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Here's a place to discuss matches or storylines you'd wish would happen. Whether they are things that could possibly happen (Victoria returns to WWE and becomes Divas Champion)...or pure fantasy (a young Andre the Giant faces the Undertaker at Wrestlemania)...this is where to share ideas and dream matchups.

2/22/2011 #1
I particularly like the idea of the young Andre the Giant coming back to face Undertaker at WrestleMania. I'm sure I'll think of some dream angles on my own, but Andre has always held a special place in my heart. When he turned heel, it actually broke my heart(I was still several years away from my own heel phase{lol}). To see Andre in his prime was amazing; to see him in his prime against The Undertaker...that would be a bargain at any price.
2/22/2011 #2

A few years ago, Bill Apter asked fans to send in the matches they'd like to see for a fantasy "Past vs. Present" card. The most frequently mentioned matches were: Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle and HHH vs. Ric Flair. Undertaker vs. Andre is one I would like to see take place. Somehow, Andre vs. The Big Show doesn't pack quite the same punch.

I sketched out a basic outline in 2005-06 of how to do Hogan vs. Austin. It began with the Hogan-Shawn Michaels match from SummerSlam 2005. Hogan and Michaels have a rematch in a cage at the 2005 Survivor Series, with HBK winning thanks to interference from HHH. This leads to DX facing Hogan and a partner at the 2006 Royal Rumble, which eventually turns out to be Austin. Hogan and Austin win over DX, but during the post-match beer celebration, Austin gives Hogan a Stunner for no reason, leading to Hogan vs. Austin at WrestleMania 22.

2/25/2011 #3

I think it's be fun to get Awesome Kong, Beth Phoenix, and ODB in a long feud spanning most of a year leading up to a three way match for bragging rights.

I'd also like to see Hogan in his prime go up against the Rock, just for the lols.

2/25/2011 #4

CM Punk goes toe to toe against the one! The only, Stone Cold Steve Austin!!

Stipulation, well it's going to be a beer on the pole match! My referee of choice will be, Vince Russo and Shawn Micheals!

2/26/2011 #5

A match between Punk and a healthy Austin would be awesome. But a gimmick like 'beer on a pole' (how would that work exactly?) wouldn't be necessary. And Vince Russo belongs nowhere near good wrestling..or even mediocre wrestling. :)

2/28/2011 #6

Lets see...

In terms of fantasy storylines I would've like to see Lita in her peak wrestle against Michelle McCool and Layla. back when Lita was at the motherf***ing top of the Diva's division (2001-2003 in my opinion) with her punk-rock/light goth image it would've been interesting to see her inter a storyline with the catty, sassy, b***, yet surprisingly entertaining duo of "LayCool"

4/6/2011 #7

Welcome DiamondDude...glad to see someone new in the forums.

There was talk some months back (probably mostly wishful thinking) of setting up a Trish and Lita match vs LayCool at Wrestlemania...but instead we got Snooki. Thanks, Vince...that was SO much better. (sigh)

I see you have some sort of wrestling roleplay forum. Feel free to talk about that here in the General chat thread. The idea of a wrestling roleplaying game sounds interesting to me.

4/6/2011 #8

I want to see Trish, Lita, Victoria, and Beth in a fatal 4 way. I think that would be epic, all of those dynamics going on in the ring would be amazing.

8/12/2011 #9

I would love to see Lita vs. K2 and see Lita kick her sorry a**.

10/15/2011 #10

Lol. I would love to see ANYONE beat K2, kicking her sorry @** and driving her out of the company. Oh, to dream.

Heck, I'd actually really like to see the 'Beautiful People' show up for some reason, beat up then drag off the worst of the divas to disappear forever, and show up again never making mention of what they'd done or where the divas were now...and I don't even like the 'Beautiful People'. My favorite thing was when they were getting whupped on.

10/15/2011 #11

I like TBP, and I think they could bury any of the Divas who aren't worth watching.

10/16/2011 #12

Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle. I'm a huge fan of both men, grew up watching Hart and spent my teenage years watching Angle. What both men can do in the ring... it's amazing. It would be the match of the century.

Other matches/feuds, Austin vs Punk, Undertaker vs Cena, Billy Graham vs Bret Hart, Snake Roberts v Bret Hart, Savage vs Bret Hart.

8/20/2012 #13

Ok so I've been thinking of doing this story with Randy Orton and Edge but it's a little out there so I was hoping everyone might tell me what they think (and I mean real opinions not just what you think I want to hear). I would really appreciate it!

