story of that fight is hilarious, as the two men were friends...but Blackjack decided to prove one day that he could 'whup' the Giant).

There's also a story about how both Ole and Gene Anderson (two very tough men, and notorious bullies) ticked Mulligan off and he told them he'd be waiting for them BOTH in the locker room. They opted to leave the building in their wrestling gear rather than go backstage and get their street clothes.

10/28/2011 #20

To tell the truth, I wasn't really watching wrestling from about summer 2004 to fall 2009. WWE had become too much "entertainment", not enough "sport" for me, TNA was still pay-per-view only then and if it wasn't for going to ROH shows, I wouldn't have been watching any wrestling at all.

Never heard the one about Mulligan challenging BOTH of the Andersons, much less them "choosing discretion as the better part of valor". Might have to look into that one.

10/28/2011 #21

Wow. That's scary that Barry had a heart attack. I hope he'll be okay.

10/29/2011 #22

Last night I was in New York to see Ring Of Honor's Final Battle at the Hammerstein Ballroom (about 2 blocks from Madison Square Garden). Overall, a good wrestling show but then again, ROH has always been "wrestling first" and has never had the "It's all entertainment!" attitude that WWE does. I've been to countless ROH shows since they began almost 10 years ago.

Among the matches, the Briscoe Brothers (arguably the best tag team NOT working for WWE or TNA) defeated Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas to regain the ROH tag team title.

Jay Lethal (no longer doing his Black Machismo gimmick, but still did a flying elbow in the match) beat El Generico and "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett (with his new valet, Maria Kanellis) in a triple threat match to retain the ROH TV title. The crowd HATED Maria and chanted "CM Punk!" and "Sloppy Seconds!" at her.

Roderick Strong beat surprise opponent Chris Hero. As some of you may know, Chris Hero was supposed to be going to WWE, but after they found abnormally high levels of testosterone in him (steroids?), his contract was cancelled. Crowd really liked him last night.

12/24/2011 #23

Wow that sounds amazing. I've always wanted to see a ROH show but unfortunately I don't have the capabilites to get myself there.

1/2/2012 #24

Awesome, JCott. I'm glad you had fun. So, that's where Shelton, Charlie, and even Maria went. I wish I could see a show like that.

1/31/2012 #25

Why the Maria hate?

2/19/2012 #26

I don't know. I always really liked her a lot.

2/19/2012 #27

Me too.

2/19/2012 #28

It sounds to me that they didn't like what Maria was doing in her relationships with the other wrestlers ('sloppy seconds' implies that she was being perhaps too free with her affections? which is garbage because a lady has the right to decide whatever she pleases about her relationships and body and calling her 'sloppy seconds' is sl*t shaming without the vulgarity). But as I wasn't around in wrestling fandom when this was going down I can only speculate.

2/19/2012 #29

Keep in mind, Maria is a heel in ROH.

2/19/2012 #30
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