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I like it sometimes when main characters are killed off suddenly, unexpectedly, and when it's completely unremarkable. Senselessly, I suppose. I think those deaths can have huge impacts on the surrounding characters and on the readers, but for the character which died it meant nothing. That's a real shock value kind of death. I mean, I'm a fan of the big emotional death scenes where the character dying has their speech or someone making speeches over them but sometimes making them go out without a single word can be the most meaningful.

When in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for example, they killed off Joyce (Buffy's mother). No one was prepared for it. Buffy just came home to her mother's dead body sprawled on their couch and that's how the audience was made aware of her death too. She wasn't a major character, but her death resonated hugely among the characters and the fans. That's the kind of death that really gets to people. Joyce wasn't a hero, she wasn't the one risking her life fighting all manner of dangerous things, she was just a woman living her life trying to take care of her kids until she just...wasn't. She wasn't a character anyone expected to die because she wasn't throwing herself into fights, but when she died it left everyone gobbsmacked. And it was amazing. I still ache for Joyce and for the pain her death put the other characters through. It's one of the best, most hurtful, most meaningful deaths I've ever seen. The best part about it is that I STILL feel awful that it happened. When heroes die you kind of expect it because they're always going out fighting for some cause, it makes their deaths have inherent meaning and it hurts less to let them go. But that's not the case when a character dies of something completely mundane with no warning at all and the characters and audience are just left to deal with it.

8/4/2011 #31
Claire O'Mack

so very true, i have not seen that episonde of Buffy in fact i hardly wacthed it really but i can imagine how that works. i have just killed off one of my main charactes in my new story, it comes out of nowhear and i think that was kind of the shock value i was going for. although the catch in this one was everyone knew he was going to die, you would have to read it to understand but the way in which he died was the real shock, not that he died. one day i will wite a story where everyone lives. lol

8/13/2011 #32

To be completely honest, I've found myself feeling uncomfortable writing wrestling fics. I think the reason is that although the wrestlers have characters they use onscreen, they're also real people, and it's hard to know exactly how they'd react to certain things or what they'd say in a situation. That's why I just stopped writing them. I had one fic I was working on and decided to just scrap it because I wasn't comfortable with it. I like reading fics though when I get around to them. I just don't like writing them myself because they just don't come out the way I want them to. I'll stick with writing Ninja Turtles fics because it's easier on me. At least those characters are fictional, and I don't have to worry about botching their real-life selves. LOL.

10/15/2011 #33

The way I see it, their on-screen personae ARE fictional characters. They're the image, the character, the company construct, the wrestler but NOT the person. So writing fic for them is a bit easier on me when I can think of their on-screen selves as fictional. I did find writing wrestling fic to be a bit sticky when I first started, but I've grown more comfortable (probably because the way I write them is clearly not based on reality, hahaha).

The Ninja Turtles were awesome.

10/15/2011 #34

Were awesome? They're still awesome. Ha ha.

Yeah, if I were writing from their characters' perspective that would be different because they are fictional in that way. But when you're writing both in the ring and out of the ring, it gets harder because outside of the ring, they're real people, and it's hard to know what they would do then. I might get back into it eventually if I think of an idea.

10/16/2011 #35

I understand what you mean with the outside of the ring their real people thing, I usually cope with this by seeing the fictional character as the real them inside and outside of the ring, I know that it's not really like that but I think it makes writing wrestling alot easier. However even thought that's how I write them I do try to add in traits the the real people hav into the fictional charcter, in an almost easter egg kind of fashion.

10/17/2011 #36

Well, guess what, guys? I'm coming back into wrestling fiction with a story I originally wrote here but took down. It's called "Always There" and features my OCs Leah and Madison Kinney. I'm going to keep most of the original story that I had before but add some things as well to make it even better than it was before. So be on the lookout for it.

10/18/2011 #37

Here's a question that's I've been mulling around in my mind for awhile. Anyone else have trouble writing with a group of characters? I mean with me it seems like one character gets to become the protagonist out of the group, then other characters become supporting members, and some character's traits get watered down altogether. Which when I'm trying to write a story where everyone is of equal importance becomes quite irritating.

12/6/2011 #38

I do have a hard time writing groups of characters. I always tend to write one person's perspective (or focus only on their story) which makes all other characters secondary or peripheral and difficult to bring to the fore in important roles. It doesn't usually irritate me though because I typically write short pieces that don't require an ensemble, and it's easier for me to slip into one character and write that character really well than it is for me to try and write for characters I'm less familiar with.

12/6/2011 #39

I think the best advice I can give you is to try to give every character an equal perspective if you're that concerned about it. Either that, or just focus on maybe two characters at a time. That's probably the best way to do it.

12/7/2011 #40

Thanks for the advice and feedback guys I appreciate it.

Now I have another question not so much on my writing just a general question of opinon, Do you think that when writing wrestling that if you add a supernatural element it takes them out of their character.

I got a review from Silverturtle where this was mentioned and up until that point I thought nothing of making wrestling characters supernatural.

I myself thought that they would more less retain their personalites and that the supernatural effect would enhance their already set traits for better or worse, or even expose their core nature.

12/8/2011 #41

I do think adding supernatural elements to characters does change them, it has to. Giving a person certain powers is bound to make them behave and react to things differently than they would without the powers.

You see this sort of thing happen a lot in cartoons where a character gets a power and becomes almost a totally different person because they have this power to rely on or to use to their advantage. It's kind of like in Smallville, when Clark was exposed to the red meteor rock he lost all inhibition and became a total j*** but when he was out of the influence of that rock he was back to his kind and responsible self.