The idea so far is that Randy was in an accident when he was little and ended up having to get an experimental surgery that gave him the DNA of a snake (specifically a Burmese python). The only ones outside of Randy and the doctors who know of it are his parents (not even his siblings know) which was why they were so against him wrestling in the first place. Because of this secrete, Randy has always been shy because the DNA makes him feel like a freak so the others see it as him being stand-offish or arrogant. Triple H finds out and blackmails Randy into doing what he and Stephanie want. I bring other characters in like Renee Young, Christian and Roman Reigns. I make his love interest Edge just because I like them together and don't think they have enough of them (so if you are a hater then leave my story alone).

Let me know thanks!

9/10/2013 #14

I think the basic premise of the story (Randy Orton as science experiment) is great and has lots of potential. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm sick and tired of all the "______ is the new Diva" stories and this seems like a welcome change of pace. I'd definitely give it a chance.

Triple H & Stephanie as the blackmailing villains is also a great idea.

I'm just not sold on Edge as the love interest. I have nothing against slash fics and I know Edge & Randy teamed together in Rated RKO, but I don't think Edge is the right person for that role here.

9/11/2013 #15

Thanks for the feed back ;D! The main reason I was doing Edge was because I've seen a lot where is John Cena or Cody Rhodes and don't get me wrong, I like those guys but I was thinking of adding a twist where Edge ended up have DNA of an arctic wolf and how the two got together was through Christian and Renee who'd be dating. But if you have someone different in mind or you'd think sounded better let me know.

9/11/2013 #16

Or maybe I should make it a Renee/Randy story then? IDK I just had that thought.

9/11/2013 #17

I can't comment on Renee because I'm not familiar enough with her (I don't watch NXT). I just think Randy having animal DNA AND a male love interest in the same story is too much.

9/14/2013 #18

I actually thought having the DNA and a male love interest was fine, where I think it got to be too much was having Edge also be a DNA spliced dude. My suspension of disbelief threshold reached it's limit there. Still, it's an interesting story idea. And having him be spliced with a python makes some great opportunity to have him extra talented at submission holds, lol. Wrapping people up and squeezing them into tap out.

9/14/2013 #19

Ok I see what you're saying. I've been thinking and I'm going to change it from being Randy falling for Edge to Randy and Roman. No one other than Randy would have the DNA and I'm thinking he keeps the RKO but also has a submission called the Constrictor where it's kind of a cross between the bear hug and cross arm breaker. It would be Randy wrapping is legs around his opponent's ribcage while his arms isolate a shoulder joint all while Randy bends back to stretch the mid section. So here's my plot (rough I know but it's a work I progress):

  • Randy was in some kind of accident which causes him to under go an experimental treatment to safe his life, it was a secret that only he and his parents know (his siblings don't know) because of this Randy became very introverted because he was so scared someone was going to find out, once he gets into wrestling (parents where against it because they were scared for him but support him) meets Renee Young because of an interview she does on him, really bond because of similarities (haven't figured those out yet)
  • Triple H somehow finds out and that's why he wanted Randy for Evolution to get him under his thumb, other wrestlers think shyness is arrogance, Triple H tells his wife and they come up with a way to try and replicate Randy's condition to create superstars that will be more athletic and will last longer, they make a deal with the Shield that if they help them, the Shield will be the first to get the treatment once perfected
  • Renee finds out about DNA (eventually) and wants to protect Randy, after deal is made with Shield Roman wants to quit the group and hangs with Randy and Renee more, he falls in love with Randy after awhile and Renee convinces Roman to stay in Shield to spy on Triple H and Stephanie

That's what I have going so far.

9/23/2013 #20

A storyline I always wanted to see but didn't happen was a romance storyline with John Cena and Trish Stratus. I thought it would've been one of the most perfect pairings WWE could've done. The most popular male and female wrestlers of this era coming together - it would've been great. I remember way back when Edge and Lita had a confrontation with Trish in the ring and attacked her. When that happened, I so thought John Cena was going to make the save and finally begin the storyline I waited so long to see. It would've made perfect sense because Trish and Lita's rivalry goes back a long time and Edge was embroiled in a feud with Cena. But to my disappointment, Carlito made the save, not Cena. It seemed so random and out of place for Carlito of all people to save Trish and it led to what I thought was a very weird relationship angle between Carlito and Trish. WWE definitely missed a big opportunity and I still think to this day it would've been better and made more sense if Cena saved Trish. I even did my own story about that moment and wrote what I think was what should've happened. And from the reviews its gotten, a lot of people think the same way I do about the particular moment.

7/31/2015 #21

A Cena and Trish story could be fun.

7/31/2015 #22

I definitely thought so as well. And when John Cena and Trish Stratus teamed together a few years ago to take on Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix, I had hoped it would continue. Unfortunately, it was just a one time deal.

8/1/2015 #23

Another dream angle I would love to see, that is still a possibility but not very likely, is a John Cena/Undertaker rivalry that would lead to a WrestleMania match between them.

9/13/2015 #24
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