It's difficult to make characters that aren't supernatural be supernatural, particularly when you've got such defined personae as the wrestlers have. You have to decide what mythology you're going to use and find a way to suit the supernatural traits to the traits the characters already display. Is the supernatural element something that has always been in the character's life, or is it new, and how does that effect their behavior?

It might just be hard for me to envision because the wrestlers are in this reality where the supernatural either is largely discounted or considered entirely fictional (while the wrestlers are decidedly not fictional). I've written wrestling stories with supernatural elements involved as crossovers with other fictional universes where the supernatural exists but I've never done a strictly wrestling story which included supernatural things. But in my stories the supernatural elements took a back seat to the characters. I suppose it all boils down to how you choose to write it, how you interpret the characters (like which traits the character possesses will be enhanced or changed when the supernatural element is added), and what sort of supernatural story it is you're trying to tell.

12/8/2011 #42

I think that is a good point about characters acting and reacting to situations differently based on them now having powers they previously didn't.

I think that if they became completely different people because of their powers then that would still suggest that at their core of who they were, they would have made the same change because of something else, like 'power through money' or 'fame' these are two things in real life that in a way are like powers, both can change a person completely. Which to me seems to reveal their 'true colors' if you will.

also I believe that red meteor your reffering to was Kryptonite. Which is Clark A.K.A superman's weakness and normally does only have negative effects on him to begin with. But let's use Clark in reverse, if you were to take his powers away and he were to become a regular person. Yes he would react to situations differently, he would have too without his powers, but the responsible kindness of his personality would remain the same.

12/8/2011 #43

LayCool and word - GENIUS!!!

3/25/2012 #44

Haven't been able to post her as much as I would have liked (hectic schedule)...but I've enjoyed reading waht everyone else has had to say in all the forum threads.

Here's a random thought for a story. Natalya has commented a number of times (on Twitter etc) about how she enjoys Randy Orton's work...and likes to point out that he and her are both third generation WWE superstars. I believe Randy has also pointed that out a time or two (though not as often as Natalya). about a story where the two of them feel a spark of romance? (Ignoring their real life relationships of course). Or make it one-sided perhaps with Nat pursiing Randy (since she mentions him up more ofthen than he does her).

And of course...any story with Nat has to feature her undying devotion to her pet cat Gizmo. (Michelle McCool used to jokingly complain that any road trip with Nat would result in 30000 stories minimum from Nat about the latest adorable thing her cat had done).

Will Nat have to choose between Randy and Gizmo? Or will they all live happily ever after? These are the days of our lives. :P

4/19/2012 . Edited 4/19/2012 #45
That actually sounds pretty cool. I'd love to see a story like that. Go for it, Lody.
4/30/2012 #46
Cult of Otaku
You know what I like to read. A wrestling story where let's say an OC journey to getting into a wrestling company (TNA, WWE). The ups and down, the drama in and outside of the ring and the action. The road to that business and inside of it as well.
6/29/2012 #47

Ok so I've been thinking of doing this story with Randy Orton and Edge but it's a little out there so I was hoping everyone might tell me what they think (and I mean real opinions not just what you think I want to hear). I would really appreciate it!

The idea so far is that Randy was in an accident when he was little and ended up having to get an experimental surgery that gave him the DNA of a snake (specifically a Burmese python). The only ones outside of Randy and the doctors who know of it are his parents (not even his siblings know) which was why they were so against him wrestling in the first place. Because of this secrete, Randy has always been shy because the DNA makes him feel like a freak so the others see it as him being stand-offish or arrogant. Triple H finds out and blackmails Randy into doing what he and Stephanie want (like restarting Evolution). I bring other characters in like John Cena, Seth Rollins, Natalya and Roman Reigns. I make his love interest ReneƩ just because I like them together and don't think they have enough of them.

Let me know thanks!

9/10/2013 . Edited 6/3/2014 #48

My fanfics are typically inspired by something that happened on screen or something I read . Like I read two books. One about a woman who was a part of a harem in brunai and another was the Jaycee Duggard story and I got Downward Spiral. With my fic When it All Falls Down was inspired by the idea of Cena being the bad guy and snapping because of the fans. His Father's Son was a wild idea I started that is now just scary because of reality now. I tend to write wrestling is real and shy away from OCs that have a major part in my story. Wrestling wise anyway

9/12/2014 #49

I've been thinking of a new idea and wanted to know if anyone would read it. This is what I was thinking:

Randy Orton is a girl and she had a horrible relationship (guy was a grade A j***) and ended up pregnant with Alana. Because of this guy she has very low self esteem and she has put aside finding her love in order to be a wrestler and be a good mother to her daughter. Enter the Shield and Triple H assigns her to be their mentor. Randy and Joe have been friends since they were little because they would hang out back stage all the time. He would eventually fall in love with her.

I know it's a little rough but it's just an idea I've been playing with for a while. Please give me your most honest answers and don't hold back! Thanks

10/27/2014 #50
It really depends on the plot. I write both types
2/11/2015 #51
With my story His Father's Son, I use reality but the plot is completely fictional. It would never happen. On the other hand, my stories While the World Watched and Regrets, are reality based but could happen.
2/11/2015 #52

I have some experience when it comes to writing wrestling fics. I'd be more than happy to help in any way I can.

7/31/2015 #53

Hey guys,the name's Blue. I'm new around here. I would love it if you guys read two of my fics. 'Dreamers' and 'WWE: University of Wrestling'. I'm craving some constructive criticism. They haven't been getting as much attention as I would've liked. Anything I can improve on please let me know in a review.

3/16/2017 #54

Sounds cool, I think I will give it a read. I'll be sure to leave my feedback as reviews.

6/5/2017 #55
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